Published on November 29, 2023 (Updated on November 29, 2023)

Delish (Compatible with 1.20.42)

Hi! Welcome to Delish. Are you bored of the few Minecraft Vanilla foods? Well, that's what Delish is for! Delish adds delicious and varied foods to Minecraft.Note: You can use this Addon in videos and Addonpacks, as long as you credit us!

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- Blackberry cake added.

                   - Blackberry bush added.

                   - Blueberry cake added.

                   - Blueberry bush added.

                   - Cutting board added.

                   - Glow cake added.

                   - Raspberry bush added.

                   - Sweet cake added.

                   - Raspberry cake added.

                   - Basic burger added.

                   - Ground beef added.

                   - Blackberries added.

                   - Blackberry soup added.

                   - Blueberry soup added.

                   - Blueberries added.

                   - Glazed apple added.

                   - Glazed blueberries added.

                   - Glazed bread added.

                   - Glazed cooked beef added.

                   - Glazed chicken added.

                   - Glazed mutton added.

                   - Glazed sweet berries added.

                   - Glow soup added.

                   - Golden potato added.

                   - Iron knife added.

                   - Burger Meat added.

                   - Pineapple added.

                   - Raspberries added.

                   - Raspberry soup added.

                   - Sweet soup added.

                   - Wooden knife added.

                   - Golden beetroot added.

                   - Raw bacon added.

                   - Cooked bacon added.

                   - Items organized.

                   - Bacon burger added.

                   - Fried egg added.

                   - Mutton skewer added.

                   - Tomato added.

                   - Tomato block added.

                   - Pineapple block added.

                   - Additional growth stage added to plants.

                   - Pineapple block added.

                   - Model added to tomato plant.

                   - 4 models added to pineapple.

                   - Tomato seeds added.

                   - Pineapple crown added.

                   - Blueberry spawn added.

                   - Blackberry spawn added.

                   - Raspberry spawn added.

                   - Tomato spawn added.

                   - Pineapple spawn added.

                   - Now the glow cakes glows.

                   - The correct translations were added.

                   - Apple Slice was added.

                   - All cake textures were changed.

                   - Endless Void compatibility was added.

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I played this mod when I was depressed and I thank you very much for making it. It is very good for my heart.
It won’t let me install. it keeps saying “There are no available installation files”
Very nice mod, two bug reports though:\
1. cooking an egg to make fried egg doesn't seem to work
2. recipe listed as mushroom soup uses beets instead of mushrooms
Maybe some way to program so you can plant berries and if there are bees nearby a bonus to harvest times? Just seems cool and logical to me…
Bug: The Tomato seeds dont plant on Farmland
but i suggest (portal idea) if you need inspiration, to check the portal mod the most
; I would love to play this all day. Very good! And by the way, there is a small bug in the trophies as it is an update to 1.20.42...

Could you add more subtle things that could make survival cool?

— Wooden bucket for collecting water (with low durability)

— Strawberry bushes.
also, if you want some inspiration for block models and textures of portal, I suggest checking the portal 2 decorations addon (bedrock) and the portalmod (java)
here are a few suggestions: 1st. add placable plates of every food. 2nd. your addons looks so detailed you look like you could a make a portal 2 addon, mabye?
The plates are a very good idea 👀, and about Portal, maybe in the future 😁
thanks for putting more cakes in the mod I'm getting tired of keep eating and making the same cake in the game
Can you add some drinks and alcohol? I want some vodka in minecraft