Published on August 27, 2023 (Updated on September 21, 2023)

Bounty System (1.20.30+)

Want a simple system that allows you to set bounties on other players? This allows for a more healthy economy and presents a challenge for whoever is unlucky enough to be the most wanted on your server.

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Updates: (1.0.1)

● Changes made to the +bounty command

● The UI should now properly show up when using the +bounty command

● Smaller performance updates.

Updates: (1.0.2)

● Updated to 1.20.30



Supported Minecraft versions

i have an idea. you should make it so you can change the prize to diamonds or other things so if a player doesnt want money he can claim a bounty that has a diffrent prize
How do you change the score that the money is based on? Like, if I have a custom money scoreboard named something like "Coins", how do I make the bounty system match that?
You can configure the addon by messing with the addon's files. There's a configurable currency scoreboard, all you would have to do is change "Money" to "Coins". Thank you for asking.
I have 2 questions. 1. What is the specific Objective that the mod uses for money? 2. How do I make the Money objective ( The Addons Objective ) to match and sync with another money objective I already have in my realm? (Basically, how do I make the Money objective match and sync with another objective?) Please respond!! If I don't respond please message my discord it is [BLUSKI#8209].
The addon automatically adds the Scoreboard objectives for you. It uses "Money" for its currency objective and "Bounty" for its Bounty objective. Ill send you a DM to go over how it works further.
Ill dm you with some support. But to help you out the currency scoreboard objective is "Money" and the bounty scoreboard is "Bounty", these objectives are automatically added if they aren't present when the addon is added to the world.
Its not letting me post a bounty, says not enough money when im literally putting 1000s of dollars of ppls heads
Make sure the Scoreboards match with your own.
Its automatically preset with Money as the currency Scoreboard and Bounty as the Bounty Scoreboard.
this is what I've been waiting for! it's perfect for one piece addon, really thanks.
If possible create a menu form for this and add to selection button the list of player that has bounties. List of names will appear as buttons and their bounty below name, upon clicking more info will pop like who put bounty on him/her. Also killing a player will automatically steal his bounty as reward and killing will automatically add small amount of bounty.
Thats actually a command ingame. +top