Published on October 01, 2020 (Updated on July 30, 2021)

Blockcutter (Craftable Wood Blocks in Stonecutter)

This is an addon is called Blockcutter, it changes the stonecutter to a blockcutter, because with this addon you can now craft almost every single wood blocks in the stonecutter, uh, i mean blockcutter!

(This is my first ever addon i've ever made, so there might be some bugs, if you do come across them let me know in the comments)

Added Ladders crafting recipes 

You can craft slabs, stairs, signs, fences, fence gates, and pressure plates! I didn't add buttons, and doors, because you can craft buttons really easily in your inventory crafting grid, and because crafting a two high block with a single plank doesn't really make sense.


Here are some screenshots:


(yes, i know the oak plank item orders are not the same as the others, im too lazy to fix it xD)

(thank you for @PaceOfSnell for helping me fix the .mcaddon issue)

Select version for changelog:


I have added crafting recipes for ladders for every plank


Added crafting recipes for Ladder



  • BlockcutterV1.3Fixed.mcaddon (20.48 KB)

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Very useful! Thanks!
CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN May 25, 2021 at 6:05 am
The truth is, the door is a block split in two, each section above the other, you got it wrong and said (and because crafting a two high block with a single plank doesn't really make sense).
Amazing! Does exactly what it says it does with no problems.
A few cosmetic quirks like the behavior pack not having a photo, and the oak planks being in a diffrent position, but thats not really a big deal.
Also blockcutter sounds kinda weird. I would rename it to like "saw" or something.
Well, i didn't actually meant to copy your addon, i already finished making the recipes in late august, but i was to busy and couldn't upload it, and in september i made some tweaks on the manifest and then when i want to upload it in late september, i saw that you already made one, i was thinking to not upload this, but i put a lot of effort into making it, and i dont want to put it to waste, and this was also my first ever addon,so im deeply sorry that my addon is so similar to yours, i have no meanings of copying your addon, i hope that you can understand
do not worry, if you want we also collaborate since I have enough ideas to make the stonecutter more useful
Thank you so much for understanding, i really appreciate it, and yes i would love to collaborate
Can't import .mcaddon it says "Unkown Pack ID".
I will try to fix this, in the mean time try using the zip file, put the Blockcutter BP in the behavior_pack folder, and the Blockcutter RP in the resource_pack folder, it should work,
For more clear instruction, go to and go to the zip and rar section