Darkest Depths

This is the first time I’m uploading, hope you like it!

It’s an addon for just adventuring and being fun  it adds  over 50+ some still unavailable in survival it adds 10+ foods and 75 more items as the firsts one some are still unavailable in survival.

It adds 9 new mobs which are canons, kegs, gem bugs, chaos dweller(wolf and human), villager npc, crow, scarecrow,corrupted runes, and scorpions

planting pot :

inspired by botany pots

you can place dirt in it to plant

you can plant wheat seeds(20 secs), lettuce seeds(15 secs), beetroot seeds(15 secs), and tomato seeds(20 secs),

need hoe to harvest

and shovel to remove seeds

magic planting pots

they look like regular pots

but they are not

they harvest automatically, can only be obtained from cleric villager(because its magic)

all crops grown on them takes 20 seconds


The Crow will constantly pester you ny destroying your crops and killing your animals they can be scared using scarecrows or when a villager is near them

they can lay eggs when bred


They`re here to scare crows basically

they`re geometries change as they take damage 

The warrior

they are guards of the village that fight along side the iron golem they can spawn by recruiting a villager npc with a wooden sword they can use all weapons that has a wooden to diamond variant (except sabers,  axes, shovels, and pickaxes)

Chaos dwellers 

This creatures been decayed by chaos are slow but packs a punch they cause decay when you get attacked by them, their weakness is water because of their deacying bodies they cannot touch water

gem bug

gem bugs spawns in caves doesnt fly and has a wonky model they affect you with blindness when you get attacked by them drops diamonds or stone when killed has three variants gold(supposed to be topaz),diamond,emerald

gem crabs

gem crabs like their cousins drop whatever ore they are based in due to their weight when they target something they will slowly creep up on it and when the attack is successful they share their weight by giving you a little bit of slowness


they dont have pincers but they still bite they spawn in deserts  can be tamed by a bone(for now), but when they are not tamed they attack you and villagers

they can now lay eggs when bred


this barrel looking thing can be powered up six times with gun powder to make a stronger explosion with the strongest having the power of 11 explosion power(for now) to explode them it needs to be atleast powered up two times other wise it wont explode (use flint and steel to explode) animations otw

they can be obtained by trading with a weapon smith 


drivable vehicles of war that shoots canon balls to any monster creature nearby.

their shooting is automatic (to be changed)

they can be obtained by trading with a weapon smith 

has an turret canon variant (but currently not working)

corrupted runes

Has five variants (depends on what rune it is) they`re projectiles/shooting patern depends on the variant

succubus and incubus 

creatures that rarely spawns in a village 

in the day they transform into a villager and at night into their true forms

when in villager mode they will give weakness effect and when in true form they will “pickup” villagers and suck their energies out of them

can be tamed and bred using lust potion

or for breeding golden carrots

villager npc

spawns in with regular villagers and does the same stuff as villagers, they can be bred with lust potions or engagement rings

female npc custom sounds by cicifyre

check her out at:


giant bugs that roam the land they can fly and can make your crops grow faster 

or if you dont want them around kill em for their shell shards that can be crafted to armor

(50% droprate)



give a zombie chaos and it will give you madness in return this boss is not that tough but it has multiple attacks they are best fought with animals around like sheep, chickens, etc. 


sin crystals

this crystals holds the power that can bring down a lot of obstacles out of your way

p.s only 2 has finished abilities which is gluttony and envy  

jungle armor set 

armor that is made out of jungle materials

ladybug helmet:

can be crafted using 5 ladybug shell shards  part of the jungle armor set

jungle chestplate

part of the jungle set

jungle leggings

part of jungle armor set

jungle boots

you know what it is

lust potions

gives you what you feel when you really are lustful strength, speed, and a bright eyed vision 

can be brewed using blaze powder on health one potions

engagement ring

what better way to reproduce than the legal way get your villagers one of these and they`ll be happy, they will even throw in an extra worker


can now be crafted using lapiz because its magic


Currently does nothing


used to make bread dough and cupcakes

Bread dough:

used in making cookie dough and regular bread

Cookie dough

can be cooked to make regular cookies

Cupcake cups

needed to make cupcakes


can be baked

unfortunately the photo is corrupted

but the recipe is 

water bottle, flour, sugar

                       ,cupcake cup,

Breading mix

used to make chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets

delicious little treats that can be eaten


used to cut chicken


no image again sorry



in that pattern they are in

Pastel cookie 

an extremely sugarific treat that gives you speed and replenishes hunger a bit

Sprinkle bread

a little bit of frosting wont hurt right 

Chaos dirt

the dirt that lets chaos dwellers spawn in youre world

the magic eye of ender can be obtained in end cities

Chaos cobblestone

just great decoration can be turned to cahos stone by cooking in furnace

Chaos stonebrick

Chaos stone can be turned into brick that has another variant if put through stone cutter

sky brick block and item

beautiful bricks that encompasses the colors of the sky

Dark alloy

a metal above netherite

Dark Alloy Blade

made out of chaotic steel and dark alloy used to make dark alloy dagger and elemental trident 

stabilized dark gem

A stablized version of the dark gem 

Stabilized dark alloy blade

used to make elemental trident

untabilized dark alloy blade

used to make elemental trident too

Iron rod

the base to making halberds and dark alloy rods

Dark alloy rod

used as handle for all dark alloy weapons

Powered Dark gem

Used as the core of all dark alloy


Dark alloy scythe

a powerful weapon capable of thrashing the wither in a swordfight

damage: 54

Dark alloy axe

an axe made to deliver heavy blows on your enemies

damage: 44

Dark alloy dagger

makes you faster than normal

damage: 34

Dark alloy elemental trident

able to harvest the powers of chaos this trident is able to bring your enemies down in one shot

damage: 76

stabilized dark alloy scythe

doenst give the unstable speed that the unstabled variants give

damage: 55

uranium dagger

capable of poisoning enemies

damage: 6

chaos apple 

gives strenght but also gives slowness


weapons used by knights but youre the only who can use it yet

damage: 11

all wood variants can be crafted with new warped and crimson wood


has wood to chaos steel variants

chaos damage: 12

diamond damage: 10

iron damage: 8

golden damage: 5 

stone damage : 6

wooden damage: 5


has wood to chaos steel variants

chaos damage: 18

diamond damage: 16

iron damage: 14

golden damage: 10

stone damage : 12

wooden damage: 10


has wood to chaos steel variants

chaos damage: 8

diamond damage: 6

iron damage: 5

golden damage: 3 

stone damage : 4

wooden damage: 3


has wood to chaos steel variants

chaos damage: 7

diamond damage: 5

iron damage: 4

golden damage: 2

stone damage : 3

wooden damage: 2


has wood to chaos steel variants

replace the stone block with logs or block variants for chaos steel use iron block

chaos damage: 15

diamond damage: 13

iron damage: 12

golden damage: 10

stone damage : 11

wooden damage: 10

japanese lantern 

used to light and decorate your homes

crossframe lanterns

decorate your house with this great block that is a much greater light source (it`s animated)

Food sticks

has a chicken and pork variant

lt sandwich

still unavailable

Silver chain void pendant

still does nothing

cosmic eye available at end cities

other weapons available

can randomly spawn at any chests in dungeons, nether bridges, and end cities 

runes still dont do anything

blocks available

naturally spawning ores

wood types(not available in survival)



chaos, lost, and magic

chaos stone, chaos stone bricks, sky bricks, asteroid blocks still here too just dont have pictures

blocks can be obtained by pixel: tag in the give 

update video:

Changelog View more

added a new boss

made fiery and cold dark sword obtainable

added succubus, incubus and ladybugs

reworked some wandering trader trades

added sin crystals

added magic planting pots

minor bug fixes

added chaos steel weapon variants

added female villager npcs

added potion of lust, engagement ring, and crosframe lanterns

added eggs for scorpion and crows

fixed recipes for baseball bats

fixed toolsmith trade

added beer to the trade table

added gem crabs

added planting pots

minor fixes (texts,texture mishaps,etc...)


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool 💖💖

  2. Guest-1395233657 says:

    This is very cool!
    Suggestion: make cupcake cups out of paper instead of leather, it would be more realistic

  3. Guest-2411169435 says:

    Links are broken.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a PC user and can’t use .zip files. Please make a mcpack?

  5. Guest-8429321304 says:

    I love this addon but can you add armor and bosses to go with the op swords.

  6. Guest-6046283691 says:

    Hey I noticed that I couldn’t find any ores I think they might be glitched or something or where can I find them I love the addon but can’t find the ores. Can you please fix it

  7. Guest-6998475359 says:

    Can you please make a .mcaddon file download I can’t use .zip

  8. to harvest plants use hoes and to remove seeds or dirt use shovel forrgot to put that in tge description

  9. Guest-1929109960 says:

    how do i install it? I have the zip file installed but how do i transfer that to minecraft??

  10. Guest-7005242606 says:

    Can you make plants please

  11. the scarecrow and the pot have crafting?

  12. Poopero says:

    Is this mod related to darkest dungeons?

  13. Guest-3644458004 says:

    Hey can you fix the download link. Thanks

  14. Guest-6194703794 says:

    Me: ah dude pretty dank but if had-
    Me:scrolls down
    Me: sees hammer
    Ussr anthem: starts blasting

  15. Anonymous says:

    Plz add sounds to all mobs, female npcs can breed with male npcs and villager​s

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