Published on October 13, 2020 (Updated on October 22, 2020)

CyberPack V.1.0 (PvP Pack)

Hello! My name is Cybernotix, I originally created this pack for my own enjoyment and satisfaction and I thought that I should try to uploading into MCPEDL, it went quite successful cause in a matter of 3-4 days it already gotten 100+ shares which made me really happy, anyways I uploaded it since I thought people might liked it. Please do not show criticism towards me or hate since this is my first time, Thank You!

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- Fixed "Not A Valid ZIP Archive" due to the Texture Pack is inside of another folder and MC does not detect it as a Texture Pack.


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is the glass optifine looking from the pic
Hello there! I'm the co-creator of this texture pack and I'd like to inform you that we have fixed the "Zip" problem, but we are unable to remove the broken downloads due to MCPEDLs system to prevent spam, we will inform you once we are able to change the downloads so you may install the texture pack,

- Regards, SomeAnotherGuy
Bonjour! Je suis le co-créateur de ce pack de textures et j'aimerais vous informer que nous avons résolu le problème "Zip", mais nous ne sommes pas en mesure de supprimer les téléchargements interrompus en raison du système MCPEDL pour éviter le spam, nous vous informerons une fois que nous sommes en mesure de modifier les téléchargements afin que vous puissiez installer le pack de texture,

- Cordialement, SomeAnotherGuy
Il y a un message d'erreur disant que l'archive zip n'est pas valide.
conclusion : perte de temps
Bonjour, veuillez vérifier le texte ci-dessus.
Is the Tools and Armor re textured
It Isnt, and I didnt designed the Armor "yet"