Published on February 04, 2024

Crafter-Crimes : Role-Play (v1.4)

Welcome to CrafterCrimes where you can as a Cops or a Criminal /as a Cops/ you need to patrol around the prison or around the Los Dervexto and keep an eye on the prisoners & robbers and watch out for escaping inmates use the security camera./as a Criminal/ find your way to escape the prison rob a gas station/store/bank and more use the money you stole to buy gun parts and use it to craft a guns and ammo's try not to die as a criminal or else you'll lost all of your weapons and money good luck

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What's New (v1.4)

-Improved Robbing System

-Improved Uniform For Both Side

-Added New Weapons Taser Gun/Police Baton/Knife

-Added Beach/Mountain/Ocean



  • CrafterCrimesv1.4_rebuilded.mcworld (56.7 MB)

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