Billey’s Mobs Add-on

This is an add-on which implements 18 brand-new mobs to the game. The mobs include everything from sea creatures such as the anglerfish and swordfish to pets which live on land such as the skeleton cat, the snail and the pigeon. It’s a great addition to the game if you want to make aquariums with cool-looking fish or get awesome pets like a penguin that hunts fish for you or a skeleton cat that brings you items from the nether.

Creator: billeyzambie


  • billey:anglerfish
  • Health: 7 hearts
  • Damage: 5 hearts + poison for 30 seconds
  • Attacks: cod, salmon, tropical fish pizzafish and monsters, neutral to players
  • Spawns in oceans, most commonly in deep ones
  • Drops: cod, salmon, bones or a new item called the Anger’s Light that does nothing
  • Has 6 variants and 1 rare golden variant that drops precious things
  • Its light glows in the dark and looks cool underwater
  • sugar


  • billey:swordfish
  • Health: 20 hearts
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglerfishes, pizzafishes, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-4 swordfish fillets and 2 of these
    • Swordfish Fin
    • Swordfish Tail
    • Swordfish Stick
    • Raw Cod
    • Raw Salmon
    • An extra swordfish fillet
  • Spawns in oceans


  • billey:mercat
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5 hearts + slowness for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: cods, pizzafishes and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-3 Picklepet Fertilizer
  • Spawns in oceans


  • billey:orca
  • Health: 60 hearts
  • Attack damage: 8.5 hearts
  • Attacks: Every 10 minutes it gets hungry for 1 minute then it’s not hungry again for 10 minutes and this keeps happening, when it’s hungry it attacks:
    • anglerfishes, pizzafishes, sharks, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Spawns in oceans, mostly cold ones
  • Rideable and leashable but not controllable when tamed 

Zombie Cat

  • billey:zombie_cat
  • Wild:
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack zombie cats) and players(sometimes)
    • Spawns in jungle nights
    • burns in daylight
    • tameable with fish or strings
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Completely peaceful with normal cats
    • brings you cool cave stuff when you wake up(kinda overpowered, will fix soon)

Skeleton Cat

Similar as the Zombie Cat but it’s tameable with Netherwart and brings you random Nether items when you wake up. It’s also neutral to players but sometimes an aggressive skeleton cat spawns in its place which attacks players and normal cats. Dyeable. billey:skeleton_cat


  • billey:pigeon
  • 3 hearts health
  • Spawns in plains and flower forests
  • Poops every 10-20 minutes
  • 0 fall damage
  • Randomly bites the floor
  • Switches between walk and fly mode
  • Wild
    • Tameable with seeds, bread and carrots
    • Runs away from players
  • Tamed
    • Doesn’t fly
    • Healable with seeds, bread and carrots
  • Poop stain
    • Cleanable by hitting it
    • Drops bone meal


  • billey:pizzafish
  • 5 hearts health
  • Shearable
    • Tamed pizzafish can’t be killed by getting sheared
  • Drops 2-5 pieces of pizza when it’s not eaten
  • You can put a piece of pizza back on an eaten pizzafish
  • Friendly to everything expect monsters
  • Other fish eat it piece by piece
  • Spawns in coral reefs
  • Regrow their pieces 10-30 minutes after being eaten

    Great White Shark

    • billey:gwshark
    • Health: 35 hearts
    • Spawns in oceans
    • 7.5 hearts attack damage
    • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
    • Attacks: anglerfishes, mercats, swordfishes, pizzafishes, cods and monsters
    • Drops: cod and bones
    • Spawns in oceans
    • Three personalities
      • Shy: fears players, 25% chance
      • Hostile: attacks players, 25% chance
      • Neutral: neutral to players, 50% chance


    • billey:endercat
    • Wild:
      • Health: 8 hearts
      • Damage: 2 hearts
      • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack endercats) and players(sometimes)
      • Spawns in jungle nights and in the End
      • Randomly teleports
      • Tameable with chorus fruit
    • Tamed:
      • Health: 16 hearts
      • Completely peaceful with normal cats
      • Brings you random End items when you wake up


      • billey:picklepet
      • Spawns in coral reefs
      • Attacks drowned and pizzafishes
      • Eats most of sea items except sea pickles
      • Can detect targets from even farther away as it grows up
      • Tameable with the stuff it eats
      • Level it up by feeding it or by waiting
      • Can instantly transition to the next level using picklepet fertilizer, using it on an adult one will make it shake and spawn an untamed baby picklepet that can be tamed instantly using picklepet fertilizer
      • Looks cool underwater when it’s dark
        • Adult ones don’t need to be underwater
      • Level 1
        • 2 hearts health
        • 0.5 hearts attack damage
        • Can survive out of water for only 15 seconds
      • Leve l2
        • 4 hearts health
        • 1.5 hearts attack damage
        • Lays a pickle every 10-20 mins
        • Can survive out of water for 10 mins
        • Drops some sea stuff
      • Level 3
        • 8 hearts health
        • 3.5 hearts attack damage
        • Can breathe both water and air
        • Lays a pickle every 5-10 mins
        • Breedable

      Angel cats

      • The angel cat has two main variants, the normal one and the end one
      • Angel cat
        • billey:flyingcat
        • Scares phantoms, spiders, creepers and hostile cats
        • Drops phantom membranes
        • Tameable with fish
        • Has all vanilla cat variants
        • When it’s wild it will spawn in still mode for 15-40 seconds or until something hits it
        • When it leaves still mode it’ll fly for 3-5 mins.
        • Spawns in jungles
      • End angel cat
        • billey:endflyingcat
        • Shoots shulker bullets to mobs that fear angel cats(only when it’s standing)
        • Spawns in the End and jungle nights
        • Teleports randomly
        • Tameable with chorus fruit instead of fish


        • billey:duck
        • 3 hearts health
        • 2 variants
        • Open their mouths when they quack
        • Randomly switch between water and land mode
        • Randomly stand up and flap their wings
        • Spawn in swamps
        • Can be bred, healed, tamed and grown up, using seeds or carrots

        Angel Pig

        • billey:flyingpig
        • 15 hearts health wild, 20 hearts tamed
        • Spawn in plains kind of rarely but a bit more commonly in flower forests
        • 4 hearts attack damage
        • Tameable using golden carrots 
        • When you hit a wild angel pig all wild ones turn dark brown with red eyes and start attacking you

        Withered Cat

        Same behavior with zombie cats, but they have variants and the only way of getting one is using a sad potion on a cat or a skeleton cat. billey:zombified_cat


        • billey:penguin
        • 8.5 hearts health
        • 2.5 hearts attack damage
        • Neutral
        • Switches between water and land mode
        • Penguins on land on water mode have a random chance to get a 10 second long speed boost or break the ice under them to get to water
        • Look funny when they are angry
        • Tamed ones hunt vanilla fish and pizzafish for you
        • Can be tamed(when baby), tempt, bred and healed using raw cod or salmon


        • billey:snail
        • 4 hearts health wild 8 hearts health tamed
        • Don’t drop anything for now
        • Spawn rarely in plains in small groups, commonly in rivers in small groups and commonly in large groups in jungles
        • 256 color combinations and three types
          • Weakness Snail(50% chance), antennas are straight and deals n0 damage, knockback and gives weakness 1 forever
          • Slowness Snail(40% chance), antennas are slightly bent and deals 0 or half a heart damage, knockback and gives slowness 1 forever
          • Poisonous Snail(10% chance), antennas are bent a bit more than the slowness snail and deals 0 damage, knockback and gives withering 1 forever
          • They are all considered the same mob, spawned from the same spawn egg and are targeted from the same identifier
        • When babies are born they’ll get the body color of one of their parents and a random shell color, they’ll also get the type of one of their parents
        • Attack monsters for you when they are tamed but even the poisonous snail can’t kill a zombie without dying as well so you need a couple of snails to just kill a zombie.
        • Randomly sleep while they are wild
          • You can wake them up by damaging them or by interacting with them
        • When you make a tamed one sit it’ll sleep until you make it stand up
        • Make “Z” particles while they are sleeping
        • Climb walls like spiders, they get turned sideways while climbing on a wall so they actually look like they are climbing the wall
        • Can be tamed, bred, tempt and healed using the following items:
          • Any kind of leaves
          • Both types of overworld mushrooms
          • Apple
          • Wheat
          • Sea Pickle
          • The bark block you get when crafting 4 logs
          • Grass(not the dirt block with grass above it)
          • 1 Block Flowers


        • billey:piranha
        • 2 hearts health.
        • 0-1.5 hearts attack damage with slowness 1 for a second.
        • Spawn in lakes and swamps in groups of 3-5 and in rivers and rarely in oceans in groups of 5-7.
        • Every 10-60 seconds a piranha will attack and random nearby mob that isn’t another piranha and every other piranha will attack that mob too.
        • They aren’t attacked by any mob but other mobs might kill them over self defense.
        • The fish sword can be used to kill 5 at them at the same time like cod.
        • When they attack a mob it will never be killed instantly but when it dies piranhas will either collect or eat its loot so the ocean doesn’t get littered. They also eat dropped food items from vanilla or Billey’s Mobs.
        • Tamed ones are immune to the fish sword, if you hit your tamed piranha with a fish sword it won’t take any damage it will just become bigger.
        • Drop nothing other than the item they picked up.

        ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃⁿ’ᵗ ᶠᶦⁿᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵒˡ ᵉᵃˢᵗᵉʳ ᵉᵍᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳˢᵉˡᶠ ᶜˡᶦᶜᵏ ʰᵉʳᵉ


        Sea Pizza

        • Dropped by pizzafish
        • Small chance to give you slowness or make you invincible for some seconds
        • Used to tame most of the fish
        • billey:pizzapiece

        Swordfish Meat

        Swordfish Fillet

        • Can be cooked into swordfish steak
        • 1.5 hunger bars
        • Has a small chance of giving you fatal poison
        • Dropped by Swordfish
        • billey:swordmeat

        Swordfish Steak

        • 3.5 hunger bars
        • Takes slightly less time to eat than vanilla food
        • Has a small chance of giving water breathing
        • billey:swordcooked

        Fish Sword

        Recipe on the end of this page, deals 13 hearts damage to fish, orcas, picklepets and penguins. billey:swordfish

        Cat Potions

        Recipes on the end of this page

        Sad Potion

        • Cat, Skeleton Cat → Withered Cat
        • billey:zcat_bottle

        Happy Potion

        • Withered Cat →  Cat
        • billey:cat_bottle

        Boring Potion

        • Withered Cat, Cat → Skeleton Cat
        • billey:scat_bottle

        Funny Potion

        • Skeleton Cat → Cat
        • billey:wcat_bottle

        Colorful Potion

        • Makes any tamed mob from the add-on, a tamed cat, cod or salmon get a color changing overlay.
        • To use any of the potions of the add-on, you need to tame the mob first and be the one who tamed it.
        • billey:colorful_potion

        Colorless Potion

        • billey:colorless_potion

        Changes to the existing cat mob

        5 new variants, spawns at jungles but still also spawn at villages.

        Taming the fish

        If you want an aquarium with multiple types of fish and don’t want them to eat each other then tame them .Most of the fish from this add-on are tamed using pieces of pizza which are dropped by pizzafish, with the exception of pizzafish which require rotten flesh and vanilla fish which require seeds or carrots.


        (the green arrow is not part of the recipe)

        Planned Mobs

        I plan to add the following mobs:

        • Pickle cat
        • Cucumbeel
          • Rideable and completely controllable underwater
        • Hammerhead
        • Hamster
          • Hamsterballs too, I’ll try to make them produce redstone when you feed the hamster


        • English(billeyzambie)
        • Greek(billeyzambie)
        • Chinese(ltdhj#5818 on Discord)
        • DM me on Discord(billeyzambie#3038) or Twitter(billeyzambie) if you want to translate the add-on

        Known Bugs

        • Giving a cat potion on a cat that was born instead of spawning naturally or from a spawn egg will randomize its variant.
          • I think this is easy to fix.
        • Snail shells turn white and translucent when there are too many mobs around
          • This could be fixed by using mark variants instead of secondary color and making a texture of each color but it would cause some problems with snails that spawned from being bred.
        • Sometimes wild ducks can’t jump.
          • Tried fixing this and failed but I think I found another way.
        • Angel pigs break when attacking them.

        Terms of Use

        1. No using this for clickbait videos or videos that give false information.
        2. You must put the MCPEDL link in the description if you make a video, not your own monetized link or a direct link.
        3. Feel free to look at the code but pls don’t copy it I’ll ask MCPEDL to take down your add-on if you do and I notice.
        4. No claiming this add-on as yours, modifying and uploading it, etc. Keep in mind that selling others people’s content online is illegal.
        5. No doing other nonsense things like the things above, because I didn’t say something it doesn’t mean that you can do it. have fun!
        6. Don’t make anyone complete any type of tasks to get the add-on, like subscribing to your channel, paying some kind of digital currency(doesn’t matter if the digital currency can be earned for “free”) or getting through your link shortener.
        7. You don’t need to ask me to use this for a map or a modpack just give me and the add-on credit :]

        Report bugs, suggest stuff and get betas of the add-on in my Discord server. You can also report bugs and suggest stuff in this posts comments or tag/DM me in Twitter @billeyzambie or in Discord billeyzambie#3038, as long as you are in the official Minecraft Discord server you’ll be able to dm me on Discord.

        ᶜᵒᵒˡ ᵉᵃˢᵗᵉʳ ᵉᵍᵍ ʰᶦⁿᵗ: ᵈᵘᶜᵏ, ᵖᵉⁿᵍᵘᶦⁿ, ᶠᶦˢʰ ˢʷᵒʳᵈ

        Changelog View more
        • Removed the bad attack sound from the fish
        • You can now use colorful potions on cats, snails, angel cats, and end angel cats
        • Fixed lots of bugs
        • Added piranhas
        • Added a potion that makes the mobs change color and one that brings them back to normal
        • Some new pizzafish stuff
        • Balanced spawn rates
        • Fish now fight each other instead of being eaten instantly by other fish, but the fish that died will shrink and disappear so the ocean doesn't get littered
        • Angel pigs where accidentally removed in the previous version I re added them now
        • Chinese support by ltdhj#5818 on Discord
        • a cool easter egg.

        Fixed almost every important bug:

        • Pigeons and fish no longer freeze after relogging.
        • Ducks no longer randomly stop quacking.
        • If your duck stopped quacking or your pigeon froze it's should be back to normal when you join your world.
        • Salmon and tropical fishes no longer drop loot when a bigger fish kills them
        • Maybe more I don't remember lol
        • So basically, the add-on is now perfect for survival :)
        • Added 4 new mobs
        • Added custom items
        • Fixed a lot of bugs
        • Made the add-on more fun and less annoying, especially in survival
        • No longer outdated
        2.0 Changelog:
          • Added 7 new mobs:
            • Pigeons
            • Pizzafishes
            • Endercats
            • Great White Sharks
            • Angel Cats
            • Picklepets
            • End Angel Cats
          • Improved textures of Anglerfishes, Swordfishes and Orcas
          • The mobs now spawn naturally(might be buggy)
          • Now every mob has sounds
          • Better sounds for mobs that already had sounds


          1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
          2. Apply the behavior pack to a world, the resource pack will be added automatically when you add the behavior pack.
          3. Put the resource pack above any other resource packs that might modify the cat's model(for example Java Aspects) or withered cats will look broken.
          4. Experimental gameplay is optional but I recommend turning it on because add-ons that add custom structures still require experimental gameplay.
          5. Play/Create the world.


          Supported Minecraft versions

          1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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          620 Responses

          4.39 / 5 (195 votes)
          1. OliverTheWolf says:

            I still don’t understand how sharks can cause poison but over all this is a great addon

          2. alessandre says:

            friend makes the white shark attack the villagers please kill them

          3. alessandre says:

            friend make the white shark attack the villagers bros please let it attack all mods please friend

          4. FmWild57 says:

            Hi, really good add-on, but there is a problem: if you kill or punch a MERCAT the game crashes

          5. MouthGod says:

            Hype about cucumbeel. This Addon is really good, like really good, hoping that this Addon doesn’t get “discontinued” like other great ones. a lot of Addons don’t have that vanilla aspect like you do. I also want elephants in this Addon but that I saw just my preference. Anyways hope you have a nice day

            • I haven’t done anything to the addon in a month but I’m not planning on discontinuing this any time soon and I’ll eventually start working on the add-on again. Idk about elephants, maybe if i make a good looking one and, what do you want the elephants to do?

          6. PoweredGod says:

            Great addon ad a small update so people can rediscover this fantastic piece!

          7. Matrich says:

            Still the best addon

          8. Wow… u really like cats…

            me too

          9. Cedric Ultra Real says:

            @billeyzambie can you please add plant eating human that are tamable that would be great in this addon

          10. Creeper 303 says:

            How to tame Orca?

          11. BigJacc1618 says:

            Hey what if you put the 3 mobs that lost the mob vote in?

          12. hey if you downloaded this and the name of the pack in game is “Billey’s Mobs 3.2” redownload it to get “Billey’s Mobs 3.2.1” because in 3.2 you can’t use colorful potions on some mobs

          13. GibbsX says:

            Hey i have a small suggestion you should make it so spiders and cave spiders also climb sideways and upsidedown just like the snail ik its not a new mob being added but a much needed change for spiders that literally everyone will like

          14. MiralitStar says:

            I really love this addon! I do have a few requests though. Can you add more animations to the cats? And maybe make it where they don’t have to follow us all the time? Also, maybe more parrots and animations with them. I really love the addon and you did a fantastic job, that’s why I must point out that when the angel cats are sitting, they look like they’re going through the floor. I wish for this addon’s success in all ways. I love the addon, keep up the wonderful work! Best Regards!!

          15. Hey remember when Billey was having a mental breakdown when some one else stole his Orca code but Basically Billey also stole it and also how this addon has been in development for ages eith updates coming out like once in a blue moon? Seems like another Yandere Dev situation is going on here……….that is all i must say

            • ycreatures did steal my orca’s code but i don’t care because it’s just a slightly modified dolphin and betas of the addon come way more often and im working on a bug fix update that also adds a potion that makes the mobs from the addon change color and piranhas

          16. PrinceMJ says:

            Awesome addon dude this was requested by my viewer, and i am glad he did so i just uploaded an addon review, the addon is awesome but for some reason i cannot find the Angel Pig But all in all it is great. good luck on updating and making addons!!! 😀

          17. Guest-9409930742 says:

            This is one of the best add-ons ever
            Keep up the good work

          18. Guest-5756838884 says:

            Hey! Can You Add Mosasarus Spawn in Coral Reef And Ocean Monument Attack:player shark Other fish And Can Tame With Raw salmon

          19. Guest-3187642449 says:

            So if you hit an Orca they fly into the sky and have you considered adding lobsters or maybe crabs

          20. Guest-7527633670 says:

            remodel shark file:///D:/JUNESA(%20NO%20BORRAR)/Junesa%202%20(no%20borrar)/anxleuu2g2451.png

          21. Guest-7290001602 says:

            right-clicking pigeons with a hoe turns pigeons white is that normal because I like it.

          22. Guest-8691765917 says:

            There is no flying pig. O-O

          23. Guest-8173491357 says:

            Hello! I was wondering why this was happening. I downloaded the file AND activated it in mc world, It’s not working. There are no mobs. Please help.

          24. Joseph wijaya says:

            can you add some humback whale blue whale sperm whale and whale shark and more shark and saltwater crocodile

            • I’m making the model of the hammerhead shark right now, sperm whales are planned but not I need do the planned mobs first. Blue whales are 31 meters long and that’s literally how deep minecraft oceans are and big mobs behave extremely stupidly, even the great white shark and the orca behave stupidly because of their size and they are not even a quarter of 31 meters in size. Whale sharks and humback whales could be fun, but like the sperm whale, I need to finish the planned mobs first. Crocodiles are kinda off-theme but maybe some day in the future

            • just saw the rating because mcpedl randomly logged me out did you just rate with 2 stars just to send a list of mobs lmao

          25. OrcaWorld says:

            Hey, Billey I need your help. I’m going to make LotsOMobs Add-on , that will be based on old Java Mod. I need your help, with orca model. Can you help me? Please.

          26. Guest-1123972320 says:

            Really cool! I want to father several hundred picklepets

          27. Guest-3317147799 says:

            download broke.

          28. Beam006 says:

            Bugs: Tamed fish still eat tamed salmon and tamed tropicalfish

          29. Guest-8481090180 says:

            Irish Jevil here, since you added snails, I think some others mollusks would be cool too. Like updated squids, octopi, nautilus, and other stuff. You could also update the nautilus shell to be placed like a player head. A fossilized version could be obtained from the new block I’d call fossil ore.

            • Yes improvements for vanilla fish/squids, octopi and more variants for other mobs will be in 4.0 which will come out after the version with these mobs: pickle cats, cucumbeels, piranhas, hamsters and hammerheads.

          30. Guest-5337109073 says:

            i see you like cats, i approve.

          31. planned 3.1 mobs:
            -Snail (done)
            -Hammerhead Shark

          32. Guest-2813472167 says:

            My friend and I had so much fun! This mod has so many animals! Plz update it sometime it’s one of the best mods I’ve ever found.

          33. Guest-2252025345 says:

            In add crocodile and alligator

          34. Guest-5152073733 says:

            I LUV PICKLEPETS

          35. Guest-9891037161 says:

            im about to play on it it seems so adorable!!!!! eeek! im so exited!!

          36. Guest-2724691216 says:

            1 Question, is the old cat variants is switched to the new five ones? Meaning the 11 original cats skin isn’t change but it adds 5 new skin? Or the 11 cats skin is changed? Lol im not gud at asking questions. Ik it’s kinda confusing.

          37. sir beanos says:

            the perfect thing to be added to this would be a giant spider

          38. Guest-2648123239 says:

            Really love that you didn’t abandon this addon Billy! It’s great and really original, love it! Hope you keep updating and find more projects to work on!

            • thanks, an update with snails is coming very soon

              • Irish Jevil says:

                Oooo, snails huh? Could you add and update some other molusks? Like update the squid, and make the nautilus. You could place the nautilus shell like a mob head. And a fossilized version you can get from a new block called the fossil ore. The coelacanth could work the same. You kill the coelacanth and you get the full skeleton that would be placed like a normal block. A fossilized version also exists.

          39. Guest-8082122926 says:

            Hey Bill, addon is amazing, but using Which program you making mobs models and behaviour?

          40. Pootato111 (PoorlyMoon48452) says:

            Very nice update 😀

            Glad you could make another one.

          41. Guest-4548150371 says:

            Excuse but what the hell did I miss

          42. Irish Jevil says:

            Thank you so much for not making the sharks completely hostile! It really helps the cause. Great addon too!

          43. Guest-3410084346 says:

            Could you make the Angel pigs rideable? Also can you add beluga whales, whale sharks, blue whales, humpback whales, tiger sharks, Giants squids, Geese, Giant octopuses, and Sperm Whales please.

          44. Guest-2338630152 says:

            So what is a flower forest. LOL should know this, such a noob!

          45. Guest-9261409357 says:

            Support on realm ?

          46. Guest-5146538634 says:

            good done! the best addon ever!

          47. Guest-7991854648 says:

            Yes! Finally! Always wanted this add-on! Thanks for updating!

          48. Pixelity says:

            Yay Apdet I have been waiting for a long time ….. and finally it appears … but it’s okay, because it’s an addon with pigeon I like it! and ummm 1 more please add other colors like brown, black and white, etc. just look for pigeon in Indonesia there are some unique colors

          49. These animals are very cute. I really like the ducks and cats. Keep up the good work!!!

          50. kingofdrago123 says:

            Angel cats
            never knew i needed them until now
            this is an awesome addon!!! i love it!

          51. Guest-3258292480 says:

            This is definitely one of the best mob addons there is I only have one criticism and that is I don’t really like the wing models and they could use a update all in all a 9/10 in my book. Think of mobs like the chicken, enderdragon, and phantoms when working on the wings!

          52. Guest-3667431577 says:

            Does not download on my tablet

          53. Guest-4306441459 says:

            Does not work on my windows 10 pc f_-_’ you!!!

          54. Guest-8027622379 says:

            Man I used to loved this, sad it hasn’t been updated in like, never

          55. PyreFliesC3 says:

            Hello! I am leaving a comment on behalf of TheJobYT, you shouldn’t have told him to delete his add-on. What if someone told you to delete yours? Think before you speak next time, no hate tho C3

          56. The BIG h says:

            Welp I highly guarantee that you’re a cat person.

          57. Nobody says:

            I think Swordfish should be a little more rare.

          58. Ayla says:

            The pigeon poop can not be cleaned up when hit.

            • Bill says:

              Yes I know you have to use /kill to clean them now :(. I’m pretty sure i can fix that but probably the next beta will get released in some months since I’m still lazy and my laptop broke(you can get betas in my twitter or my discord server)

          59. fauzan ragyl permana says:

            Tolong nanti ada hewan lain lain lagi misal kepiting, gurita, nautilus. Dan ada paus yang bisa dinaiki maksimal 10 pemain, sama ikan pari, kuda laut, kerang mutiara yang menghasilkan mutiara, dan pasti keren kalau ada duyung. Oh ya mutiaranya baju zirah dan peralatan.

          60. A pigeon says:

            I not got the pigeons :'(

          61. Anonymous says:

            this is a coppy of billeys mobs !!!

          62. Yusuf says:

            Hi please fix this all mobs are pink and black I try to reinstall many time but I am in

          63. Nobody says:

            I feel like their needs to be more freshwater stuff… Like pirhanas, possibly angelfish (with freshwater kind), maybe bettas. And very possibly although would probably be very hard to make, the legendary, biggest and meanest fish of all freshwater fish, the ARAPAIMA! If you don’t know what they are, they are one of the few fish that actually breath AIR! that’s right, this fish got lungs. and to find out what they look like, search arapaima. I will look at more facts aboiut the arapaima, I will reply them on this comment.

          64. Anonymous says:

            I like it, but make the Behavior of angel cats similar to ordinary cats, example, ordinary cats stops for a while if they are near to their owner. So its not hard for their owner to make ’em sit, And make the Flying Slower.

          65. Anonymous says:

            Could you add special types of dogs, too? It would be cool to have an angel dog.

          66. Anonymous says:

            Ok I know I already made a suggestion about hammer heads, but here goes nothing. Maybe there could be variant for it? Larger ones would be great hammerheads and smaller ones could have rounder heads and be bonnet head sharks. Just a Suggestion. Sorry if this shows up twice idk if it already went. 🤔

          67. Anonymous says:

            Ok I know I already made a suggestion about hammer heads, but here goes nothing. Maybe there could be variant for it? Larger ones would be great hammerheads and smaller ones could have rounder heads and be bonnet head sharks. Just a Suggestion.

          68. billeyzambie says:

            Hey people, yes this is me I’m just to lazy to log in. If you are having texture issues then delete the add-on from storage settings then download it again and make sure it downloads fully, also make sure you aren’t using a download helping app because that might not fully download the add-on

          69. Poopie says:

            Ahh! I want so badly for this to work, but the textures are broken. Please fix them! I really want an ender cat and angel cat 😔

          70. fishnsticks says:

            Hello! This looks like a fun mod but the textures are all funky, if you are still updating it can you fix this? Thank you! :”0

          71. Adam Oswald says:

            Add skeleton dogs!

          72. Art says:

            I think that there is a way to fix the textures in the next update.

          73. yuni says:

            It’s a really good AddOn! but I don’t have the ender cat, pizza fish or the shark.. ):

          74. epicman says:

            hi everyone can you tell me where to put the add on file resource pack or behavior?

          75. Vincent says:

            Has anyone figured out how to download this to xbox? It’s a really cool mod, I love how there’s new mobs, ect ect. But I dont own a computer and I would like to play this on xbox with my brothers and friends

          76. Vincent says:

            Hey bill, or any other person. Has anyone tried to download this on xbox because I’ve downloaded some mods before but this takes the cake. I dont know how to download a whole single pack that has the behavior and resource combined together to one file. If anyone has figured this out can you message me back thanks

          77. donut3 says:

            if I try to download it it says it’s duplicate and i never got it before

          78. Nobody says:

            the swordfish should eat squid. If you add sperm whales, they should also eat squid. Also maybe their could be anennemies (idc that I spelled it wrong) that the clownfish carients of tropical fish would like being near? This might not be possible. So if its not, just put the suggestion behind you. Also I like that the orca which is a species of dolphin has the dolphins AI.

          79. BoxCatMC says:

            I really love this addon, and i love how you can tame the pidgeons! 10/10.

            • I’m a dorito king says:

              Since your update will probably be In a year can u make a sea serpent with GOOD animations and model unlike other people I just want more aggressive water mobs plzz thanks😋

          80. HamedG says:

            I saw the complement and I loved it, I wish it would be for since it is the version that I am playing and it looks amazing all entities I look forward to it and I would very much like to be able to play it in my current version since I am very fascinated with The entities of this complement and I would like it possible to domesticate certain cats please I cordially await your response attentively your # 1 fan. It is the best addon that exists

          81. FionaTheFab says:

            I love this add on, but for some reason Endercats, Great white sharks, pigeons and pizzafish don’t exist for me, is that because of the version or what?

          82. Sean says:

            Are you going to update the Addon so it’s compatible with the new Minecraft versions? Mine doesn’t work. This pack sounds so awesome and I wanna use it 🙂

            • Add-ons that only add mobs will never become outdated so you just did something wrong, I recommend turning on experimental gameplay, deleting the add-on from storage settings and downloading again and make sure it downloads 100%

          83. Lawrence says:

            im having problems with the textures for all the mobs (I have experimental gameplay on) I don’t know how to fix this, I’m on iOS

          84. Anonymous says:

            Hey, this addon is my favorite ever, I’ve wanted an orca in mc for forever and this accomplishes that perfectly. That being said there is a few things I’d like to request.
            1. more dolphin species (ie: common dolphin, narwhal, Atlantic white sided, etc)
            2. Humpback whale
            3. Sea otter
            4. Seal/sea lion
            5. Hammerhead shark
            I don’t expect any of these and they are just wishes. I can’t wait til the next update!

          85. VenomousMouse says:

            I hope it comes out in the next week!

          86. Nobody says:

            How about reptiles? Like freshwater turtles, maybe alligators, maybe crocodiles, (crocs and gators are different animals) maybe lizards, maybe snake_ you said you would add snakes one time never mind. I know I keep suggesting stupid stuff, but I like to give ideas so addon makers can make good updates.

          87. Nobody says:

            Maybe make some anglerfish way smaller then others. Also the smaller anglerfish will NOT have lights. This adds a taste of more genders to Minecraft. So their can be female anglerfish, and male anglerfish. Also make anglerfish only spawn in areas that would normally be as dark as how much light a monster doesn’t need to spawn if their were not water. Oh also maybe a tiny reference from terraria where their are different variants of slimes other then the magma cube.

          88. BobbyPlays says:

            Since you’re back now doesn’t that mean the new update is coming out soon? Sorry to rush Im just super excited!

          89. Your mom says:

            Mine doesn’t work.. when I spawn anything like the angle cat it only shows the circle shadow.

          90. SkilledDooM says:

            Um hey, I have a complaint about this addon. The mobs don’t have textures! When I spawn in a Angel Cat all I see is pink and black. That means there is no texture. Please Fix.

          91. kikilos says:

            really cool mod and i love using it but there’s an issue im running into where tamed animals wont react to my actions after relogging the game. for example: i tamed some pigeons and made them sit, then i exited the game and logged back in to find that i can’t control them anymore, so my pigeons are now sitting forever (yknow unless i remove the block underneath them or kill em). this also is happening with other tame-able mobs like wolves and cats.

          92. Nobody says:

            Suggestion: seals. You have great whites..,

          93. Mikail Afridi says:

            I really like this addon, also orcas are my favourite animals. This is the best mob-addon in history!

          94. Anonymous says:

            My dudes u are a GENIOUS! These mobs are very well made!

          95. BLEHHHHHHHH says:

            I have a question, can you tell me how you make addons? You figured out how, but I have no idea. Please respond quickly.
            Btw, awesome addon! And if you can’t get the resources to work, activate them in global resources in the title page settings.
            This is amazing. I plan on making an addon, but idk how. Do you use an app? Or do you script? But anyway.
            Also some suggestions-
            1) monkeys, apes, gorillas, orangutans.
            2) dogs of any sort, maybe an angel dog?
            3) clams, starfish, and pearls? Pearls as an item that is dropped by clams, and can make tools and things, bout the same as gold but with better durability.
            4) elephants, lions, kangaroos!
            5) goats!
            6) octopus, giant squid.
            7) whales!
            8) that’s probably enough for now.

            • billeyzambie says:

              Hey, just get a computer, Minecraft Windows 10 edition, Blockbench(it’s a modeling app there’s no other app that is as good or better than it), a text editor and an image editing app, I’d recommend since it’s free and can do Minecraft textures well

          96. Anonymous says:

            I got it to work it is awesome!!!!

          97. Anonymous says:

            Hi can anyone point me to a trustworthy YouTube video that tells me how to download it to xbox not the one that is made by darkonrose. And if you cant can someone send me the behavior and resource pack seperetely so i can download it to xbox? Thanks in advance

          98. cattamer543 says:

            You must be hating me for how many comments I hve done sorry. But i keep getting closer and closer and then i come here and says it works so ill be careful next time. Can you plz add the b pack and r pack seperetly so I can get it on my xbox the method i use needs them seperte if you know of a diffrent method plz tell me. Sorry for all this i jsut rllllly want this.

          99. Anonymous says:

            Im rly sorry it stopped working can you put the b and r pack seper

          100. cattamer543 says:

            Plz put the links to the behavior pack and resource pack seprertely i am rly sorry

          101. cattamer543 says:

            Thank you it worked!

          102. cattamer543 says:

            5 stars just from reading it!

          103. cattamer543 says:

            Hi Billey this addon looks soooo cool and i would love to download it but you have it in a mccadon file and I need it a zip file could you please send it to me or add it here cause I really want. P.S. I saw that you already answered it to julianzalewski and it doest work for me becasue i dont have the permissions on the link to change it from mccadon to zip so can you add zip. Thanks!

          104. IAMSHARK says:

            COOLEST ADDON EVER! Please buff the great white to be a match to the orca

          105. Anon says:

            When is the next update?

          106. Cthulhu Warrior says:

            OH!! And since there are Angle cats why not demon cats!!!

          107. Cthulhu Warrior says:

            Oh I have an idea!!! How about bread fish-being part cod part bread the sharks and other animal similar to the pizza fish will eat it.

          108. ken says:

            Each time I go to the link it freezes could you fix this?

          109. Nobody says:

            Suggestion: narwhal. Yes, their are other addons with this, but they arnt the best. Suggestion: seals. Suggestion: penguins. Suggestion: a mob that can make me stop suggesting artic animals

          110. Anonymous says:

            Does this work on 1.12? On 1.11 It kept being black and purple?
            One of the best mod, but does it work on 1.12?

          111. Anonymous says:

            Hell yes , this is the mobpack from heaven, ive been looking for mod packs and alot replaced mobs, or boring but this is breathtaking

            • Ree is for me or we says:

              Me: when’s new update
              Billey: never

              • Stop complaining I’m lazy if you want an add-on that updates often then forget this add-on

                • Anonymous says:

                  Wait… How did you reply at 7:32? It’s 6:06!

                  • BLEHHHHHHHH says:

                    Time zones! Remember not everyone lives in the same spot, nor do they all have the same time. It’s because the earth is round, so the sun is at different spots at the same time. Say, if you have a marble, and you put it in front of a flashlight, the back will be dark while the front is lit up. The marble is like earth. People live at different spots on earth. If everyone had 1:00 at the same time, it would be a little funny because one country would have the sun in a different spot than another. Time zones cover that problem. So if you went from one place to another, and crossed time zones, the time would be like if you were at home. The sun would be at the relative same spot at the same time around the world, making it easier to adapt to time as well as travel. If you have any more questions, I can try to answer them. Baiii!

                  • What does T and Z mean?
                    TIME ZONES. Have you even heard of them?

          112. Johnny says:

            When new update?

          113. Nonyabuisness says:

            All the texture are black and purple I’ve even tried redownloading please fix

          114. CrySooS says:

            The texture Didnt’ work

          115. Nobody says:

            Never mind already a feature

          116. Nobody says:

            Make orcas kill great whites.

          117. Anonymous says:

            This is by far my favorite addon. And Billey actually pays attention to the people commenting. Good job.

          118. SWENG96 says:

            I cannot find pigeons in my game nor are there spawn eggs for them.

          119. Alex says:

            Every thing is purple and black

          120. Random user. says:

            Can you please add sea sea serpents!!!!

          121. Avrilo says:

            When i downloaded it the the animals were black and purple

          122. Ryder says:

            Hello. Addon is the best but I have some ideas for next update. First – make that orcas will attack guardians and elder guardians. Second – make that when orca started attack shark shark will attack orca too. That’s all, thanks for attention,hope that billey’s mobs v3 will available soon (Sorry for my bad English) Love your addon ❤️ 🤗

          123. Ryder says:

            Hello! Addon is the best,but I have some ideas for next update. First – make that orca will attack guardians and elder guardians. Second – make that when orca started attack shark,shark will attack orca too. Third – make that shark was hunting at dolphins. That’s all, thanks for attention. Hope that billey’s mobs v3 will available soon, it’s my favourite addon (Sorry for my bad English)

            • Orcas attacks guardians, maybe.
              Sharks attack orcas when they hit them, maybe, but the orca in the add-on eats the shark instantly so the shark doesn’t have time to attack, but I might change that since it doesn’t happen irl. Anyway sharks attacking dolphins is unrealistic so no

              • Ryder says:

                Ok, thanks for answer,but orca doesn’t attack guardians and elder guardians,add this in next update, please,but don’t make separate update,where new things is only orca, attacking guardians and elder guardians, add this with other new things in next update, thanks for answer

              • Nobody says:

                Great whites fighting back against orcas is un realistic, since great whites are SO SCARED OF KILLER WHALES, IF THEY SEE ONE, THEY LEAVE THAT AREA FOR A WHOLE YEAR… what a deadly dolphin

          124. Cthulhu Warrior says:

            I love all these mobs but why does the shark make a weird sound when he dies why? Also I would love to see some other new mobs!!! Here are some suggestions. Octopus- spawns in the bottom of the ocean, neutral to players when you attack them ink appears like the squid, attacks all fish except for the pufferfish dolphin shark and orca, tameable with raw fish. Nautilus- a tiny red squid inside of a nautilus shell. Acts like the squid but drops on a 100% chance a nautilus shell.

          125. Animal Lover says:

            Here are some ideas for animals for your mod .eagles,geckos,goats,raptors,angel dogs, frogs, land turtles, big cats,winged snakes,underwater phantoms,sea serpents, rock creatures that have rocks all over their body and use to to hide, angel foxes,griffins,crocodiles,koalas, kangaroos, whales, baby ender dragons, brown bears,black bears,fruit bats,crabs, owls, arctic wolves, jelly fish, and bulls, sorry about all these animals but you can use as many or as little as you want also this is one of the best addons I played easy five stars.

          126. Not Markus Persson says:

            Can you make two separate add-ons one fantasy one real?

          127. TheDragonnatorPD says:

            Such a epic add on

          128. Robin464 says:

            Whenz the new update coming out I’m so excited! And can you add small dragons that are like the size of a dog? Just a suggestion

          129. great add on dude says:

            This mod is awesome! Solid 5 stars! It works on iOS, the url goes straight to mediafire instead of putting me through the ads, and it’s so much fun!

          130. Nobody says:

            Well here are BETTER suggestions. Since their will be LOTS of fan updates, we can keep suggesting. 1: Venus fly trap. Pig chomper? Why not a venus fly trap? If you do, add mobs for it to eat. Like just an insect bug… Which are just colored beetles lol and actual insects. Like a smaller variant of a spider, (yes their not insects but fly traps eat em) Lady bugs, flys. Will NOT harm players. And if you decide to make it a block (and can somehow do the eating part), make a version where its a mob for the IOS. Please. I want fly traps. 2: do you think i care the whole page is about the fly trap

          131. SophIsDeBest says:

            Ok, I know you probably get a LOT of suggestions for this, but could you add papillons!? They’re undoubtedly one of the most adorable breeds of dog, and I have a cute black and white one named Felix! You could make it with one color, or it just spawns as a random color like black or yellow or something. (idrk if u can do that.) Anyways, it would be super awesome if you could do that, and I think lots of people would enjoy that! Also, this is one of my favorite Addons, keep up the good work! ^-^

          132. Nobody says:

            LET ME SUGGEST THIS WHILE I STILL CAN… TWO MORE SUGGESTIONS. 1: Better wolfs. Replaces wolfs. 2: Lenny face… yep the memes still alive in my heart

          133. CloudWolf says:

            Hi again! I’m not being impatient, I can wait but I just want to know the actual date of when you plan to release the newest update if you don’t know or even something vague like a week or a month that’s ok, anyway great addon again!

          134. PseJanz says:

            Amazing addonn please add more mobs its awesome

          135. Cool Lad says:

            Hey could you make the textures and Behavior packs to be able to be downloaded separately please as I can’t use it while they are combined

          136. Hey! Thanks for all the cool suggestions here and in my Discord!
            Planned stuff for next update:
            -Sperm whales
            -Pig cruncher(a plant that eats pigs)
            -Angel pigs(defend normal pigs from pig crunchers and heal them)
            -Better model for the orca and some improvements in the shark’s head
            -2 types of nether cats: hellcats and wither skeleton cats
            -Dream forest!(A new biome with 3 types of grass and stone and some new mobs like creepers that do a small explosion with fire when they are killed!)
            –Angel mobs will spawn in the dream forest but will sometimes they’ll also spawn where their non-angel mob spawns
            -More variants for vanilla cats!
            -2 new mercats! Girrafe mercats and tuxedo mercats
            -Possibly even more anglerfish variants!
            -Variants for the swordfish!
            -Dolphins scare sharks
            -Some more I forgot
            I’m not 100% sure these will be in the same update, the next update might have all these, more or most likely less, don’t worry though, the add-on will be updated very often in this summer, keep suggesting stuff!

          137. Nobody says:

            ONE_MORE_SUGGESTION: My dog, Stella. Shes a mix breed with a golden. Shes playful, jumpy and wags her tail a lot. So basically make a black playful golden. Oh, and we cant forget the fact that when she is playful, sometimes she goes ALLIGATOR SNAP!

          138. CloudWolf says:

            Just want to say great addon! I use it for me and my friends survival world and we love it, for your fan update I have a suggestion, I would love to see dragon but you said that isn’t so me thing you out a would be comfortable adding so I have another idea, snakes. I love them i think they are so cool (not the ones that try to kill you though XD) maybe there’s could be different colours depending on what’s biome they spawn it, could be tamable with meat that they would be able to get the wild irl, and you could tame them, a cool slivering animation would be nice, and I don’t know if it’s possible but maybe once tamed you could have them curl around you’re neck or other body part. Sorry I know it’s long but I hope you consider my suggestion

            • Yeah I will add snakes, here’s how I plan them to behave and look:
              -They’ll look like some real life domestic snakes
              -They’ll have a cool “walking” and attacking animation
              -3 hearts/6 HP health
              -1.5 hearts/3 HP attack damage
              –Attacks only when you step on it or hit it
              –Tameable with meat
              –Attacks birds(chickens, pigeons, ducks)
              –Attacks if a player(not its owner) steps on it or hits it
              –Can sit in your neck
              –Can ride zombie’s necks and suffocate them
              -Evil snake
              –Very rare
              –Glowing red eyes
              –Attacks everything expect other snakes
              I might have forgotten something, these might change when I add snakes.

          139. Anonymous says:

            Can you please make the Sea animals
            tameable and rideable and great addon BTW keep up the good work

          140. Blü says:

            Please Please Please Add a freaking decent-looking snake. 😄

          141. Nobody says:

            OH, FAN UPDATE YOU SAY? HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS THEN! 😀 Axolotls. (I ACTUALLY STOLE THIS, THIS SI NOT MY IDEA. BUT I THINK ITS A GOOD SUGEGSTION.) (And I don’t know what Axolotls act like, so just… Whatever. Next: More sharks. Such as a Hammer Head. And maybe even a Meg! Just make a version with no meg so it doesn’t ruin survival worlds… Next: NYAN CAT! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next: Seagulls. (I changed my mind I wont say what theycould act like im lazy) AND LAST, GIRRAFE CAT…………………….. ur profile picture mom

          142. Xynnful says:

            Does v2.1 work with Minecraft v1.11.x? Would really like to play a survival world with this add-on! Also, if you could tell me how/where you learnt to program/code would be awesome! I’m trying to make an add-on myself, not gonna post it, just want to add some more entities in my game.

            • billeyzambie says:

              Yeah 2.1 beta works in 1.11.x without experimental gameplay even for mobs that used to need it. Add-on making doesn’t require programming skills, json is very easy and you can learn it by just looking at it. I learnt how to make add-ons by messing with them since they came out and by looking at other add-ons’ and vanilla mobs’ codes. Yeah this is me I’m just too lazy to log in.

          143. Animal Lover says:

            Could you add Geckos and platypuses ?

          144. Anonymous says:

            Add geckos

          145. Anonymous says:

            ADD DRAGONS!!!

          146. JustMarv says:

            Your mod making skills are astronomical! I have a survival world that I play with friends, and your mod makes it so much fun! The only problems I have is a few missing mobs such as sharks and pickle pets, but other than that, this mod is perfect. I was wondering if you could add a personal mob for me? I know its a lot to ask, but it would mean so much to me! I don’t want it to do anything complicated, I just need my little bud in game QwQ If you can’t or just dont want to, I completely understand UwU

          147. Please release 2.1 fast! I cant wait for the new biomes and mobs.

          148. Lightbolt says:

            I got an idea you got cats and you got ocean creatures right. how about river creatures
            I got 3 creatures ideas. 1:piranhas there travel with packs. 2:tortoise lays egg just like a normal turtle. And 3:electric eel if you touch it. it can zap you

          149. Lightbolt says:

            Suggestion:add the river turtle aka tortoise and spawns in rivers

          150. josh says:

            Add on is great but there is no pizza and great white shark spawn eggs in my creative inventory.

          151. Nobody says:

            Suggestion for an animal for the new biome: Unicorns.

          152. Jona says:

            Map surfifal

          153. Anonymous says:

            What day exactly is 2.1 coming because I really like this addon and want to see more mobs added.

          154. Anonymous says:

            hey the addon is really great please add whales and other stuff your shark design is amazing

          155. Beanbag says:

            Does this mod have support for the newest version of mc?

          156. why isn’t my new name working, my old posts still have mcpillager12.

          157. Sup123 says:

            Please add goblins and knights pleeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee

          158. Hey, I just wanna announce that 2.1 will come soon(maybe in 1 week) with ducks and a new biome, the magic forest! Angel cats will only spawn there and of course I’ll make lots of new mobs for that biome!
            The add-on will be 1.12 only since it adds a new biome.

          159. Anonymous says:

            Great addon, but how do you spawn pizzafish or great whites.

          160. Luis Villa says:

            Their are no textures on the creatures it is just purple and black

          161. Pugboi says:

            Please update the addon for the new updates

          162. Lex says:

            nice work and really good made ツ makes really fun to swim around with this new animals.
            thank you!

          163. Axolotl boi says:

            What is this

          164. Pugboi says:

            Zip plz if possible

          165. Ian says:

            I can’t download it

          166. Axolotl boi says:

            Can you add axolotls please

          167. TheMinecraftWhale says:

            I enter the the model file in the addon file and theres a mantaray model

          168. OK, I’m trying this today. I’ll rate afterwards.

          169. XDXDXXDD says:

            Angel cat make my game clash for 18 time
            But at the first time I download or 1 day ago
            Angel cat did not make my game clash
            (I’ll try to delete and download addon again
            Maybe it will be like normal)

          170. Pixel says:

            What mobs are in experimental only

          171. Hydroquake Vortex says:

            Really cool addon. I love the ender cat!

          172. julianzalewski says:

            This looks really cool and id love to download it, but im trying to mod my xbox and the only way for me to do that is if i have a link for resource packs and a seperate link for behavior packs, do you mind adding some links like these?

          173. From now, I’m not going to respond to replies with problems I’ve already said how to fix

          174. Can you add penguins? They should spawn in Frozen ocean biomes.

          175. Can you add more underwater mobs?

          176. MasterCraftPE56 says:

            The texture is ok but some mobs spawners are missing for me.two mobs said here. White shark and pizza fish .i cant find they Spawn egg.

          177. Dexter says:

            Do you have another download link? Like mediafire?

          178. Bilbo Baggings says:

            The download link doesn’t work, Site can’t be reached error..

          179. Kaylin says:

            Are you able to download it on a Mac??

          180. Anupam prime says:

            Just add Octopus as well as kraken and phoenix..

          181. Anupamprime says:

            Add Octopus and phoenix as well.

          182. Please Do This says:


          183. Cat lord12 says:

            I love dis it’s perfect and I loooooove cats can you make more

          184. CloudWolf says:

            If you could add dragon story that would be amazing, I should that something that you would think about? Maybe tameable and rideable? Amazing addon anyway

          185. Bekfast says:

            Soheab how do I do it. Do I go in files or do I need to download an app to do it. On IOS btw.

          186. SpikeThePhantomGhost says:

            Hey Billy can you tell me why the textures are missing? Like I turned on experimental gameplay I spawn them but they’re just purple and black.

          187. Drdragonwho says:

            Um my exgameplay is on but the textures don’t load on the mobs

          188. joshua says:

            i keeps on crashing even when i have experimental gameplay on or off

          189. Evie says:

            Please make it support 1.11! I need this add-on for my next video.

          190. Nobody says:

            (Cant see my other comment) btw i havent played yet but OW MAY GAWD I LOVE THE PIZZA FISH XD ITS HILLARIOUS!!!

          191. Nobody says:


          192. Sparklyunihorse says:

            I turned on experimental gameplay, checked the thing that other guy said and my game is on 1.10, all the eggs are black and have the developer ids on them and every time I spawn anything all I hear is a bunch of teleporting sounds

          193. Why are so many people saying that some mobs are missing, just turn on experimental gameplay, it’s even on one of the packs’ description lol

          194. Xvervial says:

            I have 1.9 and it works fine so yaaaay

          195. Harrythemagician13 says:

            Nice new mobs in 2.0 version of this addon i cant wait to see my suggestion which is the sperm whale i told in jan 19 well if you are very curious what is sperm whale’s clicking sound in real life well it sounds like in this video on youtube

          196. Why are a lot of people saying that the mobs are invisible?
            Maybe try these:
            Turn on experimental gameplay
            Read Soheab’s comment
            Make sure you are on 1.10
            Idk what else

          197. Fact says:

            What browser can I use decides safari?

          198. Sgbygbhsbgh says:

            One of the best add-ons out there you should make your profile picture a mob in game

          199. Anonymous says:

            The pigeon spawn egg is missing?

          200. Jely710 says:

            I recommend adding a Mantaray and Jellyfish and maybe upgrade the Great White Shark texture

          201. Existential Crisis says:

            It’s a wonderful mod! I love it!
            But for some reason, I don’t seem to have the Great White, Pizzafish, or Pigeon?

          202. SolidarityGG says:

            This is the kinda addon I like to see!! good work

          203. BaldiTheJester says:

            Update aquatic 2.0 looks great

          204. SoheabTheKing says:

            I know why it’s not working…….

            the textures are not appearing at least for me because if you go into the files and then to the world the add-on is applied to if you look in the behaviour and resource folder you see a file called “Billey’smo” that shouldn’t be, all files should be outside that folder. Sooo if you know how and wanna fix in do that 🙂

          205. If the textures are black and purple, it’s your browser’s fault because it didn’t fully download the add-on

          206. SpikeThePhantomGhost says:

            Hey ummmm Billy? How come when I spawn them they don’t show up? Like their invisible.

          207. ([{}]) says:

            Cool addon. 🙂
            Sharks attack dolphins and turtles
            Seals and Sea lions
            Rabid Cat

          208. Anonymous says:

            Woo great addon

          209. Love your work says:

            This addon is absolutely amazing! but somethings to fix:

            – Angel cats keep trying to fly away?
            – Can you make it so when something is tamed it is basically like a dog but in the water.

            Features could be added:

            orcas require saddles to ride plz. As well as control of orca.

            Phoenix, rideable, drops Phoenix egg which can only hatch in fire.

            Sea Serpent boss and Sea Serpent egg like the phoenix

            Moon Phoenix, same as regular

            Wyvern similar to phoenix.

            Cockatrice, mini wyvern with feathers. similar to the phoenix, but weaker and has less chance of dropping an egg.

          210. Anonymous says:

            Помогите как скачааать!!

          211. Anonymous says:

            I don’t hate cats, but there’s too many in this addon.

          212. Cody says:

            I love the pizza fish. Can you make giant variants of the pizza fish that would be awesome

          213. Johnny says:

            The mobs don’t show up they are invisible

          214. The fire dude says:

            Billeyzambie I need your help the addon is not working. It’s funny how when you turn on experimental gameplay how the mobs don’t show and with out it, it works but the textures are purple and black and some mobs are missing

          215. MouthGod says:

            Mine man billey adding actually good locking sharks for once (Also Pizzafish is now canonical The infinite little ceaser’s SCP son and you can’t stop me)

            You have been improving like, a lot. Keep it up man *kisses you like fine wine*

          216. MouthGod says:

            Picklepet is just Scp – 999

            Also keep it up bro you’re improving a TON

          217. Some Dood says:

            Crashes after sight of flying cat.

          218. Juden says:

            Please fix the texture for them ther purple and black

          219. Juden says:

            Oh textures 🙁

          220. Juden says:

            Some of this is quite normal but some are just very creative angel cats and pizza fish

          221. weirdo says:

            Great work! But could you add some new dogs? Im sure it would make it better but it’s a suggestion so you dont need to if you dont wanna

          222. Fact says:

            Works, but the texture is missing 🙁

          223. Carter Klidufach says:

            What new mobs are coming in the 2.0 version? I’m very exited!

          224. Durza121w says:

            Needs updated now when I try it experimental or not it doesn’t work

          225. TheMcExplorer says:

            When your finished with this project, have you considered looking into making a Subnautica Addon? Currently there is no Addon covering this subject yet for the bedrock edition. In addition, with the release of the “Below Zero” expansion underway, hype is building for fans of this game.
            As of right now not even a mod exists for Java covering Subnauticas Below Zero content. So you would be the first.
            Just an idea. Can’t wait to see the 1.10 support! Good luck!

          226. 2.0 Coming soon with a lot of improvements and new mobs!
            (not undead wolves and sperm whales, maybe in 2.1)

          227. Anupam prime says:

            Please add Ride feature on orcas

          228. Anupamprime says:

            Add Better sounds and ride feature on Swordfish and orca

          229. Pep says:

            When I try to use this addon I can’t see any of the mobs and can only hear them. Is there a way to fix this?

          230. Luqmanpro says:

            Can u please change it to 1.10 \: ?

          231. Hey feel free to suggest things or report bugs here, I check this post multiple times a day

          232. Jadek Kurt says:

            Great mod, but I think spawning is broken. After hours of swimming around, I’ve seen about a hundred orcas and none of the other mobs like swordfish, anglerfish, or mercats. Their spawn eggs are there, but they don’t spawn naturally. Otherwise, it’s a great mod.

          233. zillaGAME says:

            Can you add blue whale and sharks and piranhas please?

          234. Answer says:

            How do you do this??? I am on iOS but every addon created just lets you replace stuff. What addon creator do you use to add entities??!?!?!

            • Bill says:

              It’s possible to add new mobs since 1.8 came out, this isn’t the only add-on with custom mobs, many people have made add-ons like this. The things I use to make my add-on is textures), blockbench(for models) and brackets(for behaviors), I don’t use add-on making apps because they are for kids that are scared of json which is an extremely simple programming language

          235. Harrythemagician13 says:

            i really love this addon Bill i have an idea in this addon why not add the sperm whale in this addon it spawns in the oceans except cold oceans it is also similar to orca it attacks and it has hunger and its neutral but it is bigger than orca and it has custom sounds whichs is the clicks similar to its real life counterpart

          236. New update with pigeons and skeleton/zombie wolfs coming soon

          237. Swallow says:


          238. GachaCrafter says:

            And also keep the small orcas pls

          239. Burntninjas says:

            Get rid of the cats pls😊

          240. Shishigami says:


            • Bill says:

              It’s literally on the post, click on “Download Resources and Behaviors.mcaddon” then wait 5 secs, click on skip ad then close the ad link and download the add-on from mediafire

          241. GachaCrafter says:

            Hey billey i have a suggestion can u make tameable orcas and make them rideable?

          242. Anonymous says:

            I agree with nobody

          243. Nobody says:

            I haven’t used it yet but I can already tell it’s awesome. If you use this and the animacraft add_on you have lots of new mobs. Makes animacraft a better add_on in a way. Also I have a suggestion: can you add giraffes and sharks?? Just one of them is fine. But I would like both more. Thanks for reading!!

          244. arwin says:

            Billey’s mob is cool

          245. Deo4150 says:

            Please add Skeleton Wolf and Zombie Wolf

          246. Anonymous says:

            Please add skeleton wolf and Zombie wolf

          247. Snipji says:

            It’s a great addon. Could you possibly add more fish in the following updates, that would be great. For example the Chemaera and the Oarfish.

          248. Anonymous says:

            I think a Pheonix will be awesome!
            love the mercat

            • nobody says:

              I am not the creator I KNOW. But i dont think thats really possible yet. If their were i pheonix im pretty sure it would have to replace something to work. NOTE: i think this. This may not actually be the case.

          249. Fred says:

            It’s amazing I love it. I just can’t stop playing with it.

          250. DriesGaming27 says:

            Absolutely great addon. 10/10. can i make a video about it?
            plz bill reply

          251. Anonymous says:

            Poor sound effects, nice models, buggy

          252. SoheabTheKing says:

            its amazing

          253. EeveeDev says:

            Is it compatible with beta

          254. Whooshp says:

            Will more animals come?

          255. Themax says:

            Great content , however , the orca is way too small and should have more lives and damages . Hope you add more aquatic and flying creatures .

          256. Ahsan says:

            Awesome work dude!!!!

          257. . says:

            Can you add Phoenix?

          258. Salutations! says:

            Could someone possibly make an addon that adds more golems to mc? That would be great, also 10/10 addon great ideas with zombie/skeleton cat! 😀

          259. Anonymous says:

            Great add-on! I like the mob concepts but I don’t like the add-on name (in my opinion, no offense dude). Also add zombie wolves and skeleton wolves too. Great job.

          260. Martian Player says:

            Pls add lochness monster!!

          261. EntityDestroy says:

            I’ve been waiting for different cats, thanks😉

          262. Nick says:

            It would be nice to see anglerfish spawn in underwater caves and only come out at night but goes back in daytime and that they also spawn near the bottom of the ocean and not near the surface, just a suggestion

          263. Can you change “crap” to things? Crap is considered a swear word by some people and I regret saying it

          264. if the mobs are invisible and the eggs are black then use this link to download:

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