Des Bijoux (WIP)

This texture pack was made by LickePandos and the main idea of this pack is to enjoy your worlds! This texture pack is working in progress, so in future I will add more textures, or fixed ones.

This texture pack will had updates with blocks only, for now. When all block will be done, I’ll start with entities, items, etc. Des Bijoux means jewelries, so your inventory will be golden with gems! Hope you’ll like it!

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New blocks:

• hopper

• observer

• daylight sensor

• conduit

• enchanting table

• end portal frame

• all types of saplings

• string

• dragon egg

• turtle egg

Changed textures:

• stone and all stone related textures are now darker and grayer

• dirt is smoother now

• planks looks more smoother and modern, same textures to tnt block, spruce door and trapdoor. (If you don’t like it, feel free to write it in discord server in suggestions)

New blocks:

• all rails are finished

• cauldron

• stonecutter

• note block

• jukebox

• redstone lamp

• cartography table

• smithing table

• fletching table

• lectern 

• repeater

• comparator

(this update took too long, so I posted what I did finished)

New blocks:

• water lily

• lodestone

• nether wart (that grows on soul sand)

• chorus plant, flower, dead flower

• end rod

• all colors of wool

Changed textures:

• oak, acacia, iron, crimson trapdoors changed (because some transparent parts were on the side of trapdoor)

• sand and sandstone were redrawn (same with red variants)

• color of red sand and sandstone variants were changed

• redrawn stone

(also about the wool, you can write in suggestions in my discord server, if you want to see wool with patterns, to make nice carpets)

New blocks:

• mob spawner

• crops: wheat, beetroots, potatoes, carrots, melon stem, pumpkin stem.


• some particle bugs were fixed

• quartz and nether gold ores retextured

• nether and warped wart blocks retextured

• shroomlight retextured

New Blocks:

• coal block

• netherite block

• All glass blocks is finished!

• tripwire hook

Changed blocks:

• All glass has the identical texture except of its color (to match different glass blocks, as before it was weird that not all glass blocks were nice together)

• dirt block retextured

• grass block, podzol retextured

• mycelium, snowed grass block changed

• farmland block, grass path block retextured

• coarse dirt retextured

New blocks:

• ice

• frosted ice ( the one when you using frost walker enchantment)

• packed ice

• blue ice

• chain block

• lantern

• soul lantern

Changed blocks:

• diorite, andesite, and their polished variants

New Blocks:

• yellow and lime glass

• all nether bricks variants

• clay block

(I know it’s not a lot, but I'll try work hard, so next update will be bigger)

New blocks:

• emerald, lapis and redstone blocks

• composter

• redstone dust

• black and brown glass

• melon

• grindstone

• brown, red, crimson and warped "mushrooms"

• normal, soul and redstone torches

• farmland block

• flower pot

• sea pickle

• sweet berry bush

• sea lantern

New blocks:

• jungle leaves

• bone block

• hay block

• diamond block

• light gray glass

• gray glass

• bookshelf

• loom block

• dropper

• dispenser

• bee nest

• bee hive

• ladder

• iron bars

• scaffolding

New blocks (not a big update):

• glowstone

• target block

• red and orange glass

• brewing stand

• sponges

• all mushroom blocks

Changed textures:

• blackstone now looks a bit better

• cobblestone and mossy variant look a lot better

• emerald ore is lighter

• soul sand and soul soil has no glowing souls

• iron block is lighter (closer to vanilla)

New blocks:

• red, yellow and blue coral fans ( and dead variants)

• all doors and trapdoors are finished!

• normal and mossy cobblestones' textures changed (pls write if it needs to change)

• all furnaces

• soul and normal campfires

New blocks:

• white, green, light blue and normal glass

• oak, birch, crimson and warped doors

• stripped crimson and warped stems

• oak, birch, crimson and warped trapdoors

• honey and honeycomb

• crafting table

• dark oak leaves and acacia leaves

• poppy

• lily of the valley

• all tree types of pumpkins

• sugarcane

New blocks:

• both versions of fern

• soul sand and soil

• magma block

• all types of tulips

• Allium flower

• Oxeye daisy

• Dandelion

• grass path block

• changed oak leaves

• birch leaves

• spruce leaves

• carved stone bricks

• weeping and twisting vines

• all blackstone block variants

• the emote button returned + changed

New blocks:

• changed red sand and other red sandstone variants

• birch and jungle logs

• all stripped variants of logs

• purpur block and column

• crimson and warped roots + sprouts

• tnt block

• dried kelp block

• slime block

• Azure Bluet flower

• cornflower

• crimson and warped logs

• crimson and warped wart blocks

•shroomlight block

• polished basalt

(I don’t know how, but the links showed old version of texture pack)

New blocks:

• bricks

• all type of quartzes

•blue orchid flower

•small grass

•tall grass

•normal rail

•end stone

•end bricks


•crying obsidian

•gold block

•new pack icon

New blocks:

• bricks

• all type of quartzes

•blue orchid flower

•small grass

•tall grass

•normal rail

•end stone

•end bricks


•crying obsidian

•gold block

•new pack icon


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41 Responses

4.62 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Perxeus says:

    Good Job Bro👍

  2. Dragon0087 says:

    Great textures dude, all though i don’t really see myself using them for a few reasons, one I make my own ones so i prefer using that, 2 they are over 16×16, and 3 they are quite far from vanilla, but your textures are super good and I can really respect it.

    • Thank you! I know they are not the normal size like vanilla textures, but that’s the idea. I wanted to give a totally different atmosphere of Minecraft. I totally understand you about using them if you p’re creator of different texture pack, actually I’m a big fan))

  3. When I used it it was weird like the less and the texture it’s weird sorry

  4. DashingIntruder says:

    Epic hope you finish is soon

  5. Hello everyone! I made a page on patreon, so please become my patron!

  6. Avian Crux says:

    This different from the packs I use in my survival world thanks this is a new look!

  7. chiyu says:

    i like the sparkles the ores and other blocks have, it matches the name

  8. Hello! I have an announcement to tell. I’ve made a new discord server for my texture pack! So you can get some news in there! Here is the link:

  9. JustB00red says:

    I really love this texture pack a lot, i hope you can finish it soon, because i want to see how beatiful are mobs going to look (sorry for my bad english)

  10. Al rules says:

    This texture pack is incredible! I’m surprised you didn’t apply to be on the marketplace. This is better than some of those texture packs 🙂

  11. ZIFIX says:

    It provides me a nostalgic feeling, nice work dude

  12. Epicn00b says:

    The textures are great, but that orange text on those images isn’t
    I would change it to a different color

  13. CallMehMiks says:

    Hmm.. its not that bad.

  14. JustB00red says:

    Dude i love this texture pack so much, can you create an official Discord Server about your texture and minecraft related things?

  15. Gaster Dreamy says:

    Heya I’m a big fan of this texture pack i use it all the time when i pvp in cubecraft skywars i really hope you haven’t gave up on this pack i have so many suggestions but i hope you could stay original and do most things yourself I’ve liked all the updates so far and if you wanna talk some more add my discord it’s Casper#0592 Keep it up man.

  16. Hello guys! I have a suggestion for you, you can post in comments any ideas for the textures, so I could understand more what you are expecting for them. You wright from what shulker box could be like (ex: light blue shulker- icy shulker) to how the particles and mobs should look like. I will wait for your ides!

  17. tkgyhujtyuityui says:

    does this work on xbox?

  18. tkgyhujtyuityui says:

    does thnis work on xbox?

  19. eplc says:

    This is so cool! But there may be a bug that the pack blocks the textures behind the pack, such as the swords. but its kinda okay, I’ve been using too much PVP textures lately. :I

  20. YAY! Now the updated link is working! You can download the texture pack with updated blocks!

  21. BigRuPanda says:

    Well done! I will recommend it to my friends. I hope there will be a release!

  22. Ray E. says:

    I will follow your project, this texturepack are gold.
    Good work!!!

  23. I don’t know how, but those links are still from old version of texture pack:/, so I will try to fix that

  24. Rol_ says:

    Great textures!

  25. PresidentGato says:

    has a future! I will wait for more updates

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