DesertPLUS Addon

The Deserts in Minecraft have always needed a major update, the DesertPLUS addon changes all that by adding new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to make the deserts feel more alive.

Desert Landscape

The desert landscape can be a boring place but now has some things to spice it up a bit. Now as you explore you can find rocks and palm trees around the terrain.

Palm Trees

There are two types of palm trees, Tall & Short. These give you a new wood type called “Palm Wood”!


There are several rock sizes that you can now find scattered around, they can be made up of different stone types as well!


Desert Structures

There are several new structures you can now find scattered around the deserts and dungeons underground!


There are 5 NEW desert dungeons to take on as you explore the new desert landscape with treasures to loot!

House Ruins

Houses of past explorers and treasure hunters who couldn’t withstand the deserts grasp, wonder what they left behind?

Spire Ruins

Who built these spires and what could lie under them?


A safe haven for travelers but the bigger ones contain something under it!

Pharaoh’s Tomb

The Pharaoh awaits (found underground)


Desert Mobs

There are several new mobs that you can now find!


  • Evil undead creatures from the ancient days!
  • 20 Health Points
  • 3 Attack Points
  • Drops paper and rotten flesh
  • Gives nausea effect


  • These are neutral insects meaning if attacked, they attack back!
  • 10 Health Points
  • 1 Attack Point
  • Gives nausea effect
  • Drops raw scarab meat & scarab scales!

Golden Scarabs

  • Unlike the normal scarabs, these attack when target is spotted.
  • 10 Health Points
  • 1 Attack Point
  • Gives nausea effect
  • Drops golden scarab scales and raw scarab meat
  • Spawns from Undead Pharaoh


  • Creatures that wander the deserts
  • 10 Health Points
  • 2 Attack Points
  • Gives poison effect


  • This mob will help you traverse the deserts
  • 20 Health Points
  • Tamed like a horse
  • Eats and breeds with same foods as a horse
  • Can put a chest on it for inventory space
  • 2 players can ride together
  • Drops leather and equiped items

Undead Pharaoh

  • The Pharaoh awaits, defeat him for a useful reward!
  • 600 Health Points (3 stages with 200 HP)
  • STAGE 1 = Summons Mummies and Golden Scarabs, gives blindness, has 3 Attack Points
  • STAGE 2 = Can fly, summons Mummies and Golden Scarabs, has 3 Attack Points
  • STAGE 3 = Can fly, summons Mummies and Golden Scarabs, shoots fireballs, has 3 Attack Points
  • Drops rotten flesh, paper, treasures, and the pharaohs heart which is for a special item!



Let’s see the new items!

Golden Scarab Scale

  • Obtained from golden scarabs and used in the desert furrow recipe

Pharaoh’s Heart

  • Dropped by the Undead Pharaoh and used in the crafting of the desert furrow

Scarab Meat (Obtained from scarabs)

  • Raw = Nausea and 0.5 hunger bars back
  • Cooked = 1.5 hunger bars back

Cobra Meat (Obtained from cobras)

  • Raw =0.5 hunger bars back
  • Cooked = 1.5 hunger bars back

Scarab Scales

  • Dropped by Scarabs and be crafted into blocks

Desert Furrow

The Desert Furrow allows you to activate one certain effect at a time by interacting with a select item.

  • Use a nether star to activate and to deactivate just interact with an empty hand. By doing so you will get the nether star back and if you use any select item on it the item used will be givin back.
  • Crafted with 4 gold ingots, 4 golden scarab scales, 1 pharaoh’s heart.

-A Feather gives speed

-A Golden Pickaxe gives Haste

-A Ghast Tear gives §5Regeneration

-Blaze Powder gives Fire Resistance

Palm Sapling

  • Dropped from Palm Leaves and can be grown with bonemeal!



Let’s see the new bocks!

Desert Hieroglyphics

  • What do these strange marking mean & who wrote them?
  • Crafted with smooth sandstone in a stonecutter.

Palm Wood

  • Obtained from palm trees and can be crafted into planks and bark blocks! (Same as normal wood types)

Palm Leaves

  • Drops Palm Saplings

Scarab Scale Blocks

  • Crafted with 4 scarab scales of a specific color


/function scale_blocks (gives all scale blocks)

/function scales (gives all scale items)

/function items (gives all other items)

/function hieroglyphs (gives all hieroglyphic blocks)

/function credits (shows all credits)

/give @p desertplus:palm_ (shows all palm wood blocks)


  • Water is brown
  • Pillager Desert Skins
  • Ravagar Desert Skins
  • Sandstorms


  • Thanks to Sumisu Bushido for helping with some of the structures!
  • Thanks to GuilhermeMC & DakonBlackRose §2for letting me use their addons!

Sandstorm Addon by DakonBlackRose

Hieroglyphs Addon by GuilhermeMC

Watch video below to learn more!

Changelog View more

Added a video to further explain DesertPLUS in better detail!


  • Turn of EXPERIMENTAL for everything to work properly


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Rylan is pro says:

    Can someone pls support from the other that noone downloaded it here’s a name pls support them and share here’s a name search there black skins press the girly one the search there real preston skin then click it and install it also share it because they worked hard for them and noone downloaded pls support god bless you😊😇

  2. MrCube says:

    It doesn’t work on MCPE, could you please fix it?

  3. Johnnym664382 says:

    Does this work on xbox one?

  4. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome Addon ForgeLogical Really Cool!!!. One Thing Is The Desert Furrow Affects All Mobs I Dunno If That Is Intentional But All in all it is awesome. i just did an addon review on it 😀

  5. Metal sulvio says:

    hello good i wanted you to add some things:put a system of thirst and new ores and vultures (when you have little life they attack you) for now it’s just that idea I have but I still liked the addon;)

  6. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice add-on ForgeLogical. i didn’t know that you were on mcpedl

  7. The loop says:

    Amazing just amazing I have always wanted MINECRAFT Mojang to add an oasis and camels and many mobs!

  8. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Make this also for mesa biome

  9. CubeMaster says:

    Good job ForgeLogical :))

  10. ERODExGOW says:

    I would give it a 5 star if it wasn’t for the the bug idk if it’s my phone or game only but whenever I’m playing and using this add-on, even playing with a friend, it out of nowhere makes my whole app crash. Anyways everything else is dope just hope in the next update u can fix the bug in which after playing a few mins in a world using the add-on then it suddenly just crashes the app.

    • Xenophire says:

      Yes I can attest to this. Once I added this mod to my world, I experienced crashing when playing with my friend. Well it would freeze me as well, while my friend could still move. The crashing issue only happened twice(I think, maybe 3) with us in the several hours we played, but yes I noticed it.

  11. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 💎 says:

    This is so awsome Its realy improve the desert biome

  12. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Wow, very cool addon! 😲

  13. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Nice!. Keep it up:)

  14. Vishal Gupta says:

    Please fix the bug in this addon

  15. aardwoof says:

    love this addon!! here’s a thought: what if we could tame non-golden scarabs? they’re super cute!!

  16. joe847802 says:

    looks cool. is it compatible with other addons? Also, will it crash on realms? I know the simple structures addon works on realms, but it crashes when theres more than 1 person on realms. Was told its a bug at the moment, so im wondering, does this structure addon also have that same bug?

  17. Xenophire says:

    Love it! Fun to explore!

    • Xenophire says:

      Noticed a bug, at lest on my iphone SE 2. If I got into the help menu for the mod, I have no ability to go back or to exit. The X that’s supposed to be there is cut off screen, so I was forced to completely close the Minecraft app.

      • Xenophire says:

        ui/how_to_play_screen.json: Child controls must have unique names:


        In the future this will be an error and this file won’t load.

  18. Atlas Boyyo says:

    You should create another mod upgrading oceans! (More sunken structures, sharks, whales, jellyfish, octopus, deep ocean biomes, underwater villagers, more treasure)

  19. rodrigofire14 says:

    you can add meerkats, desert foxes, coconuts and banana

  20. Beam006 says:

    Did you forgot fennec fox

  21. Jhayke Gamer 26 says:

    Whoahh, now i can live in desert without going to any biome to get more resources!

    Best desert addon👌👌👌🏜️

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