Better Elytra – Dark Wings

Introducing Wings of Night, a wonderful Dark elytra! These are modeled off the wings of a big dark bird so they have spikes on too.                

Wings of Night

Another simple tweak for the elytra which usually look quite dull. With this pack they will be looking dark and dangerous 


In this shot you can see the “spikes” which really make these wings different from the normal elytra

I also made a custom icon for the item, even the broken one

I will be making more colors soon. Stay tuned!

Special thanks to my brother for helping with the pictures

Shaders used: ESTN beta by Eldeston


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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23 Responses

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  1. Guest-5890274286 says:

    i cant get past the adfly link it just says loading

  2. Guest-9187762376 says:

    Could you pls update this so i can use it in the newest version of Mcpe

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Guest-8676503431 says:

    could you make one that matches the old programmer art textures?

  5. Guest-9140761512 says:

    this is very awesome indeed. But could you add a subpack in which it has differrent types of colors.
    Or not, i just want a red one actually, lol.

  6. Since I know it’s hard to make a texture pack(at least the way I do it) I won’t “request” anything to hard,(i’ve Made countless texture packs for personal use and for friends) but could you make a version of this pack or something with the same dark elytra, but the elytra item texture is blue instead of purple?

  7. Guest-2926004397 says:

    Does anyone know how to take off from the ground with an elytra on mobile devices? I can only do it in creative if I fly up really high.

    • Guest-8444878363 says:

      You will need at least a 5 blocks lift up from the ground, jump off the 5 block pillar and activate your elytra and use a rockets

    • Guest-2863770204 says:

      Its very easy, if your phone is not laggy.
      You’ll need a firework in your hand and with an elytra, double tap the jump button or tap it continuously and then hold the screen to activate the firework and you’ll takeoff.

  8. Guest-6883352363 says:

    The Wings Item Texture is from Terraria

  9. Khall says:

    I love it you made this,but i will more like it if you do a faithful version or add more colour ^-^

  10. Guest-8105372376 says:

    please make a white version

  11. Guest-3206185244 says:

    Could u do a faithful version (32×32)?
    Would be awesome thankss!

  12. Guest-3206185244 says:

    Could u do a faithful version (32×32)?
    Would be awesome thanks!

  13. Guest-1545150571 says:

    Great can you make a cyan one

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