Published on August 27, 2021 (Updated on September 08, 2021)

Craft More: V1.2

You want to craft some stuffs that are uncraftable? Well if yes, you're lucky! This pack lets you craft some uncraftable items for survival! I introduce 2 packs to you for it:

  • Normal Pack
  • GOD Pack: (same as normal pack, adds notch apples, chainmail armors etc.)

Here's some recipes for them!

Normal Pack contains:

  • Bells:
  • Saddle:
  • Nametags:
  • Diamond horse armor, gold horse armor and iron horse armor:


  • Tridents:
  • Netherrack:
  • Cobweb:
  • Red/Brown Mushrooms:
  • Glow Berries:
  • Magma:

GOD Pack contains: same as normal pack except these!

  • Chainmail helmet, chestplate, legging and boots:
  • Enchanted Golden Apple:


  • End Portal Frames:
  • Player Head:

You can use whichever pack you want to use! This is my first pack. Hope you all like it! You can comment if you have bugs or suggestions.

See ya buds!


Select version for changelog:



  • Fixed some recipes.
  • Added glow berries and magma.

I have some surprises for v1.3 :) 


Click on mcpack and it'll be imported!


  • Craft_More_GODV1.2.mcpack (10.22 KB)
  • Craft_MoreV1.2.mcpack (7.25 KB)

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5 / 5 (3 votes)
Guys, I think the cobweb would be crafted from 4 strings and 1 slimeball, do you accept?
Chainmail armor is craftable now pog
Always has been.

No seriously it was craftable until 1.8 when the fire item was removed but you can still craft it with fire if you get a pack that lets you get fire
Hola, haz una lista de los objetos que pueden ser creados, al principio creí que solo serían esos pero no.
I really liked the addon! Make more recipes, like creating a trident :)
Oh, I'm glad you liked it!!! Thanks for choosing me :)

Sure, it's in my list for GOD Pack :)