Construction Addon

Are you a builder? this addon has TONS of blocks. and adds some items that are vanilla-like. including more nuggets, sticks, and bookshelf in all wood types. It also adds pillars, concrete types, and colored planks!

Construction add-on

This addon adds more blocks to decorate your world. Some of the textures need some cleaning but is working.

This pack increases the number of blocks to detail your builds. from more bookshelves to rusty iron blocks. You can get these items by using ‘/function give/‘ you can also use ‘/give @p const: This pack adds a lot soo much you aren’t able to scroll through the commands. this pack fills up that construction creative tab.

There are some Minecraft bugs that I cannot fix, UPVOTE both of these bugs!

Item bug (items in creative UI):

block shape bug (slabs/stairs) :

Other Links

Construction Blocks WIKI

Construction Blocks Recipes

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Are you a builder? this addon has TONS of blocks. and adds some items that are vanilla-like. including more nuggets, sticks, and bookshelf in all wood types. It also adds pillars, concrete types, and colored planks!

download link sh0uld now work. if you want an ad-free link consider donating through Patreon (min of $15)

Fixed Download links for v0.0.4. All download links use You can get an ad-free link by donating through my patreon.

ChangeLog v1.0.4


+ Added dye blocks (16 colors)

+ Added black white tiles (may add more color combos)

+ Added brick blocks (16 colors)

+ Added brick items (16 colors)

+ Added redstone lamps (16 colors) Not working with redstone, Bedrock doesnt support it.


+ Changed glowstone texture to fit with lamp textures

+ Changed colored planks textures to better fit with eachother.


+ Fixed lines between blocks

Changed support me link to, easer, and better than

v003 changelog

+ added uncraft recipe for paper blocks

+ added paper block frame

 -all 16 colors in all 8 wood types

+ updated for 1.16

+ warped & crimson blocks have stem sound

+ added nether recipes

+ changed anvil block(s) cutter recipes anvil = 3 chipped= 2 damaged= 1

+ added wet sandpaper (temp texture) 

added all the blocks, item, entities that are in this addon for a better view of the size of this addon,

v002 changelog MEGA UPDATE!!!!

+ wooden and paper blocks are now flammable

+ added netherite texture (fixes beam missing texture when on older versons)

+ added metal/ore bricks (small & large)

+ added sandpaper item (7 paper + sand + brown dye)

+ another recipe for smooth planks using sandpaper.

+ added (#construction) to all block/item names to easly see all creative blocks

+ changed some names, mostly removed "(type)" makes it more cleaner.

+ added pack icon

+ added license UI

+ added UK power outlet

+ added paper block sounds (not working?)

+ New Blocks

     -rusty iron block

     -small & large brick rusty brick

     -rusty brick beam

     -anvil block

     -small & large brick anvil

     -crimson bookshelf

     -warped bookshelf

     -redstone lamp off & on

     -sea lantern off

     -grass block (all 16 colors)

     -scaffolding (all types)

     -glowstone (all 15 colors -yellow)

     -terracotta large & small bricks

    -smooth metals

added Installation description and added some changes to description. 

Working on a recipe page! make sure to turn on experimental gameplay


1. Click one of the links to download

2.Once you have downloaded click the .mcaddon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install

4. Make sure to have an Experimental Gameplay on.


Supported Minecraft versions


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139 Responses

4.24 / 5 (42 votes)
  1. minecraft is my Iife says:

    Epic addon

  2. minecraft is my Iife says:

    I can’t get the addon because the ads won’t let you through

  3. Good News!! In the 1.16 beta, custom block shapes are possible!! But I am going to wait until it fully releases before I update. In case if some features get added/removed.

  4. Vishal Gupta says:

    Which block is use for making aged brick and paint roller

  5. zenelem says:

    put mediafire pls

    • If you want an ad-free link please consider supporting me via Patreon! As making these addons takes many hours to create when we could be doing something more productive. Ad links support us creators while you don’t pay a dime.

  6. Rc1320061 says:

    Link….. Dropped…….

  7. JackAttack5542 says:

    “Download unavailable”

  8. Vishal Gupta says:

    Please fix the download link

  9. tomrix says:

    Does stair still not incompatible 16.03?

  10. xiaobo says:

    I especially like this addon. Can I reprint it to Minecraft China? What I need is a commercial license

  11. Vishal Gupta says:

    Please make the crafting recipes book

  12. OkitaSouji says:

    Doesn’t work. even with ‘experimental gameplay’ turned on.

  13. JimVersusJeb says:

    Love the addon so far, I would love you to add iron stairs, maybe stairs for gold diamond and netherite as well. Keep up the good work.

  14. Mainthedevil says:

    can u make a crimson ladder texture pack rn im useing this mod for my netherifying a stonghold and i need a crimson ladder

  15. TICB202 says:

    Can i use this for my map “Undertale”? I’m recreating areas in undertale.
    I already built it, I’ll only post it if you give me permission to.

    Also, good addon!
    I’ve never seen an addon add this many blocks.

  16. Guest-2902650437 says:

    I thought it was really cool but most of the blocks don’t appear in my creative inventory. I am on android

  17. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I please use this for my modpack?

  18. Guest-9870841682 says:

    can you add flashing caution lights to the construction cones

  19. Guest-8380680676 says:

    Does not work for Xbox one

  20. Guest-8531350976 says:

    Yo fam, crafting recipes don’t work, but amazing add on

  21. Domy765 says:

    Please can you tell me if it works for 1.16 because it is very beautiful

  22. Domy765 says:

    Per favore puoi dirmi se funziona per 1.16 perché è molto bella

  23. Guest-7349477533 says:

    Please, make it for 1.16! I’m a constructor and i love this addon, but 1.16 screwed it up 🙁

  24. Guest-8691440046 says:

    I had this on before nether update on pe, but now all the blocks have gone.Please make a 1.16 version,thanks in advance.

  25. Guest-3225106677 says:

    How do you get gypsum dust? I have been playing with this addon on survival. I really would appreciate any responses/reply. 🙂

  26. AshGames says:

    I used to use this all the time! its a great addon. but my minecraft updated and idk what version to use now. it doesnt work when i go into worlds.. T~T what version are you using? this would be very helpful

  27. Guest-6252580734 says:

    The blocks are black and purple for me please fix i really wanna try this addon.

  28. Guest-5224775360 says:

    Are you gonna add vertical slabs/walls? Im going to be so happy :3

  29. Guest-9953368178 says:

    How do i use a paint roller and hammer?

  30. Guest-2647845853 says:

    Love it it helps so much but I can not find the tools. Do you think you could help?

  31. Guest-1126426563 says:

    Please make 1.16.59
    I cant see those blocks
    (Im in beta)

  32. Guest-9773633381 says:

    may you please add the mixed bricks alone without the roof tile?

  33. Guest-7425689359 says:

    the only items I do not seee are the stick types, including paint rollers

  34. Guest-6587344568 says:

    if im suppose to download the second link ii cant. it has a malicious warfare problem on it.

  35. Guest-4593373756 says:

    I am not seeing the tool to paint the wood, I even typed in search of creative. they aren’t there. the blocks are there but not the tools

  36. Where do you find gypsum, and can you update the crafting site?

  37. Guest-6150012949 says:

    Everything is working fine except the blocks .
    Im using it on the latest version . And I can craft anything but not the blocks . Pls help .

  38. Guest-5495764900 says:

    It would be cool if you tried to make slops or maybe even tried to make a Carpenters blocks addon if possible. I know that these suggestions might be difficult but it would be cool.

  39. Guest-9772902559 says:

    Hey bro can you please add a custom block which equally divides two colours. Add some kinds of it. This block can fix the double sided painted walls for Minecraft. Thank you.

  40. Zenriff872 says:

    What are the custom item id’s for the /give?

  41. Guest-3092640111 says:


  42. Donimos G says:

    haha cool I like your addon but it was good that you could paint the planks by hand without having to put it on the work table

  43. Guest-3564064803 says:

    The blocks are not in the /give thing or the function you told us, tell me how to fix this, in the beta btw

  44. Bdude1994cool says:

    Umm the addon is not working right everytime I start up my server it does not let me get the blocks

  45. Guest-2261410151 says:

    cool addon pls add vertical slabs

  46. Guest-2278960314 says:

    What function do I use to get the blocks

  47. Guest-7508059759 says:

    one of the most usefull building mods i have ever seen

  48. Guest-3039958227 says:

    Como se craftean los paint rollers?

  49. Want me to add stairs & slabs? Want items to show up in the creative inventory? upvote both of these bugs! Item bug:
    blockshape bug:

  50. Guest-5225280194 says:

    Great addon, but I’m having trouble figuring out the paint rollers, how do you use them?

  51. Guest-5255533039 says:

    Does it work for versions older than 1.14? I am in beta and when I installed it the addon didn’t work.

  52. Guest-2385531703 says:

    I love how it looks! How do I use it.. I used the /function/give/ cmd It doesn’t work! it says “Unknown at: —–” Help!

  53. Guest-2424150765 says:

    How about different types of plugs like the uk variant. And stuff to go in them and work. Like toasters that cook bread ovens wich cook food fast and free

  54. Guest-5305120923 says:

    Does this mod use player.json?

  55. Guest-3977432250 says:

    yo that’s sick! would be nice to see some concrete stairs and slabs, if that’s possible

  56. Guest-6200510588 says:

    I wanted to download this in iPad but I don’t know how.

    • Guest-3541354111 says:

      Ok so you press the green writing, then download it from media fire, then go to “files” and download an app called documents by readdle and then on files go to select, and press on the one for this one, and press move, then move to documents, go to the documents app, go to rename, change mcaddon to zip and then change it back, then tap on it and press open in Minecraft

      • AKIDO says:

        Make a better description, pls

      • says:

        It’s actually a lot simpler, just download the map, open the files app the comes with all IOS versions since 11 and go to the downloads folder. Find Construction-Blocks-v001_1587266140.mcaddon in The folder and tap and hold on it, dragging it to the corner of your screen, it should open Minecraft and import. If this doesn’t work Tell me and I will make a YouTube video on how to do this

  57. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey are you ok if i use this on my server witch well be a series on YouTube

  58. Guest-4730790642 says:

    What minecraft Version Work on this

  59. Guest-4693388125 says:

    You should add rusty iron blocks and steps

  60. Guest-3370525594 says:

    How do you craft the blocks? First off, “/function give/” doesn’t even exist, second, i looked through all the added items… Not one block.

  61. Datboi754 says:

    Are they found in creative inventory? If not plz make them be

  62. Guest-6130904925 says:

    Can you make a conveyor belt mod, plz, the conveyors should move items, mobs, blocks, and players.

  63. Guest-6068029922 says:

    Useful addon

  64. Guest-5937432373 says:

    how do i download it they could’ve made IT EAISER

  65. Guest-7103674815 says:

    No es como que los tablones de colores sean nuevos xdxd pero podrías agregar también escaleras o losas de colores, o tal vez más diseños para el cristal, más colores de cofres o bloques que simulen algún mueble (?

  66. Guest-3101947741 says:

    It would be cool if you added bricks out of the ores

  67. Guest-3882991759 says:

    How can I use it if I downloaded and imported it successfully?

  68. Meepmeepmeep says:

    Next time your gonna add new blocks, fkn add the names. All I could find when using commands was paint rollers and hammers. NOT ONE BLOCK -_-

  69. Guest-7253037996 says:

    I ate all 233 new items in this. They tasted bad 5 stars lol

  70. Ftere says:

    You should add a Better description 😀



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