Published on March 24, 2022 (Updated on May 24, 2022)

BlueMantikor16x PvP Pack

Hello! This is my second Texture Pack and it’s really similar to the 32x Pack. I made a lot of textures just 16x, but I also made some completely new textures (also all of the blocks,the armor, the hearts and the sky are the same). I hope you enjoy it!

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• added a new, blue inventory texture

• changed the name of the pack


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What the heck man, I downloaded this texture pack and now I can't sign into my account. I think I was hacked. Please everyone, for your own sake don't download this. This is a scam and please remember to leave a review and comment on how bad the downloads are so no one get hacked.
This is a mediafire download and completely save. I dont know what happened to you but Im sorry.