Damage Indicator Addon v2 [BIG UPDATE]

Do you want to make your minecraft experience more of a rpg game? So, what’s missing? Damage Indicator! Yes! Some of us wanted to see the damage we deal to our enemies. This addon does the job for you. 

Here’s the video for quick understanding :

New version :


– Shows the damage dealt to enemy

– Monitors HP precisely

– Vanishes when invisible

– Maximum render distance of 15 blocks

– Mojangles Font

– 2 options are available: Health Bar and Heart Icon


– This addon monitors the health of an entity, not the actual damage itself. So if the damage dealt exceeds the entity’s remaining hp, the damage shown is the remaining hp and not the actual damage. 

– Maximum damage can be shown is 100. Any value that exceeds will only show “100+”.

– This addon is made using the new molang query function on 1.16, so it won’t work on older versions


– There are 2 options available 

1. Health Bar

2. Heart Icon

– Optional Minecraft Font 

You can download Minecraft font if you want to change the font of the damage indicator. To use, just install it and put it on top. 


If you want to implement this to any custom mobs, just edit the following:

– Entity.json (resource) 

– Geometry.json (locators is the only thing you need to edit here)

In this example, I modified one of my favorite addons called The Variants

You can also download the template below (inside the font folder) to help you understand. 

I put “before” and “after” so you can understand how I modified them. 

NOTE: The Heart Icon only monitors upto 100 HP. So, it is recommended to use the Health Bar when you are applying it to mobs with HP more than 100. 

If you want to retain the functionality of scoreboard:belowname, just tell me so I will make a patch for it. 


Horse Family – NOT WORKING 



Tropical fish – DISABLED 

These are probably hard coded. So I can’t do anything about it. I’m sorry. 

Please feel free to report bugs. I will highly appreciate it. Enjoy! 😊👍

Changelog View more
  • Fixed Iron Golem animations
  • Added cow, drowned, evoker, zombie and nether mobs
  • New Health Bar and Heart Icon on top of the entities
  • Fixed some issues
  • Added optional font for damage indicator
  • Added information 
  • Fixed some stuffs
  • Fixed 2nd link
  • Added more details in the post itself


- Install both behavior and resource pack 

- Version 1.16+ only


Supported Minecraft versions


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163 Responses

4.55 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Akhtar Putra says:

    Easily 10/10 This is my Favorite Addon so Far

  2. mineductions says:

    Could you please make a video on how to add custom entities I have no idea the picture and what you said didn’t help me at all

  3. KhalMika says:

    This is such a wonderful mod, I just love it!

    The only problem (but it’s MY problem, not your mod’s).. It’s not compatible with menagerie. Either this mod breaks the mobs’ textures, or the second disables your mod.
    If it’s there any way to make them work together, would be awesome. I’ll try some basic stuff myself (as a sidenote I don’t have any knowledge about this stuff but maybe I’ll be able to do something. If I find out how to make them work together, and you’re interested at all I’ll happily tell you! 😀

  4. Guest-8442324674 says:

    On XBox, I cannot get past the extraction of file “3.json” in the resource pack. I downloaded it several times AND I tried both version 2 and version 2.1. Always, the extraction hangs at this file. Can you check if it’s corrupt?

  5. Kinoris says:

    I love this Addon, and the only problem I have using it is the health bar appears under the feet of the Zombies. Also, I would like have the option to duplicate the distance to see the health bar. Because 16 blocks is a very small distance sometimes…

  6. Guest-9983924808 says:

    hey bro! muy buen add-on, me funcionaba muy bien los primeros días (una semana aproximadamente) en un realm, a mi y a todos mis amigos, pero de un momento a otro dejo de funcionar, ya no me muestra ningún indicador, ya he intentado quitarlo y colocarlo de nuevo pero no funciona, reinstalando el add-on tampoco me funciono (no tengo mas add-on instalados). Sabes tu a que se deba este problema. Un Saludo y Buen trabajo ;D

  7. PikaGamerPro says:

    You and your team did a really good job making this! Excellent work! 😀

  8. Guest-1661302555 says:

    This pack doesnot require to be activated in behaviour pack but only in resource packs… Can you update it with higher render distance? 15 is not enough for me…

  9. Guest-5583474317 says:

    Can I use your addon in a public server?
    I will leave a link to this post to give you credits

  10. Guest-4914788273 says:

    how do i download with linkvertise

  11. Guest-1355500339 says:

    How do I download the linkverse??? CANT YOU JUST USE MEDIAFIRE?!?!

    • Guest-2177616324 says:

      just press the link, then press free access with ads, then press “discover interesting articles” and press ‘X’ and wait for 10 seconds, then press continue. You will then be redirected to the Mediafire link.If that is still too much work, then request the owner for a direct link to the Mediafire

  12. Guest-6624482421 says:

    Can’t you do something about putting this modpack on top of the resource & behaviour pack setting? I have 3 of my fav addon including yours, that needed to be put on the top of rs & bh pack setting to work properly. Now, I can only use 1 of my fav to work properly.

  13. Can I make custom font for your addon?

  14. Guest-9987625109 says:

    Capes don’t work in 1.16 pe could u mind fixing it

  15. Guest-9299926125 says:

    There are times where the health bar does not show up. Spawned in a taiga biome and saw 2 foxes, one WITH a health bar and one WITHOUT.

  16. Guest-6819425351 says:

    Cow pigs and sheep Health don’t show for me

  17. Guest-3503736386 says:

    It only works on 1.16 right? is that I used it in 1.14 and when I joined my world all the mobs disappeared and if I tried to spawn any more it disappeared instantly

  18. Coptaine says:

    For those who are having issues with zombies, I really don’t know why because it doesn’t happen to me. Also, I found this video showing it works fine. https(:)//youtu(.)be/FW358H4au-g
    remove the ()

  19. Guest-3979088879 says:

    There’s a bug: The bars appear at the feet of zombies for me

  20. Guest-6660610486 says:

    Pelas tutorial

  21. Guest-8446678344 says:

    Si entiendes coptaine traduce español a ingles

  22. Guest-5996270165 says:

    Para el creador del mod que lo tradusca como puedo modificar el mod para que funcione con otros mod

  23. Guest-3114861521 says:

    it turns ur skin to default steve if you have custom skin

  24. Guest-7583465321 says:

    Maybe you should make it so it shows how much an entity healed.

  25. FrostGamerYT says:

    Bug: the person model in the profile area, the model will double the players/models in the skin slots

  26. The Link to download the add on keeps taking me to linkvertise and wont let me do the steps to get the download ot trying to force me to pay for premium not even giving me the choice tosuffer through ads to get redirected to the link. It just forcing me to buy premium to even download the addon…..what am I doing wrong?

  27. Guest-2622237802 says:

    doesn’t work for features servers

  28. Guest-6318511984 says:

    does this work on featured servers like cubecraft?

  29. Guest-7004585855 says:

    Why are zombie healthbars under their feet?

  30. Guest-6526949129 says:

    Can you fix the skin glitch

  31. Guest-8390522786 says:

    The health doesn’t hide to ‘Hide GUI’ Also can you make one only for players? (Not mobs/entities)

  32. Guest-4556236381 says:

    everything seems to be working fine other then the zombies HP displaying below them at their feet other then that all other mobs seem to be working fine!

  33. Guest-5193272656 says:

    How to download it?? I cant??

  34. Guest-7668156758 says:

    It kind of adds an “onion skin layer” on my avatar when I view it in Character Customization, and I cannot create custom avatars, because the onion skin has a default skin (Steve)

  35. Guest-5441644590 says:

    Great add on!! We need more things like this. Thank you for your hard work bro. And for responding and taking advice from the community! Keep up the grind bro can’t wait to see what else you can release.

  36. Pericles3601 says:

    version 2.1 comes with show hp?

  37. iKorbon says:

    Zombie health is under its feet, is this a known issue? Otherwise a very fantastic addon.

  38. Guest-9643343742 says:

    it wont let me download it send me to whatever linkverse is and i cant download it

    • Guest-4790517691 says:

      Bruh is this you’re first time on Mcpedl or something? That Is where you download it

      • Guest-3780609117 says:

        How, though? For me, it says that I have to sign up to their Premium program, and I don’t want to do that. Also, Coptaine, please add an link!

        • Coptaine says:

          You need to make sure that you your browser’s ad blocker disabled. Then you only need to click “Discover interesting articles”, open that for a few seconds then close it. Download button should appear after that.

  39. Guest-9657339835 says:

    It works well but half of my screen says trying to access a variable that doesnt exist variable.stop
    Can yo try to fix thx
    If i could rat it would be 5 stars
    Im on xbox

  40. iiPlasma7 says:

    So does this work without it being at top of the resource / behaviour packs? (Can i have a sword mod as my main mod and this underneath and will it still work)for
    Please reply!

  41. Guest-2005450247 says:

    When I killed a bunch of iron golems at the same time with /kill @e, the game crashed.

  42. Guest-4930203452 says:

    Bug: Ravager’s health bar appears below it. It may be because I had a resource pack enabled.

  43. Guest-9171477893 says:

    AMAZING add on! But I can figure out how to get it toggled over to the HP bar. I have went to the settings and moved the tab over and applied but won’t work? But other then that I’m on Xbox Realms and it is working. Couple bugs like the drowned and zombies cows etc not rendering in. But I’m sure your in the process of fixing it all. GREAT add on!

  44. Guest-3170282837 says:

    The link for the addon is literally asking me for money to direct to the mediafire link itself!

  45. Guest-6749153814 says:

    will this be available to use on servers?

  46. Zach Marc says:

    Boi, pinoy ka rin dba? ano discord mo? May tatanong lng 🙂 hehe

  47. Bebecito milo says:

    It has many errors in many mobs but what matters is that I do it with effort and work no matter if it is perfect

  48. Guest-5361237592 says:

    Where is the updated bro?

  49. Guest-4220363001 says:

    I absolutely love that skin where can I get it?

  50. iiPlasma7 says:

    Does this work for modded entities?????

  51. Coptaine says:

    Update is coming. Check out my YouTube channel 😉

  52. Guest-7037013732 says:

    These addons remind me of free fire games and I’m happy because of that 🙂 thank you developers…

  53. Guest-2920113147 says:

    so if you can make that you show the damage to players then can you make a health display for players

  54. Guest-5948824520 says:

    Hey, so ai activated the resource and behavior pack, and it works. But after playing to awhile, I realized that the Zombified Piglin had their old model, the Zombie Pigmen one. I don’t know why that would happen, and I’m playing on

  55. Coptaine says:

    The Mojangles font pack is now inside the same folder of the addon. Check it out. To use, put it on top of the resource pack or replace the addon resource pack with it.

  56. Productive_Villager says:

    Does this also shows the “Players”
    health and damage?

  57. Guest-7796518280 says:

    It will be good if u make also addont for damage indicator particles, i mean hearts when you hurt mob.

  58. Guest-4493291280 says:

    Link doesn’t work

  59. Admiral_Glazkov says:

    Waiting for the Mojangles font version, also hope it will work on Realms

  60. Coptaine says:

    Since some of you are requesting for more-minecrafty font, I’ll make a separate pack for that.

  61. Dragolosse says:

    Really nice! But can you try to make numbers more in minecraft style?

  62. Guest-8709407946 says:

    Hey i have a question are you doing this so it is like the java version mod with the health on the side and the particles because i have a texture i made in which i changed the position of the boss bar to the top right and they are hearts is you whant it i cand send it to you

  63. Troncosoomar says:

    Does this work for other addons? If it does, great! If it dosent, then can you make it so it accepts modded mobs?

  64. Guest-7925066546 says:

    Maybe make the damage font to Mojanges or the Minecraft Font.

  65. Guest-5257523498 says:

    It only works when the mob is one shot amd it has to be a critical

  66. put the source of minecraft because it has nothing to do

  67. This is awesome! 2 suggestions. 1. Make a version using the standard minecraft font: the one you use in commands and the like.
    2. Make the particle dissapear faster.

    That’s it. Fantastic addon!

  68. Guest-1164867999 says:

    Please make it 1.14

  69. Guest-7185498393 says:

    Why just 1.16? make this addon work for 1.14,because 1.16 still beta so not everyone can’t play it

    • Guest-6954073359 says:

      “Why just 1.16”

      Boy I don’t know, maybe because it’s not possible to do in 1.14 yet so the only way to do this is in 1.16 beta? Or perhaps it’s much more easier to do in 1.16 due to there being more stuff in it? If there was a way to do this in 1.14 chances are that the creator of this addon would’ve done it in 1.14.

    • Coptaine says:

      I’m sorry for that. It’s because the feature I’ve used is new and it’s only available in 1.16+

  70. iiPlasma7 says:

    Does this ONLY work for 1.16???

  71. Guest-7411727942 says:

    i always commented on dakons videos to update his damage indicators to particle but you did it instead thanks

  72. Second link broke but otherwise good stuff

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