Devergs’ 20 Piston Doors (1.14 Support!)

Note: If you’re going to use this map for a YouTube Video and want to put the map download link in the description. Please put the original MCPEDL link (Make sure it’s not or anything like that). I work very hard on this map. I hope you understand. It’s my work, not yours!.

Welcome to Devergs’ 20 Piston Doors. Here, You can find various different Piston Door designs. Such as 2x2s all the way up to 6x6s. Some of them are both designed or Inspired by other YouTubers. But, The rest are made by Me (DevergsMCBE). It took me a while to make all of these. So, I hope you’ll like it!. None of this door are cheap (and compact) because I want to make them as simple as possible!.

Here are the Doors (Watch them in-game):

1. 2×2 Piston Doors

There are a total of 6 2×2 Piston Doors.

– 2×2 Seamless Glass Door (Inspired by The Bow Tie Man. I actually wanted to remake Mumbo Jumbo’s version but it’s too complicated).

– 2×2 Gravity Block Door (You can use any Gravity Block. Sand/Red Sand, Gravel, Concrete Powders, and even an Anvil).

– 2×2 Piston Door (The Piston Door you know and love!. This is the most common Piston Door on YouTube).

– 2×2 Flush/Jeb Door (A lot bigger than the original version on Java)

– 2×2 Flush & Seamless Door (Almost as small as Mumbo Jumbo’s Design.)

– 2×2 Seamless Hidden Staircase Piston Door (WIP name lol. A unique way to hide your basement, I guess…. It’s simple, but really hard to make).

2. 3×3 Piston Doors

There are a total of 5 3×3 Piston Doors.

– 3×3 Cave Door (This is something you would see in a lot of cave dead ends).

– 3×3 Piston Door (Designed by The Bow Tie Man!).

– 3×3 Etho Door (My favorite 3×3 Piston Door to make and the simplest way to make a 3×3 Piston Door!).

– 3×3 Spiral Etho Door (It’s a bit slow but pretty good!).

– 3×3 Vault/Funnel Door (Inspired by The Bow Tie Man).

3. 4×4 Piston Doors

There are a total of 4 4×4 Piston Doors.

– 4×4 Flush & “Seamless” Door (“Seamless” in terms of no redstone components visible (excluding Slime/Honey Blocks. It’s seamless for a Flush Piston Door).

– 4×4 Vault Door (The most common Vault Door on YouTube).

– 4×4 Piston Door (I had a non Slime/Honey Block version but it’s inconsistent).

– 4×4 Cave Door (I love this door more than the Vault Door!. even tho, They’re pretty much the same lol).

4. 5×5 Piston Doors

There are a total of 3 5×5 Piston Doors.

– 5×5 Cave Door (I had 2 different design but I screwed up the first one because I was using Cauldron. You know how it goes…).

– 5×5 Piston Door (I couldn’t make it without Slime/Honey Blocks because it has a triple piston extender in it).

– 5×5 Vault Door (Made this instead of a Flush 5×5 Piston Door because it’s a lot easier to build).

5. 6×6 Piston Doors

There are a total of 2 6×6 Piston Doors

– 6×6 Vault Door (Making 2 triple piston extender on top of each other is annoying. It took me 4 days to make this lol).

– 6×6 Piston Door (This is the easiest way to make it on Bedrock).

I also Included all of the Piston Extenders I used on these Builds!:

Some of them are made by Fed x Gaming

I might add more in the future. Maybe a 7×7 & 8×8, and Trapdoors!. I don’t want to put people’s design unless I really need to. Also, You can use the world if you want to. It’s infinite!. You can also find Infinte Custom Flat World like that on my MCPEDL submission page!.

Oh. And also, You can only open this world on Minecraft BE version Beta (And above). I accidentally opened the world on that version lmao. Maybe you can open it on an older version?. Somehow…?

I know my English isn’t the best but I hope you understand what I’m saying!.

– DevergsMCBE –

– Secret question from DevergsMCBE –

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- Now, You can open it on Version 1.14 and above!

-Updated Download Links

-Updated Name & Description


- For Zip File -

1. Download ZIP File.

2. Extract the File.

3. Put the "Devergs' 20 Piston Doors" Folder to ".../games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/(Here)

4. Launch Minecraft.

5. Done!

- For MCWorld File -

1. Download MCWorld File.

2. Double Click on the File (PC)/View the file with Minecraft (ZArchiver/Android). It should Launch Minecraft Automatically.

3. Wait until it Successfully Import the World.

4. Done!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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