Published on July 11, 2023 (Updated on November 19, 2023)

DiscordBDS - Discord to Bedrock!

A (experimental) addon that connects Discord and BDS (Bedrock Dedicated Server) and viceversa! You can talk with your friends? ✔, Only using Bedrock Dedicated Server? ✔, also want to manage your server from discord? ✔ (Available but limited), well you can! But why a self-hosted bot instead of inviting another? Simply for security (your discord not getting nuked), and for adding your own customization!

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  • Added the translations for entities (More or so like a fix)
  • Updated to last version 1.20.40 (-beta, tried going to 1.6.0 stable but sad :( )
  • Some changes in the code to support custom xuid-grabber servers (still not ended)

#1 <=== Road!




Supported Minecraft versions

Idk if you will see this, but im using shockbyte servers, is there any way you can add me on discord and talk me through it, especially as the code in the tutorial is different to the actual file, so i dont know what to put, my dc is TLmao#0140
Just too late and im now returning to this project, you can dm me without any problem (i accept anyone's dm), also yeah any server can be supported as long as your hosting has open ports (recommend using external discord bot hostings)

edit: im dumbass yeah the wiki is updated
I'm having trouble with step 9, if anyone can help dm lavyt on discord
Hello, is there a way to put music in discord while im playing just using the chat, if not, is that possible to make in future updates?
Sadly, this is not intended for the bot (this is a minecraft-discord connection not a multi-use bot), you'll need to use another bot like Green-bot!
How do I run the bot with deno? I have no experience with that, please help me.
Follow the instructions from the wiki, install deno (sorry can't pass the link), then go to your terminal to the folder "denobot/bot" and run with "deno run main.ts --allow-net --allow-read"
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Where is the download file?
Sorry for being too late, you can download via Github releases or directly via mcpedl, which for some reason is not displaying, i'll fix it but for now, download via the wiki link (the instalation instructions)
hello friend, is there a way to capture the player's skin and put it on discord in jpg or png?
or is there a way to not disable the achievements?
About the skin, yea, the method for getting the skinhead (if you have the geyser embed enabled) is the same used for the skin (although is disabled bcuz for updating you need to join a geyser server), for now sadly there is no way to not disable achievements, unless websocket is available (and i think will not for a long time), but i will be working in it in the future.