Published on November 10, 2020 (Updated on November 10, 2020)

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Some cute little friends who will follow you and protect you from monsters !! sometimes they give a short dance 😀,go on adventures, you will be super protected with these little beasts

This addon adds 6 new entities, they are very cute little pets, their functionality is to attack monsters and support you in the battles that you have in your thousands of adventures!

There are 6 types of these little friends!

- Bear

- Mini Dinosaur

- Axolotl

- Mini Mr. Elegant

- Astronaut

- Mini Tv

Where can I find them?

Finding them is quite simple, they appear everywhere that have grass. so they can have a great army of these friends.

How do I tame them?

To tame these guys is simple, just use a gold bar. they like gold very much: O

... oh and that bro is immortal ...


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seu complemeto e tão bonitinho continue fazendo , posso da uma sugestão continue usando media fire ,esse que vc usou ,não use os novos aplicativos que estão usando por favor pq não consigo usar pq eu abaixo no xbox eu não consigo acessar esses novos aplicativos eu imploro por favor
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I don't know. I think we need a mini Remote Control for the Mini TV. xD
This is really cute. Thank you for making such a great addon.
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