Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on May 31, 2022)

Demonic Creatures

This is an addon focused on increasing the difficulty and generating a better and more entertaining gameplay by adding new entities, items and mechanics. Recommended for experienced players, enjoy it ;) 

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  • Added a new mob, the Demonic Bat.


  • The Gold Knife can now be repaired with another Gold Knife.
  • The Gold Knife now has more durability.
  • Decreased damage and health of all mobs to be more balanced.
  • Fixed mobs spawn bugs.
  • Other minor bugs.

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I love this mod and really wanted to use it in my horror world, but it seems like these mobs replace all the nether mobs (like Piglins) so that’s a little game breaking imo. Would love to see an update that resolves this issue. Great work!
cool for demon slayer map XD
Ola piensas agregar al ahogado demonic y a los mons del nether más adelante o solo serán estos???
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
The place where all devils come to heck
In order for this addon to be compatible with other addons that modify zombies and skeletons, you should make these entities be separate Mobs, that is, they should be new Mobs in the game so that you can still have the normal zombies and skeletons and the addon is compatible with others , it's just a suggestion, I love your plugin,
Sorry if I don't explain myself very well, I'm using Google Translate to be able to communicate and comment
Hablas español?
La razón por la que modifico al zombie y al esqueleto es para que cuando mueran generen las otras entidades como la cabeza o la mitad del zombie pero no les modifico nada más.
El zombie, esqueleto, araña y lobo que añade mi add-on son entidades separadas a las vanilla, por ejemplo el Demonic Zombie y el Zombie normal son dos entidades diferentes.
Este add-on es compatible con otros addons que modifiquen al esqueleto y al zombie pero puede que no funcione lo de que genere entidades al morir.

En resumen todas las entidades que añade mi add-on son nuevas entidades, no son entidades de minecraft modificadas, aunque sí modifico el zombie y el esqueleto para que generen entidades al morir.
Espero haya quedado claro :D