Published on March 14, 2024 (Updated on April 07, 2024)

Chat Command Creator

Would you like to execute commands by chatting specific text? Chat Command Creator addon is here for you. It enables the activation of commands when players chat specific text. Simply define the trigger chat and the corresponding commands to execute.

Chat commands are customizable, with the option to set cooldown times to impose intervals for their usage. A custom message can be displayed when a player attempts to use a chat command that is on cooldown, permissions can be assigned for their usage, and much more.

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New cmd commands added 

  • cmd: resetcd - Use this command to reset the cooldown of all chat commands that are currently on cooldown.
  • cmd: list - Use this command to list all available 'cmd' commands. 

New Chat Command Features

  • Cooldown Field (optional): Add a cooldown for using the chat command.
  • On Cooldown Message Field (optional): Specify a message to send to players when they attempt to use the chat command while it's on cooldown. You can include "@cooldown" in this message to display the remaining cooldown time.
  • To add commands for execution, there is no longer a command line field for each individual command. Instead, you can select the 'Add Command' button to add new commands. You can now add up to 30 commands. 

New features for commands to execute include:

  • Delay in seconds field (optional): A delay time before a command can execute.
  • Condition dropdown: Set conditions for executing commands, similar to command blocks. This option is not available for the first command.
    • Unconditional: The command will execute regardless of whether the previous command successfully executed or not.
    • Conditional: This command will only execute if the previous command was executed successfully. 


  • All of the available chat commands are now accessible to operators.
  • The Permission Dropdown has been removed since assigning operator permissions to use chat commands has been discontinued. Now, you can only assign player permissions with tags for using chat commands.
  • Leaving the tags permission field blank will result in no permission being assigned, allowing everyone to use the chat command.
  • Chat commands now require a minimum of four characters. Existing chat commands with fewer than four characters will continue to work but editing them will now require at least four characters.
  • Chat commands can no longer start with 'cmd:' to reserve this prefix for built-in commands within this addon.


Supported Minecraft versions

hi if i put a cooldown on something everything works fine but when i leave my map and join it back the countdown got reset so i can do the command every time i leave and join without a cooldown please fix this
Im writing cmd: create but cant open any.
another overwhelming suggestion: how about a way to execute a chat command with a command block. i have no clue on how it could work or if it is even possible but if it is then that would be glorious.
That's not possible. Script API can't read input from command block.
hmmmm understandable.
I realize there's a way to do that. Using /scriptevent command allows you to execute chat command through command block. I'll add this in the next update.
Is there a reason the file is called
It’s a bit weird having a mcpack and a .zip at the end?
Also, the pack isn’t working for me!
For some unknown reason, Mediafire in mobile devices forces files to bring it back to zip files. So even I uploaded it as .mcpack, Mediafire will convert it back to .zip when you download it.

Just renamed it and remove .zip at the end and it should be fine. Also, enable Beta APIs to make this addon work, you must also have the supported Minecraft version.
El add-on es increible justo estaba buscando algo como esto, no lo encontraba crei que talvez tendria que hacerlo yo pero no encontre la manera, crees que podrias hacer un video explicando como lo hiciste o por lo menos recomendarme a como aprender hace algo haci?
Cant download it
Hi, I love the idea of your mod but it isn’t working for me!
I type “cmd: create” and is says it in chat!
When I downloading it, it has only show as a resource pack and no behaviour pack! I some a small knowledge of coding but I’m pretty sure you need a behaviour pack to write custom commands!
I only have the resource pack but I don’t know why because the menu is just a minecraft NPC!
Please help me, I love the idea of the mod!
There's no resource pack, only behavior pack. Also, you must enable Beta APIs in world settings to make it work.
When I download it, it comes up in the resource pack folder!
How can I send you a picture?
I’ve tried the preview one and stable one!
You have discord?
how do I give myself permission
Another Suggestion (You may be overwhelmed with the suggestion lol) :
So basically a toggle command like when command first used run this second use run this like you can make !fly !vanish and other things like that also you can make a add command button so u can just increase it ingame.
So your first suggestion is, on first use of chat command it will run a command, then on 2nd use it will run different command? Did I understand it correctly?

And about your 2nd suggestion, yeah that's what I'm thinking too, so this will definitely be added.
yea thats it so you could make toggle commands and settings.
This comment has been removed
I have a suggestion please add a cooldown and a custom cooldown message editor with a placeholder like {cooldown} example:
players runs getfood
players gets food
player runs getfood again
player gets cutstom message : You have already clamied your food try again in 1 minute
it will be like in the editor You have already clamied your food try again in {cooldown}
A cooldown for using chat command? Great idea, I'll add this too in the next update.
Thanks for taking the suggestion!
Hey, I have your mod installed on my world but only have a resource pack, is there suppose to be a behaviour pack?
No Resource Pack needed, it's Behavior Pack only.
does it Support addons decoration comands? if not it would be a good feature 😊
Thank you.

is it possible to increase the lines to 16? just for that ultimate admin/control and expansion capability?
and is it also possible to add the ability to create a countdown to commands???

You mean having 16 Command Line? Yes it is, I'll increase it in next update.

And about countdown, a delay to execute a command is possible. I'll add this too in the next update.
You're Amazing

Comment Edited 2024-04-09
This is an Amazing Dev! - thank you for taking all of our suggestions into consideration and creating this wonderful mod for bedrock.
it dont work, i did this : cmd: creat but the. nothing i exit the chat, but nothing opened