Published on January 22, 2024 (Updated on February 16, 2024)

DLCraft AddonPack | v1.1.1 | Crash Fix Update

Does vanilla Minecraft feel easy? If so, this RPG Addon Pack is for you. This Addon Pack will make your survival experience very hard with many bosses and a leveling system!

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Added Creations:

◆ Item Physics  (Add-on)



◆ Added Guides on page,

◆ Decreased the minimum and maximum room count for Creeping Crypt Dungeon to minimum:8 and maximum:128 (Previously minimum:16 and maximum:256),

◆ Increased delay for generating Mineshaft from Nico's More Mineshaft,

◆ Nerfed Gold Armor Bonus (Previously Regeneration 4 on full armor, Nerfed to Regeneration 1 on full armor),

◆ Decreased XP Dropped by Mobs and Bosses from The Forgotten Legends,

◆ Custom enchantments can be found in Spider Moranch structure

◆ Improved Haunted Armor AI (It was easier to dodge Jump Attack, But now it won't be i guess),

◆ Haunted Armor now drops Xp,

◆ Changed recipe for Drake Bone Greatsword to 2 Drake Bones and 1 Wither Bone (Previously 2 Drake Bones and 1 Iron Nugget)


Bug Fixes:-

◆ Fixed Crashes on world joing,

◆ Fixed a bug where players walks on planks makes sounds of netherwart,

◆ Fixed a bug where Creeping Crypt dungeon generates half cutted,

◆ Fixed a bug where Wrought Sentry gets damage even he was in inactive state


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New Update Is Released On Vatonage Website
Hay un problema que hace que el portal al nether no funcione
I try this in some 1.20 version it work well but I didn't try this I 1.21 Imma try
Ura izotov from Ukraine July 18, 2024 at 4:57 pm
Plase update mod version 1.21.2
in version 1.21, there is no copping block item :(
You could add Hearty Diets for aroudus to make it more realistic but also Harder
for playing this addon their is no Chopping Block of the update one for 1.21 sooo yea .-.
i've played in 1.21.1 and after few minutes it's crash and crash, although 80fps but still crash
works great for a few hours the my game crashes and my world never works again any advice
buen modpack, le puede quitar los efectos que da cuando uno utiliza alguna herramienta o armadura, a mi parecer le quita la jugabilidad, o si me podría decir como le puedo quitar eso
Hey I have a question how did you combine all the add-ons into one?
I'm trying to make a addon pack for my survival world
Will there be an update on this app soon?
the worm farm is broken in the new update and won’t accept rotten flesh make my it almost impossible to fish. pls fix
how to get flint shard?
Vai atualizar para 1.21?
Please make the mod stop putting me in hard mode. I'm a peaceful player but I love mods. I want to play in survival but not hard mode