Cherry Blossom Biome

Have you ever felt Like Minecraft haven't had a biome for you to explore and loot well now you do. There's a New Ore Called Pink Diamond 3 New Mobs And 2 New Blocks And 1 New Biome 

Download The Cherry Blossom Biome Addon To play With The Cool Things Like Pink Diamond And New Things Like 3 New Mobs For You to Use and The Next Update For This addon Is When I'm Going To add Armor For My Addon And Stronger Weapons Also New Monsters and passive Mobs

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Added Lavender Apple

Added Pink Watermelon 

Added a new tool made out of pink Diamonds


  • Download link here
  • Download link here
  • cherry-Blossom-Biome-2_1597731372781_1597731596.mcaddon
  • Cherry-Blossom-Forest-Biome_1597461968269_1597527453.mcaddon
  • Cherry-Blossom-Forest-Biome_1597461968269_1597462703.mcaddon

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is this working on 1.16.201 (pe) and bedrock 1.16.210 ? (windows)
I already imported it but how to activate it?
The biome does not generate, I turned on experimental gameplay. Also to be honest the mobs and items are just pretty lazy retextures of already existing ones
I like your icon, that’s Charles from Henry Stickmin, Right?
Is the new biome just retextured biome textures or is it actually a new biome
it is retextured everything so whoever created this is lying and saying everything is new