Published on August 14, 2023


Dynamic Elytra and ShieldDynamic Elytra and Shield is a resource pack that changes the texture of your elytra and shield according to the armor you're wearing!There are 4 new elytra and 3 new shields, you can get them by using one of the armors you want!

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Hello, I love this texture pack, I have been using it for a long time on my server, but I have a problem with the texture of the elytros, when I enchanted them, the chest also shows an enchanted texture but it shines differently than the rest of the vanilla armor, too powerful, and it looks weird. Is there any way to fix it?
Hey! it'll be awesome if you're able to also add bows,crossbows,tridents, and totems!
I click the pack to install
It opened minecraft but the import message didn't show up and the pack is not installed
There are tutorials on how to fix this problem on YouTube.
Looks Amazing!
But what is the animation pack your using?