Published on August 20, 2020 (Updated on September 15, 2021)

Boom Battle Heroes 13.9 "Mob Arena Bomberman Edition" Update!

Welcome to Boom Battle Heroes 13.9 Mob Arena "Bomberman Edition" Update

37 Mini games overall  64 different places with huge designs. And you will see here some of the popular Mini games from popular servers like 

Bedwar, Skywar, Tnt run, Death run, Block Party, Capture the flag, Turf war, The Bridge and much more! So check this out!

Boom battle heroes 13.9 Mob Arena "Bomberman edition" video.

If you want to know how to play my other games plz visit my channel Herotor xp.

My goal for this map is to have hundreds  of games in just one map so i will always update this map. If you want to know if this map have new update u can follow me on.

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Boom Battle Heroes 13.0 official trailer

I hope you enjoy this map with your friends. But if you dont know how to connect with friends via hotspot check out my Channel I also have that video😃.


Screenshots from this map🥰


2.Block Party mini Game

3.Go Stop Racing Mini game

4.Killer Vs Hiders Mini game

With 3 different places

5.Copy the blocks mini game

6.Boat racing mini game

7.Investigate to find the key mini game

8.Protect the villagers mini game

9.Death run remake game

10.Tnt run remake mini game

with 3 different places.

11.Fishing saga mini game

12.Boom Battle Town

13.Fill the wall mini game

14.Creeper run mini game

15.Fall to the death mini game

16.Falling sand mini game

17.Ice boat racing

18.Color game Battle.

19. Just Fly mini game

20.Get Lucky or Bad Karma Mini game

21.Amazing Runners Mini Game

22.Phantom vs Player Mini Game

23.Minecart Racing

24.Dont Die Mini Game with 6 different Tasks! 

•Task #1 Dig it Game and Task #3 Survivors

•Task #2 Parkour Escape and Task #5 Collect v2

•Task #4 Collect Game

•Task #6 Zombie Maze Game

25.Parkour Master

with 8 Different levels

•Easy Parkour Racing

•Task Parkour Building

•Moving Parkour 

•Dangerous Parkour Racing v1 Normal

•Dangerous Parkour Racing v2 Hard

•Honey Shulker Parkour

•Invisible Parkour

•Rod Parkour


27.Falling Tnt Mini game

28.Tnt War mini game

29.Among us Beta

30.Go up mini game

With 5 Different levels for now

•The Nether level

•The Aquatic level and the Desert level

•The Trap level and the Color level

31.Turf war mini game

32.Capture the flag

•Game mode 1 

Half Jungle and Half Acacia Castle, The first team to get 3 flags from other team wins.

•Game mode 2 

Jungle castle vs Acacia castle, The first team to get 5 flags from other team wins.

33. Game mode 3

Half Jungle and Half Acacia Castle, Hold the yellow flag before the 5min time is over to win.

34.Task Racing

•Normal mode and Hard mode

•Parkour mode and Get lucky mode

35.Tap Fly

36.The Bridge

What's new in 13.9 Update

New game called Mob arena "Bomberman edition"

Bomberman game lobby

I hope u like and enjoy my map if u have any question about this map,  suggestions, adjustment and all bugs u see..just comment down below or comment to my videos on my Youtube. 🥰

Support my channel Herotor xp 

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What's new?
•New Game called Mob Arena "Bomberman Edition" Available now in Boom Town for 15 Diamonds.
•With 3 Different gamemode
*Mob Arena "Bomberman Edition"
*Lava Bomb game
*Water Bomb game
•But for now Mob Arena is only available for this update with 2 modes (Solo and Multiplayer up to 4 players only).

Bug Fixed
•Fixed Bug in Minecart game about putting pressure plate.


1. Click on the link down below.

2. Click "Free Access" 

3.Click Article and then click (x) sign and wait for 5secs

4.And you will direct to the link.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.43 / 5 (35 votes)
Yes u can😁 but if u use it in aternos free server. I recommend 2 to 5 players only becoz if u play with a lot of players in aternos it will cause command blocks not working properly.
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Man that's a lot!
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great map, I really like the fact there’s so many features!
Can you please add bedwars?

5 stars
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Thank u 😃🥰😃 I already have the Bedwars game
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Plss make some ai player cuz im lonely and i have no friends:(
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sorry about that🥺🥺 but u can play some of the games for solo player😅
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Hi Can I Use Some Of Your Screenshots For My YT please I'll Credit You In My Video :) Please Notice :D
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Yes u can but don't use the mediafire link thank u😃
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yung adfly link lng o kaya itong mismong url mcpedl 😄
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The link isn't working help me out man
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The link is working fine u can watch the video about how to skip adfly link thank u
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Use My adfly link if u want to share my map on youtube or any social media.

Dont use my map in free Aternos server it will cause lag and command blocks will not working or too much delay.

Thanks u guys for supporting my Map more Update soon.
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I cant change settings in minecraft!
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I locked it to challenge all the players if u dont like that don't play it🙂
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How to lock these settings?
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How to unlock these settings?
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Bruh, half the games/minigames shown in the images aren't even in the map!!!
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Are u sure? go to Boom Town to found out
before u rate it😫😓
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how do i play the captur
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do u mean Capture the flag? The game need 2 players plus to start the game😁
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It won't let me download the map, It says it couldn't load the website and I would really like to try this map with my friends. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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use chrome to download it also u will see the installation guide in the description but i will paste here for u i hope u understand this😄
Click on the link down below.

2. Wait 5 seconds for the ad page to load.

3. Click “Skip Ad” in the top right corner of the page.

4. If it asks you to enable notifications - click yes and wait after that or click block and repeat that 3 to 5 times to Download my Map.

5. You should now have been redirected past the ad.
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Oy Kapwa Filipino ❤️
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Hahahaha Filipino ka pala haha
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and use media fire for the link pls
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