Day of Dragons Add-on (Player Model) (1.14+ only)

The Day of Dragons Add-on will turn YOU into a 4D Dragon model with cool animations. It’s like a dragon simulator which lets you become a cool dragon! Enjoy it!

WARNING:this add-on it’s actually a texture pack but with skin pack to change your skin to right Dragon texture

The Dragon have 3 skins (Night Fury, Aether Dragon and Black Dragon).

Dragon 1 Night Fury from HTTYD add-on (Created by Yasser Twitter @StarkTMA_YT]): it has a custom flying animation and custom walking animation with beautiful rotate animation. 

Thanks for StarkTMA_YT to use has model from has add-on 😊

Dragon 2 The Aether Dragon from Mountains++: this Dragon it’s small but it’s have custom wings animation and flying and walking animation like the first one, this the only model have a saddle on has texture.👍

Dragon 3 Black Dragon from Dragon add-on (Created by zahf Gaming YouTube  channel zahf Gaming):this Dragon so epic! it’s have custom flying, walking and rotating animation and it’s so giant!

How to change your model and skin:first you need to active the texture pack then change him using this on the picture.

then change your player skin using the skin pack from the add-on, please make sure you using the right skin.

(Before all that please don’t use this texture pack on any servers because the other players looks so weird).

This add-on working only in 1.14+

And on the last Enjoy! 😊👍

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To install the add-on just open the file to Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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117 Responses

3.3 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Guest-4186422542 says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.16 can you fix that?

  2. How can you download it’s just a blank page

  3. Guest-6866857158 says:

    Can you please make a version of it to work in/on version 1.14.60 please I would really like this addon and I know my friends would love using with me on a survival word- from yours truly – Dragonboy

  4. Guest-9938607420 says:

    Please can you make it so that it workes on version 1.14.60 —iPad ?

  5. Guest-5208922390 says:

    could i please use this addon to make my own?

    also, you should probably know that there is no way to fix the server bug that makes everyone look weird, unless Mojang releases an update where it is possible to change the main player and the main player alone. -QubeTICB // TICB202

    What i meant by “could i sue this addon to make my own?” is could i use the code for this?
    I’ll be sure to credit you.

    Nice job on the addon!

  6. Guest-1961063074 says:


  7. Faddedreaper says:

    lol it looks but cool, BUT PLZ FIX DOWNLOAD

  8. Guest-7164135319 says:

    Pls make the ice wyvern from expansive fantasy

  9. Guest-8763975858 says:


  10. Guest-7370513843 says:

    Please fix the download link it says 1 download failed plss

  11. Guest-5284577980 says:


  12. Guest-9209574507 says:

    It doesn’t work properly:/ f

  13. Dragek says:

    I think because mcpedl was have problem with files

  14. Guest-4412571914 says:

    Please make light fury please!

  15. Guest-9715872945 says:

    It doesn’t work when I downloaded it, it showed that it has 0b and when I tried to import it, it said invalid zip archive, pls fix this, I just wanted to have fun and stuff

  16. Guest-3884652269 says:

    I haven’t tried this yet (I will), but still we need more stuff like this on this website

  17. Guest-6227848701 says:

    Does/will this work on education edition?

  18. Guest-3832821521 says:


  19. Guest-5437050788 says:


  20. Guest-3499942581 says:


  21. Guest-9097313712 says:

    А с ненависти

  22. Revison says:

    Uh.fried why my skin is broken? It’s not look like your picture

  23. cHeEzE iTz says:

    plz add more dragon skins

  24. Natha says:

    Cant you make night duty plss

  25. Thetigerking says:

    I love the addon can you add more how to train your dragon dragons and I use the toothless skin as my real skin 😀😀😀❤️❤️

  26. Ethan says:

    Can players see you wearing the skin?

  27. RAFATAR32DA says:


  28. Gekocaretaker1 says:

    When I went through the files (because I wanted to see how this was possible), I found out that the minimum version is 1.13.0. But when I tried it on 1.13.0, it immediately said that the addon needs to be 1.13.0 and that it is not.

  29. Bob the manager says:

    Guys let’s report him, he’s a model stealer

  30. RAFATAR32DA says:

    Hi I made this it’s bad

  31. Pan con Palta says:

    It’s great! Do you think you could add more colors to the dragons? like for example … to Night Fury add Light Fury, along with more colors, this is undoubtedly the best complement

  32. YANNISEW says:


  33. YANNIS says:


  34. Jetgirlletsplay says:

    Umm can you fix the night fury? the eyes are on the feet and it doesn’t look anything like the picture.

  35. Bob the manager says:

    Guys, this guy stole the model from Legitdragonb0y. So why are you guys liking it?

  36. Iron_Hide207 says:

    Now, that’s one beautiful addon. I never imagined something that morphs you to something else, especially dragons, with such an easy download. I absolutely don’t care if he stole the models, but the thing I do mind is the weird model they have… they have magnificent animations, however, they look buggy, broken and messed up. This can be explained, because I use 1.13.1, but its amazing how the addon is still working with such a shitty version I have, and its clearly not supported by the real addon. I truly recommend this addon for everyone, but quick reminder, I recommend this in creative, so you can experience the majestic feel of being a dragon. 5 stars.

    • Iron_Hide207 says:

      Nevermind, I seen the skinpack and it looks awesome. There is nothing wrong with this, ignore my bad opinions on this addon lol

    • FIVE STARS for an add-on with a stolen model.
      Sir, do you think they DESERVE 5 stars if they stole a model, or are you here to say “Yay plagiarism! Continue stealing models!” ?
      He does not deserve 5 stars, nor should we give him that considering that encourages actually stealing models, so don’t do that. They put a different texture on the dragon too to hide the stealing!

  37. HarukaBR352 says:

    Please make two mermaid and merman 4D skins with animation please!

  38. Anonymous says:

    please make an addon on 4d Skin cats in Minecraft 1.14.0

  39. Brb why u want 2 know says:

    Hey I see a video on this ya where the hydra skin

  40. Heay melon says:

    Guys the texture is not broken yes the skin texture is but pick the skin u want put the addon on ur world but tap on it and press this button that looks like a settings button and change it to the dragon u want

  41. Ur dumb says:

    Dude, you are stealing models from them, not cool.

  42. ¿ says:

    Idc if this is copied but….. IM STILL HAVING PROBLEMS HOW TO EQUIP THIS like in a skin packs :/

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is plagiarism, I am sorry I understand that you tried but this is technically against the law and you if you’re living in the United States you can be arrested for this this is just a warning.

  44. Satan Herself says:

    If you can send the skin file for the blue dragon you can re-texture it and make more colors, and more details. I’m a skin creator and with this mod I would make different kinds of elemental dragons.

  45. Monkee1963 says:

    I am on 1.14 and this is worth crap

  46. Monkee1963 says:

    The skin is messed up and you stole this model from legitdragonb0y

  47. fuddy says:

    Day of dragons is awsome

  48. Dragolosse says:

    *Use elytra*
    Dragon: Do weird stuff
    Me: ……

  49. Anonymous says:

    The textures are messed up :<<

  50. San says:

    Dang git gotta wait for 1.14 then sadly

  51. LegitDragonb0y says:

    You used my model without my permission…
    You didn’t even make any models or animations, you just used someone else’s models like me.

  52. Dwarvencastle says:

    You DO understand what 4D (four dimensional) means, right? 2D for shapes such as squares and circles, 3D for things like cubes and spheres. Those dragons definitely go in the 3D category.

    But it’s a great Addon, I’ll give thee that.

  53. Estefani gamer says:

    Loved this addon very top , I wish I had a centaur skin pack But it was great

  54. Anonymous says:

    the textures dont work!

  55. John says:

    I honestly really like this addon, it takes all very simple too!

  56. NTT Channel™ says:

    why no command was here 😊😅😄

  57. Realms says:

    Many problems
    – elytra
    – jumping?
    -and swim
    Also please add a snake dragon or serpent it’s like all red and spikey, like a giant nether snake. Thank you

  58. Sorry, I misjudged this. The page didn’t load properly, so I couldn’t see the part where you credited Zahf22.
    However, you should probably change it to credit me as well, as I made the textures for Zahf22’s dragon.

    Either way, I can’t wait to try this out!

  59. You need to have permission from both me and Zahf22 to use the dragon model with the white horns. He made the model, and I made the textures.

    Unless you get permission from Zahf22, I will have to report you for theft. If you are reported, you can and will be BANNED from MCPEDL as well as similar Minecraft websites.

  60. Anonymous says:

    is this only for 1.14because one picture has 1.13 and 1.14 names on it.

  61. LegitDragonb0y says:

    You didn’t ask permission to use my model and retexture it.

  62. Léa says:

    Can u even make wolf or fox ears an tails or werewolf /werefox or wings like 3D wings with what we could be able to fly with??? Pllllsss

  63. Hi says:

    I got it and its glitched

  64. Pacboy2013 says:

    Ratfatar32da: What if i was a D R A G O N?

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