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Published on October 16, 2020 (Updated on October 16, 2020)

Blocks Reinforced (Beta 1)

Hello!! This is my first addon, the names of the objects are translated into Spanish, sorry if something is wrongly translated into Spanish, something that I have noticed and have seen wrong is that if you craft a reinforced block it will not return the reinforcer but this is only the first beta, then I will improve it and put more blocks.

Here's the crafting for the enhancer:

And here, I craft them for some blocks:

You can craft it that way or by putting the block on the left side:

I had a problem here as to make the stone block, stone brick block and chiseled stone brick block their infected version is needed, but I will fix that in future updates:

And if you think, how am I going to differentiate between a reinforced block and a normal one? Well simple, it is only according to the type of block, for example quartz:

If you see well, the quartz on the left (normal quartz) has a left-to-right style in its texture but on the right (reinforced) it has its texture in a top-to-bottom style, another way to differentiate it is in other blocks like wood:

As you see here it has a different type of texture than for me, it is better and a little more realistic than the normal texture, so that way you can differentiate the wooden planks, another way to differentiate if it is reinforced or not is like reinforced grass:

And those are all ways to differentiate between reinforced and unreinforced blocks.


For install:

-Go to the mediafire link

-press on the blue box

-click install

If you don't know how to install addons in zip format, look on youtube how to do it.

And if you find any error, inform me about it.

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