Cyber Craft v11 | More Tools!

This Resources pack is from Black Plasma Studios, World Apart Series, yeah you might know that, are you fan of it? are you wanna that sword added to your game? then this pack is perfect for you! there are a lot of changes to the tools it self such as Sword,Pickaxe,Armor,Trident,Shield and more! intresting? DOWNLOAD NOW!

> Info <

There are 5 Elements of the Tools and they are glow and animated.


1.Rusty :

This Tools is a old rusty from all of the tools, its left abonded tools thats why they rusty but still useable, its replace Wooden Tools.

2.Droug :

This Tools is from the enemy from the series it's self its sparks, its replace Stone Tools.

3. Myhtical :

This purple Tools is a part of the myth tools your ever seen, this tools are not in the Series but i'm added it anyway.

4. Drone :

This Green Tools is a part of Drone enemy even tho it's not on the series of World Apart but im adding it anyway to fills up this empty tools

5. Plasma :

Oh yeah eveyone know it right? this Blue Laser sword from World Apart.

6. Magma :

The Nether side of the sword this is just another adding to the game to fills up the empty tools.


  • Other Tools :

Solar Shield, Cyber Trident, Cyber Crossbow, Spyglass


  • Blocks :

-Drones block replace Gold

-Myhtical block replace Iron


  • Items :

-Gold Ingots | Gold Nuggets

-Iron Ingots | Iron Nuggets

> Here some picture of the models <


Solar shield - Cyber Trident - Cyber Crossbow



The Scope

>  The Blocks  <

Drones Ore replace Gold

Myhtical replace Iron

> Main Tools <

The Saber (Sword)


The Syth (Hoe)


The Axes (Axe)


The Pickaxes (Pickaxe)


The Shovels (shovel)

> Views <

First Person / Third Person

>  MISC <

Trident now glows! and the tools more glowier LoL.


wanna see the animation? here

note : i don't steal anymore of the codes i figure it by my self.


If you are content creator, please use MCPEDL link if you wanna share it, do not relink or use direct download to mediafire!


Donot re-use the model and animation this is specially made for MCPEDL only! do not upload another website or application.


This is not addon this is just a texture replacement, means you can set it global resources and play it on server as well.


Select version for changelog:



  • Trident more glow
  • Armor Changed (Leggings)
  • Text added
  • Tools more Glowier
  • Added Spyglass
  • Bug Fixes




1. Click Download LINVERTISE

2. Click check mark box "i'm not a robot"

3. Wait 5 Second and click "Free Acces with ads"

4. Click "Discover Articel"-> wait 10 second's -> close by "X"

5. Click "Continue"

6. Scroll down and click "Download"



1. Click Download WEBSITE

2. find BACKUP MCPEDL Link

3. and select Texture pack

4. find Cyber Craft v10 Reborn (Download had 2 ways ADFLY and LINKVERTISE)



1. Click Download ADFLY

2. Wait 5 second's

3. Click SKIP

4. Click Allow

5. Download and apply



Installation Guides

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4.73 / 5 (37 votes)
Im not a big fan of neon scifi swords but i am a fan of fantasy swords with blades that glow in the dark, pleasssssse teach me how you make it glow
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hey I have a pretty cool armor concept Dm me in discord for more info. my username is SuperiorSy99#2442
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you lied you said the models were 3d they were not i took off all textures is had THEY ARENT 3D
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'-' the texture of course plain 2d BRUhrUHRUHURHHR
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what lied? they are .json text wdym??? can you convert 2D photo plain texture to 3D? nahh~~~
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i will update the pack, any sugestion tools from minecraft to change?
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I love this addon. But can you add also the main characters in the series such as Krista,Sam, or even varek?
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how do I respect such people
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The update is freaking awesome! But the crossbow looks kinda weird
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i tried my best, '-' the pivot in first person its upside down, and i don't know the pivot point was, thats why the position it self weird, i'll fix that in another update.
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The creator finally updated the pack, this is so cool ASF, but can you make another but every weapons are the amethyst crystals model.
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i'll keep update the pack right now, i know you all wanting this right?
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THIS IS AWESOME ASF, keep up the good work im gone be waiting for the next update
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This is dope as hell. Great for mapmakers and honestly just looks really cool.
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HI i really love this addon!! but i have a request could you make a spy kids 3 suit addon?
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Could you add a different pack that removes the wings on the armor and makes the armor texture more gradiented
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so Yeah I've found a bug where the crossbow doesn't turn red when you use fireworks as ammo(Idk if it being smaller is also a bug)
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EEEYYY! (☞゚∀゚)☞. Best update!
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