Published on August 08, 2019 (Updated on August 09, 2019)

Better Green Screen & Blue Screen Texture Pack

A better texture pack for chroma key in Minecraft since the blocks used admit light!

Using Glowstone and Sea Lanterns make the green screens and blue screens better because they help prevent strong block shadows, they work without needing a light source, and they have a stronger look.

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Fixed the bug not allowing you to import the addon.


  • BetterGreenScreen_Resource_AddOn.mcpack
  • BetterGreenScreen_Resource_AddOn.mcpack.mcaddon

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How to download your mc earth skin its not available anymore pls can you make a skin us? Thanks 5 stars
yea same
and me using a green screen with my server dont think it will be possible since everytime it takes off my other texture pack on my game just one it takes off using the other guys green screen texture pack
When your addon gets stolen from other people.
Hello I would like to know how I can download that skin,me encanto
You just have to sign up for Minecraft earth beta!
Lmao my character is BLUE AND GREEN. Can u add a yellow screen and red screen? As alternate colour choices? It would help so much
Sure! A yellow and red screen coming soon!!
I just made it, it should be out anywhere up to 48 hours from now!
Love the idea and it works great!
If download isn’t working the new updated version of this addon will be out soon.
i can’t download it, it says that it’s not a valid zip archive.
This bug should be fixed in the next update of this which will be out in around a day