Published on March 08, 2022 (Updated on July 22, 2022)

Custom Spawners - 3.5 HUGE Update!

Get v3.5 Custom Spawners to SPICE UP your realm or server! It allows to grind in your own bases. You can see the qty's of the grinding mobs and you can level up your spawners to 16!

You will have to check it out and join the discord to get constant updates!

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Lots of Updates since my last upload, this adds alot of new mobs that are very nice!

V3.5 is best for versions 1.18+



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Nice mod, can you add redstone,sand, and gravel golems? Also, I noticed that shulkers don't drop shells, so can you fix that and maybe add witches? otherwise great addon!
Does this work for newest version?
It should still work as long as you dont add the experimental new execute commands. The 2.4 version is outdated, click my discird for the latest version 3.5 it fixes a lot of bugs and adds more mobs.
Thank you! Look out for the update coming in a day or so! It has a bunch more mobs and fixes a bunch of bugs!
So i downloaded it as craftable but i did not figire out how to increase the stack of the spawners, ur addon is amazing the fact that they are absurdly expensive make it more challenge and create thw need of grind even more and just because of ur addon i manage to mine a stack of ancient debris for the first time, this is my personal record. Thank you. If i have a suggestion is to add wiches spawner but without the non stackables.
Im very glad you love the addon! You can stack the spawners by holding the same type (lvl 1's only) in your hand, and then you will right click the already placed spawner on the ground. You can check the level by right clicking without anything in your hand.
Uh how do you craft them
If you downloaded the corrrect version (craftable) you would see them in the crafting table. Please join my discord for support instead of rating it low because you cant find the crafting recipes.
Update 4/2/2022 - I ended up having to add the guardian spawner recipe for the stone cutter to reduce the spawner stack size. (I just forgot)
- changed sheep spawner texture to rainbow
- small adjustment to the spawner crafting recipes in the craftable version.
UUIDs did not get changed, it will show as duplicate and will be difficult to tell which one is the old and new. I apologize. waiting for them to approve
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Just posted an update for v2.4 thats also optimized. Should prevent lag spikes caused by large funtions, 2.4 reduces stack sizes to 100.
FOUND A MAJOR MULTIPLAYER BUG IN V 2.2, PLEASE DELETE THE FUNCTION Despawn_mobs in the pack! Will allow mobs ti spawn again if more then 2 players
INA - OscarJofaXD March 13, 2022 at 5:11 am
Good add-ons, but golem can't repaired with iron and the golem takes damage from water but not from lava can you fix it?, And I hope you make a creeper spawner too I really need it for rockets
Hello, I've updated and added 4 more mobs and its already out for version 2.1 in my discord. Adds slime, magmacube, witherskeleton, enderman.
I will add the creeper in update 2.2. The custom iron golem is entirely revamped and no longer looks cracked.
If you are updating your existing world
with a newer version make sure to do /function reset_mobs or the new mob spawners won't work!
All mobs are overworld/sun compatible (iron golem no longer hurt by water)
Thanks for downloading!
Golem take damage from water and doesnt get damage on lava, cant wait for more spawner, also can you make so mob wont move or attack if cant cant you make new mob same as the vanilla one but cant move and attack, so like theres two mobs, spawner mob and vanilla mob, same health same loot drop same skin but cant attack and move. Tnx
Sorry about this bug with the iron golems, there seems there was a file mix up! I will update it as soon as i can this week! also planning on working on adding other mobs in the future! Thanks for your review! Join my discord at i will also look into the possibility on making stationary mobs so you don't get attacked!
Version 1.2.2 which is the current version is about 6-8 months old.
Just everyone is aware, I'm recoding most of my custom spawners addon for version 2.0 and adding custom mobs instead of using vanilla (will make the addon more compatible and will fix a bunch of issues and bugs)
- Mobs will no longer wander around or act like normal mobs.
- Also adding 4 more mob spawners (Enderman, Slime, Magmacubes,
- more bug fixes...