Published on July 18, 2022 (Updated on December 04, 2022)

Classic Textures Fix

While Minecraft has updated all its textures in the Texture Update, some players still prefer the old ones, so the Minecraft Classic Texture Pack, officially provided by Minecraft, is available in Bedrock Marketplace now. However it has some issues, and many textures for new blocks/items/entities are not involved in it. So I created this pack, aimed to fix issues in the Classic Texture Pack.

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Note: This update added updated textures for Vex, which are incompatible with Minecraft versions of 1.19.41 or lower. If you are running an older version of Minecraft, please download the v1.7.10 pack.


  • Classic Vex texture with the new model

New (Experimental)

  • Hanging Sign items
  • Bamboo Raft items
  • Chiseled Bookshelf




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Could you make the Netherite items and blocks more like the others?
The Netherite items have been slightly changed in this pack, however since their textures are very different from tools of other materials even in new textures, and also the Texture Update does not change these tools much, I'm not going to make their patterns very close to iron/golden/diamond tools. As for Netherite Block, I think it shouldn't be smooth as old diamond/gold blocks and its vanilla texture looks not so annoying in a classic-texture world, so I didn't change them. However if I find a good way to make it more "classic" I will add it to this pack.
Esta actualizado para la 1.19 oficial?
This comment has been removed
Is FREE anyway.
Just go to the CurseForge page of Programmer Art Fix/Classic Textures Fix and you will finally know if this is an official Bedrock port of it, and also if I am the original creator.