Dead By Dawn 1.1

Dead by dawn is a hide and seek style minigame where the hiders have to run away from the seeker, now renamed to the slasher.

As of this version,only one map is available. Sleeping Meadows.

Note: the Slasher’s house,which is the house on top of the mountain is illegal to enter as it is a active crime scene.

Creators: Solo7585,Penguingrim1122,XxSuPXx3239 and NuggetTheOne

That’s it and hopefully enjoy the map! This is our first map so don’t judge it too harshly. If there’s any bugs please let us know with a comment.

Changelog View more

Removed the original link for the first version of dead by dawn.

Fixed bug where players are creative when they join.

Fixed bug where players spawn outside of hub


Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

  1. Guest-6438722038 says:

    Ok. Now this Is Epic

  2. Guest-6361328896 says:

    it dosen’t work!! it says newer version of the game has been saved!!

  3. If this map gets on top of featured Solo7585 will go bald

  4. Guest-4067057523 says:

    I will upload a video on my youtube channel soon with all the secret spots made by me 😀

  5. Guest-7889676478 says:

    Hell i hope you enjoy our map there are bugs but we are fixing them i will keep informing you guys with the updates!

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