Published on July 04, 2020 (Updated on July 08, 2020)

Bow/Crossbow Power Indicator

Tired of normal bows and crossbows, do you want to change a bit your stile and become a pro at shooting, then this texture pack adds colors that indicate the power of the arrow by colors. as green indicate that bow is now at power 1 and orange indicate that the bow at power 2 and red tells you that you are ready to shoot!!!!! 

This pack is made by NotPiZa

Discord : NotPiZa#6220

This texture pack adds a bow and crossbow indicator ,you didn't understand? here is how it works. when you try to shoot the arrow start getting colored by green when its in green it means the bow is at stage 1 and orange means that the bow is at stage 2 and red means that bow is at stage 3 and then the bow is with full power so you can shoot with the maximum bow damage, and thats what this resource pack is made for. 

Wanna take a look of the bows before you install the texture pack, then take a look here

Bow Stage: 0

Not Ready To Shoot

Bow Stage: 1

Ready To Shoot but Weak

Bow Stage: 2

Ready To Shoot But Its A bit Weak

Bow Stage: 3

Ready to Shoot and With It Full Power

Here is a GIF of both bow and crossbow to see how it works :)

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Do Not Use this texture pack or modify it or re-upload without the owners permission here is a way to take permission ask him on his discord:NotPiZa#6220


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Added our discord server link, There you can have some fun And know the upcoming packs!


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  • BowCrossbow-PowerIndicator.mcpack

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