Published on July 01, 2021 (Updated on July 03, 2021)

Teleport Edibles

Hey. Long time no see (If you remember me lol). It's been a long time since I submitted something. So, here I am!. With a new addon that turns every edibles (Except Cake and Suspicious Stew) into Chorus Fruit. Now, you can teleport randomly with any food you like!. This could be a cool little survival challenge or troll your friends with it. This would be annoying to use for regular survival though.I can't do Cake and Suspicious Stew cuz it's out of my limit.

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Added an instruction how to pass the Linkvertise. That's all lol


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can i use this addon in a pack for the public on mcpedl?
Sure. As long as you credit me

If not, at least don't claim it as your
This pack is great tho.. But how can you use that cape?
You can find a tutorial on YouTube. I don't remember which one lol
when I try to add it to a world it says "incompatible"
looks like good mod tho
pls fix
That's strange. I just checked it and it works. Maybe something happened while downloading the file?
Im "berry" sad I can't use the linkvertise link to download, my dad has this annoying internet filter and such, But I wish you the best.