Published on February 25, 2021 (Updated on March 12, 2021)

Classic PvP Pack

This pack aims to get a classic PvP experience. Unlike other packs which changes everything. This pack only make everything easy to find and more explanatory. You can use this pack either for PvP or for Survival. 

No matter what you are doing. You get same classic Experience.


1. Bow Charge Indicator

(Inspired from Fruitberries PvP Pack)

This is one of the most common item you might have seen. It basically shows, how much your bow is charged.


Green (Lest Charged)

Yellow (Mid Charged)

Red (Fully Charged)

Now Crossbow charge Indicator is here...

Less Loaded

Mid Loaded

Fully Loaded

Ready To fire!!!

2. Ore Border (New 1.17 Ores)

You might have noticed that, there's ore Border but Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone uses 1.17 snapshot ore textures.
The ore between redstone ore and nether gold is Diamond Ore its red because it's RGB
I'm unable to show it at the moment because I'm super new to MCPEDL and
I don't know, how to add gifs.

3. Cleaner Particles

(Java Edition) 

These particles are available in Both RGB and Normal colour. 

All particles matches Java Edition, but their emission may vary.

4. Bordered Ui

There's a little Shout out to me at bottom leaft. 

5. Short Sword

I don't have anything to explain about it, it's name explains what it is....

6. RGB Enchantment Glint

It's Red Blue and Green. Make more visible to see from a distance.

It is recommended to use PolarFlare's Glint if you want a ton of visibility from a distance.

7. Clean Glass

No stains on the glass!!!!
Looks better and increase visibility only a little.

8. Clean Wool

NO PiC at the moment 

9. New Armour Modle



Diamond.. (My Personal Fav)

They basically looks like armour border

10. More Java Water

When water look more Java

11. Clear Redstone

Very well known,

Makes it easier to differentiate between Redstone Levels

12. Anvil Damage LvL

Now you can find out very easily. If u r gonna Lose ur Anvil 🙄

You can also see this from a distance

13. Anti Trap Trip wire

Now you will no longer get trapped in trip wires...

Trip wire turns yellow - green when in active or not connected to any connection

Trip wire turns blue-red when connected to a complete hooked connection

Here's a difference

14. RGB XP Orbs

For those who simply loves sooo many colours....

I don't own this feature, but I added this feature from the first Version of RGB XP Orbs from the creator's GitHub Page

 A direct link to Owner's latest Creates 



-Fixed a bug where u   can't see ur xp bar

-Fixed Transparency of   Inventory screen

And a final Feature/ my advertisement is this


There are many other subpacks.

Soon I'll tell you some secret features, for those who don't know anything about editing the pack. I've a plenty of new Textures in the pack, but I didn't added em as subpacks, so I'll tell u later how to apply them.

I own every texture in this pack, and everything in this pack is hand made using pixel lab Except RGB XP Orbs

But I have permission to use it from the creator 😀

Textures may look similar because of common ideas.

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed Download link for which I literally forgot to update 😅


It's pretty straight forward to Install it,

  • Click on download link
  • Just open file ( if you are on mobile, you can use Zarchiever or you can open this .mcpack file as document. On Xbox, I don't know about it, coz I don't have Xbox
  • Export in game
  • Activate in Global Resources Pack


  • Classic PvP pack v1.1.mcpack
  • classic_pvp_pack.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.67 / 5 (6 votes)
I love it and it's great, do you think you could make the grass, path, mycelium, and other grass-like blocks to be connected? I think it's the last thing this pack needs.
Pretty good, reached silver rank w this in skywars.
Best decision you'll make
this is great pack! 5/5

btw do you have a iscord?
Is the 1.17-1.18 support?
The xp bar doesn't show in 1.14
This is for 1.16.40+ bruh. Take a look at Supported Versions.
I have a question so I downloaded the pack because it looked amazing but once i logged into minecraft I had longswords instead of shortswords. How do I change that?
It's pretty simple. You can change subpacks by clicking on the gear icon. It have 5 different subpacks. You can choose any of them.
________(nothing here) May 08, 2021 at 3:38 pm
i am wondering did you fix the xp bar and add netherite armor textures and sword?
Xp bar has been fixed btw, and I'm currently thinking of Netherite Armour. If shud I make it look like other armour types or give it a seperate Texture
very pog even tho havent tried it and i cant be bitgered to djfasihlfasbdjfasfva
uhhhhh.... what link is the most updated one lol? also you should add some netherite armour soon
I like this verymuch but why didn't you make a netherite set and tools texture what if you make a netherite update
Since, I got two recommendations for Netherite Armour update.....
So.... I'll try to make a new Netherite model...
And I wud recommend you joining my discord coz I ask ppl about everything on it.
The XP bar does not show up. It looks like there is nothing there. And no I am not in creative mode. I use it for survival.
Yea this is a current problem. Now I made a new version in which I fixed this bug. But it's gonna take some time. Coz of MCPEDL's authority permission.
But thnx for using :)
Oh ok thats fine. Love the pack though. Do you have a discord so I am notified when the new pack is out?
I release my pack everytime befor I do it here