DomesticPets is an add-on for your minecraft that adds new pets, from fish, to various breeds of dogs.

The add-on still has work features, so use experimental gameplay to have a better experience!

You can also find new items to tame animals!

Creator Channel (Brazilian): yBrothers

Creator Twitter: Gabriel Castro

THIS ADD-ON CANNOT BE PUBLISHED IN APPLICATIONS LIKE (PLEASE RESPECT, so that the addon keeps updating, do not use it on another site.):  

Mcpe master

Add-ons for minecraft

And in NO other add-ons app! It is unique to MCPEDl, disregarding this requirement can cause various problems.

It can NOT be published on other sites or create applications!

Always leave credits !!



About DomesticPets

The add-on adds several new animals to your minecraft worlds, such as goldfish, aquarium turtles, parakeets, rodents and new dog breeds, to further diversify your game!

The add-on works correctly in version 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16 , but you must activate experimental gameplay

About animals:


– Goldfish:

Goldfish! These are fish that you can keep in your aquarium and care for!

Use an empty aquarium to collect the fish and keep it in your decorating aquarium!

It may not seem like it, but he will have a lot of fun, jump, swim, and spin, to play with you!

– Parakeets:

Parakeets! They are cute creatures, and small, while wild they will look for perches or trees to land! Use sunflower seeds to domesticate them, you can put them in cages or perches, so they stop following you!

– Aquarium Turtles:

They are sweet and small, you will always find them in groups of 2 to 4 on the edges of lakes of forests and taigas.

Sometimes they feel fast approaching and are frightened, going towards the nearest water.

You can tame them using fish lure (included in the add-on).

They will not follow you, but they are a great option for aquariums, but remember, they need water and land!

– Ferrets:

Ferrets are smart and playful will always be active out there.

To tame them use bread!

And for a relaxed meal, use bread! They will breed puppies!

You can currently find them in four texture variants, being:





They will follow the player, unless you offer them a comfortable and warm bed, so they can rest instead of accompanying you on adventures! But there is a detail, they only accept to lie down during the day, they are nocturnal mobs and do not like bed at night!

-Hamsters and Hedgehog: 

Hamsters and Hedgehogs are smart creatures.

You can find them in any biome, in groups of 2 to 5!

To tame them use rodent food!

You can currently find them in five texture variants, being:




Grayish white


They will follow the player, unless you offer them a comfortable burrow, so they can rest instead of accompanying you on adventures!

– Belier Rabbits:

Belier rabbits are really cute animals, I can be domesticated to play with you.

To tame them use carrots!

You can currently find them in six texture variants, being:






Black stain

They will follow the player, unless you offer them a comfortable and warm bed, so they can rest instead of accompanying you on adventures!

– Pet Shop Merchant:

The creator of the add-on is wandering around your world! Across the plains, walking with your watchdog! Exchange petshop items with him, offering yCoins!

He will be able to offer you items that you cannot craft, such as animal beds, dog houses, cagiolas, perches, collars, and much more!

Dog Breeds:

In order for your dog to stop following you, offer him a dog house! Use pork, raw meats and steak to heal your pet’s life!

There are currently +25 breeds of dogs for you to have fun taming them! Check out some photos below, and then a list of all the dogs!

Dogs! This is very exciting, now you can enjoy your world with dogs of different breeds, such as:





German Shephred




American Akita



Siberian Husky

Cane corso


Bull terrier

Golden Retriever




Fox Terrier


St Bernard




They can be tamed using the dog biscuit, which can be used to increase the lost life of dogs.

Your dog will protect you, follow you and obey your orders, but he can also be irritated with you if he is attacked!

Take care of your dog with affection.

Soon new breeds will be avaliable!

Use beef to breed dogs!


– Bird cages

– Birdhouse

– Rodent bed

– Dog house

– Rodent burrow

– Aquarium for goldfish

The items mentioned and shown there, are for you to offer a home to your animals, preventing them from following you! If you kill the item it will be eliminated and you will have to buy another one, if you want to remove some of these from the floor, you must collect with the button that will appear on the screen when approaching!

To purchase these items for your pets, you must exchange them with the Pet Shop Merchant, for yCoins!


This tombstone will be dropped from a dead domesticated dog, so you can have your friend dog preserved in your yard, and if you don’t want the headstone, kill it and take a dog collar as a trophy!


Give items using /give @p domestic:  or use recipes:

DOG BISCUITS, use them to tameable any breed of dog.

FISH LURE, use to tame aquarium billets!

SUNFLOWER SEEDS, use to tame parakeets!

YCOINS, new currency that you can use to exchange with Pet Shop Merchants!

AQUARIUM, use it to collect Goldfish!

Dead fish will drop FISH SKELETON, use 9 to get a common bone! (detail of additional function)

RODENT RATION! use to tame hamsters and hedgehogs!

Complete programming of the addon by the original creator, Gabriel Castro!

Models worked by: @vitor32695769

That is all!

Changelog View more

Changes and additions in v1.0.1:

- Added 25 new dog breeds!

- The old dog models have been remodel!

- Added animal beds, dog houses, burrows,bird cages, aquariums and perches!

-  Added new items for creating pets!

- Added the Pet Shop Merchant!

- Added the animal tombstone!

- Added the Hedgehog!

Technical changes!

- Add-on items can now be stored up to 64, with the exception of aquariums!

- All item creation recipes now work correctly!

- Animals will now only remain seated if given the command while they are completely stopped!

-  Added sounds for all animals!

- All animals can now stop following if a shelter is offered, such as those that have been added!

-  Ferrets can now lie down only during the day, and are faster!

-  Larger dogs are now slower than small dogs!

- Increased the life and attack of tamed dogs!

-  Only dogs will attack now, the other animals are decorative pets!

- Fixed a bug that caused fish to die randomly after being tamed!

- Fixed an issue that caused add-on animals to drown!

- Fixed an issue that caused some baby dogs to grow up instead of being domesticated!

- Ferrets no longer eat fruit and apples, use bread!

- Scales of all animals now appear more correct size!

- Item names have been corrected to work properly for Spanish players!

- The download link now works correctly, it has been tested by several devices and people, and you will be able to get the download right.

- New recipe added for fish bait, dog biscuit and sunflower seeds.

- Recipes now work correctly.


In case of difficulty in installation use:

- Learn to install by the link



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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164 Responses

3.91 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. tuyongisda says:

    hi man! I was wondering if I could use the doberman model to replace the existing dog model in a local server that my GF and I play. She does stream though, so it might show up on a stream of hers.
    This would just be for local use and I won’t distribute it. If you allow it, I’ll also provide a link to your pack on MCPEDL whenever she streams 🙂

  2. oofygoober22 says:

    Animals in the future:
    Pygmy goat
    Pot bellied pig
    Ball python
    Guinea pigs
    Items in the future:
    pet carrier
    Feeding bowls
    Wee-wee pads
    Litter boxes
    Hamster cage

  3. Justdrew87 says:

    Hey can you add dogs that can breed together like a lab and a chow breed together?

  4. Dark Angel says:

    I was wondering if you would add more behavior to the animals. Like you could use a stick and make them roam around without following you or use specific items to make them do different tricks. AsianRoofsTeam made an aquatic mod like that and I thought it was cool. Keeping the same models and everything just more animations/ behavior.

  5. Hxney.Bee says:

    Hello! I bring some ideas for the next update <3

    – Samoyed dog
    – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog
    – Chinchillas
    – Otters

    they are few but it is what I came up with xD

  6. Could you add dyeable collars that actually show up on the dogs in the nest update? Could you also consider adding the following breeds:

    -Afghan Hound
    -Different Labrador variants (add chocolate and black lab)
    -Irish Settler
    -King Charles Spaniel
    -Shar Pei

    Also consider adding more coat variants for existing dogs!

    I love your addon and I use it for my modded let’s play, it’s super fun having all the dogs in your world. I hope to see you completing further work on this addon soon, as it’s one of my favorites you’ve made! Thank you for all of your hard work and the fun addons that you create! 🙂

    • Oisin behan says:

      YES I agree please get this mod updated.
      More dog breeds u could add maybe:
      -Great Dane
      -Jack Russell
      -Australian Sheperds
      -Staffordshire Terrier

      Also could u consider mixed breeds that would awesome and a great addition to the game.
      Thank you so much if u take this message into consideration, I love this add-on so much. Good luck with it!

  7. Loopielooloo20 says:

    Hey can I use this addon for a pack called better vanilla

  8. Metalpaddyb1844 says:

    It isn’t letting me craft or get the animal treats!!! i REALLY want them 🙁 PLEASEEEE fix this…

    • RobeeSeth says:

      You can craft the animal treats, it won’t show the recipe
      You can see the Recipe on this website
      you can get them with commands like /give @s ITEMNAME
      If that doesn’t work, it needs to be updated

  9. Qaanie says:

    Hey, so I was playing minecraft to day with this amazing addon and I found what seemed to be a chameleon or lizard. I don’t know whether or not I’m seeing things or are these actually a part of the addon?

  10. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    Can you ad Corgi please

  11. Guest-4519344595 says:

    Hey, it could be really cool if you could add pitbull and Twister rats
    These are just suggestions, also, your mods are awesome!

  12. Guest-3042443755 says:

    I really wish this was on the app and not the website…
    It’s so much easier to download it off of there.

  13. Guest-3333869432 says:

    Please add so they can wander

  14. Guest-9149253214 says:

    Add more variations of the pets

  15. Guest-4402204816 says:

    Please add more birds and fishes

  16. Guest-5571611552 says:

    Hello your add on and amazing you can add the German spitz with all colors please

  17. Guest-5916066533 says:

    Why would I want adware for a minecraft addon

  18. Pilo the gamer says:

    Hey can you please fix this addon because i can’t tame the dogs and the dog biscuit doesn’t show please fix this this is one of my favourite. THX

  19. Guest-2604815111 says:

    download an app 🙁

  20. Guest-7430812630 says:

    I really loved this, but a suggestion is maybe be able to play with the dogs or other animals, like make a wheel for hamsters and a ball for dogs

  21. WKGamer2004 says:

    Ei, olá. Obrigado pelo AddOn maravilhoso. Você poderia adicionar espécies de gatos na próxima atualização também????
    Seu trabalho é incrível e realmente funciona. 100% aprovado!

  22. Guest-7610833438 says:

    the mod looks so cool but maybe my brother and are are just dumb but we cant seem to understand the website that the link to download the mod takes us to.”link verse” is so confusing could you please fix that because i have been wanting this mod for so long now but i cant figure out link verse.

  23. Guest-4846683277 says:

    Please make an add-on for just aquatic life and fish ?, and deep sea creatures. Please I begn you. Please make it have the amount of creatures as yDino. I bet you plz!

  24. Guest-7886767262 says:

    Hi, I have tried downloading this add-on and when I get to the main page, it says TURN off add block, so I did and I came back and it said it again. There was a switch that doesn’t even work to turn ad blockers off. I RLLY WANT this mod it’s amazing but it won’t let me!!!

  25. Guest-1092947666 says:

    Just a reminder guys, his channel yBrothers on YouTube has a tutorial on how to use linvertise to download his add on, so stop making excuses saying you “can’t download it” because that is bull- I use this add on all the time and I literally LOVE it

    • Guest-1681041878 says:

      Same!!! I have this mod and another one with like 10 more dogs also. Its called doggos galore and its good too but you cant dye their collars. I like this one better but doggos galore is still good. I wish this mod would add dog bowls, dog BEDS not houses because they are too big, and also dog collars and leashes and make it more like the coupius dogs mod. I know you can get collars when your dog dies, but you cant put it on any dog. Still good tho

    • Guest-2521167367 says:

      Yeah I can’t download it, it says right in my face “GET RID OF ADD BLOCKER” AND I DID but there’s a switch saying to turn it off WITCH DOESN’T EVEN WORK so I turned the add bl9ckerd off and guess what. It won’t flipping download. HALP ME

  26. 6Argonaut9 says:

    Dude you need to add cats

    • Guest-1536013152 says:

      hey I have a suggestion for the dogs:more color variants,please

      • Guest-1554339814 says:

        Also could you add rats and make the ferrets a bit smaller,please

      • Guest-1312722579 says:

        Yes but I feel like it should only be for cockers since most other dogs are almost always that color. I have a cocker spaniel in real life and shes black. I wish they would change that. I dont understand why people are saying add cats because there is already cats in Minecraft. But this is an amazing addon. I love this so much. If people need help because they cant craft the things, turn on experimental gameplay! Anyway awesome mod! The only bad thing on this website (mcpedl) is that there is a ton of momo adds… Kids can get scared and not want to come onto this site. Please fix this. Even though the statue is destroyed its still scary for some of the 6-7 year olds who love minecraft and go on this website. And i know this has nothing to do with Gabriel but whatever lol

    • Guest-2445465299 says:

      Ya add cats ?

    • Guest-9127321302 says:

      Minecraft has cats!!! I’m so sick of people saying add cats! MC has cats alreadyyyyy

  27. Guest-1027151595 says:

    The download link works perfectly and the add-on is amazing it is better than I think

  28. Guest-4873498155 says:

    Link works>>> NO repair it or put an alternative. When I click i had the logo of linkvertise that turns and nothing else

  29. Guest-2378986057 says:

    You have made the best dog addon in history my friend. Love it! I’d love to see a Belgian Malinois, is like to see that Superman jump. Those dogs are heroic!

  30. Guest-3954084292 says:

    Your add-ons always look good but there is no way to get them on pc

  31. Guest-6279932972 says:

    Can you add in your next update different types of tarantulas different types of scorpions and different types of snakes.

  32. Guest-7238697896 says:

    pls remodel ydino

  33. Guest-8750491233 says:

    Why you need to download castle clash, it’s to large to download and use it only 30 seconds!,that can only waste mbps of wifi

  34. Guest-9978520618 says:

    guys i found a website that lets you download it without using linkvertise. its called just search domesticpets there and at the bottom it lets you download it 🙂

    • Guest-7967206614 says:

      That is a really jerk move this is the way he gets paid for all his work, r/choosingbeggars

      • Guest-3558034970 says:

        linkvertise is cancer

      • Guest-3373507427 says:

        He needs to find a better site. Im not downloading a random game and reading random articles just for a single Minecraft Addon. He should use Adfly or something, literally anything but Linkvertise. People are in the comments saying it’s not working and that it’s annoying. Also r/choosingbeggars is for people begging for things. This person wasn’t begging.

    • Guest-2254626103 says:

      Bruh I understand linkvertise is annoying, but this is how he makes his money. Its not that bad you dont actually have to read the articles or download anything. Just tap an article and sit there and wait for like 30 sec.

  35. Guest-9609739598 says:

    Linkvertise makes it harder to download. Already did the requirements and still not redirecting me to the link

  36. Guest-1955055178 says:

    cannot download because of linkversite

  37. Guest-2385741389 says:

    Very good
    Kishugamer12 free fire

  38. Guest-7507279257 says:

    Animal Abuse why you putting turtles freezing in Cold Forest and taigas they should spawn in swamps, Jungles, And rivers in warm biomes

  39. Guest-7489914158 says:

    There’s A Problem The Link When I Download The The Clash Of Clans Game So I Can Go To Your Link But Still It Won’t Opened And It Will Just Restart, What Do I Need To Do?

  40. Guest-8650676579 says:

    Pls does anybody know how to download this? Or does anybody have a mediafire link?

  41. Guest-3824526484 says:

    so much potential, can you add the mod to the link please? i would really like to get this! I am not downloading that extention! 🙂

  42. Beam006 says:

    Add koi plz

  43. Beam006 says:

    Improve vanilla pet behavior plz

  44. KevinPlayZ287 says:

    You Forgot The Shiba

  45. Beam006 says:

    Add pitbull and wolfdog plz

  46. Guest-5316553193 says:

    cara serio vc e incrivel,vc e um dos br q chegou + longe na questao de addons.

  47. Guest-2204401026 says:

    Can you add some cats please

  48. Guest-8069764241 says:

    I love this addon but I cant find any biscuits anywhere! Or any food that you added! I wanna tame a dog sooooo bad because I have a fan made world of stacyplays dogcraft and I want them so bad. Please fix! Otherwise adorable mod!

  49. Guest-4032220338 says:

    I looooove the dogs but the crafting recipe doesnt work!! I want to tame the dogs but I can’t even make the sunflower seeds. I cant make anything! I really want to have dogs so pleeeeeease fix this! Otherwise super cute!

  50. Guest-4579418776 says:

    Is there a mediafire link? just mediafire not the redirect from linkverse

  51. Guest-3765667570 says:


  52. Guest-4713060507 says:

    For some reason it doesn’t work and I don’t get the video but Amazing Addon!

  53. Guest-7866176270 says:

    Can you please add these Mobs?:
    Fennec Foxes-tamed with Sweet Berries and will hold anything you drop in front of them. They attack baby Sea Turtles, Aquarium Turtles, Chickens, Fish and Rabbits and Dogs attack them.
    Hedgehogs-tamed with Seeds/Wheat Seeds and will spike anything that walks on them. Dogs and Cats attack them, but they may get spiked!
    Chinchillas-tamed with Seeds and act like hedgehogs. Dogs and Cats attack them.
    Rats-act like chinchillas but they have a small chance of giving you the plague.
    Sugar gliders-found in eucalypt trees (Latin: eucalyptus lingo), tamed with gumnuts and will eat bugs
    I may ask for more but can you plz add these just for now? Also it is OliverDeBriz, I just have no account yet :(.

  54. Guest-3101241871 says:

    Can you tame hamsters? If so, how?

  55. Guest-6955639098 says:

    This addon is my favorite Because it works perfectly and so does the link you just have to know how to use it the only sad downside is I love ferrets I actually two but the stuff to tame them I don’t know how to obtain or it’s not in the game-plz read

  56. Guest-3689991272 says:

    This addon is my favorite Because it works perfectly and so does the link you just have to know how to use it the only sad downside is I love ferrets I actually two but the stuff to tame them I don’t know how to obtain or it’s not in the game-plz read

  57. Guest-6671495556 says:

    absolute trash!

  58. Guest-1490005640 says:

    The link takes me to a website that does not work. Can you please make a mediafire link?

  59. Guest-7674642273 says:

    The mod is 5/5 but I’m giving it a bad rating because Linkvertise is the scummiest website ever. Just listen to the comments and use something better.

  60. Guest-9946980242 says:


  61. Guest-3590589172 says:

    How do u get the dog Biscuit? I’ve tried crafting and spawning and creative but it don’t work.

  62. themastercrafter14 says:

    am i the only one having this problem or is anyone else having it where when you leave your world and then you cant unsit or sit your animals >_< so anoying 🙁

  63. Guest-3579936531 says:

    link does NOT work properly.

  64. Guest-6584701003 says:

    hi, when I download the file and bring it to Minecraft, it won’t download because it says it has a not valid zip archive, what do I do to fix this

  65. Guest-2843640749 says:

    Ok I can’t use the recipes it would be nice if you could just search for what you need if your in creative and pls add more pets and maybe aquariums for the fish and cages for the birds

    • Guest-5165397283 says:

      I also can’t find mace

      • Guest-3932327385 says:

        The link does not work! It takes me into Minecraft and I couldn’t wait to surprise my sister with this, but then it said “this is not a valid zip archive.” Although while it doesn’t work the pictures I’ve seen made me put a 3 star rating. I would give 5 stars or more if I could if the link worked! Please make a new link!

      • Guest-6733451534 says:

        Same. Just use Apple, that works to tame and then Bread to breed them.

  66. Guest-4262079461 says:

    My crafting recepie is not working

  67. Guest-6295820949 says:

    podrías hacer una versión para realms quitando los items que agregaste para que sea compatible por favor

  68. Guest-1115785644 says:

    Add MediaFire Link So More People Will Download!

  69. Guest-4637855192 says:

    where can i find mace?

  70. Guest-2032777787 says:

    could you add betta fish

  71. Guest-4042183274 says:

    Download is a sketchy EXE file.

  72. Guest-5585041955 says:

    Love to see some more dog breeds like a Doberman or a bull terrier, but good work!

  73. Guest-8342278894 says:

    There is not a chance I will be touching this, it uses that sketchy ad site. This site really has gone downhill.

  74. Guest-3837447691 says:

    Can you add hedgehogs ???

  75. Spyderrock says:

    The download link downloaded a virus the second i clicked it (Trojan). This is a scam do not download.

  76. Guest-2718723854 says:

    Is the link to trust? I don’t know if what I’m downloading is a virus or not, I’d just like to be sure

  77. Guest-2270414796 says:

    Essential pieces of the mod are missing, such as: Sunflower seeds, fish bait, and dog biscuits. This makes some of the animals untamable, including the dogs which many people seemed excited about before downloading the mod. I do however find the models of the animals to be visually pleasing.

  78. Guest-4676225814 says:

    What is mace? I can’t tame the ferret.

  79. Guest-2149881935 says:

    The dog biscuits won’t show up when I put the crafting ingredients in.

  80. Guest-9050023081 says:

    What is mace?

  81. Guest-5781676186 says:

    Please help. Whenever I import an addon on this site, it says “invalid zip archive” and fails to import. Any ideas?

  82. Guest-2848581939 says:

    If you can please could you add bull terriers. They are my fav dog.

  83. Guest-4337121999 says:

    I don’t know how to download it

  84. Guest-9491657068 says:

    I don’t trust links like that, can you please add it on MediaFire for us people who have trust-issues.

  85. Guest-9346359970 says:

    I LOVE this I just found one little problem I can’t find the dog biscuts… I really want to tame a pug and I can’t find the dog biscuts… so if u could pls fix this would be PERFECT

  86. Guest-7981657078 says:

    Could you add more variants of cats the ones we have aren’t that good, also add huskies to the dogs

  87. Guest-7936983915 says:

    Give us a realms version where we can use pumpkin seeds and bones and stuff etc

  88. Guest-9969141554 says:

    Please give the Mobs a Voice and

  89. Guest-3715334941 says:

    Can you make a version that works on realms, like being able to tame them with bones etc.

  90. Guest-3836735728 says:

    Amazing that you do this in such a short amount of time, you really need to go on the marketplace apply to be a partner

  91. Guest-6159423152 says:


    my browser does not support the linkvertise coupon video. If you could please get back to me with a way to resolve this issue.

  92. Lili5510 says:

    Amazing addon! You really thought this out and it shows! I really love your models and can’t wait for an update!

  93. limao1403 says:

    Para de usa o Linkverse por favor! É muito ruim, tenho que ver video toda vez.

  94. Guest-8950555585 says:

    Yeah, no. Linkdirect isn’t the way to go. After doing the little steps or whatever it still doesn’t give me the direct download link and whatever it gives me in its place, I don’t trust it.

  95. Guest-9204570770 says:


  96. Guest-1356063297 says:

    1. Add pit bulls please! My pit bull died not too long ago and I want to make her in Minecraft ??
    2. I can’t find the biscuit to train Ma dog! I’ve tried crafting it, searching it, nothing.
    3. Add hedgehogs? ?
    4 I love this!
    5 if you do add a pit bull PLEASE don’t make them rough and mean. Pibulls are so much more than that!
    Thank you!

  97. Guest-2573872426 says:

    Could you please add hedgehogs

  98. Guest-8688008511 says:

    o link não pega.. tem como consertar por favor?
    eu realmente quero joga-lo!!!

  99. Guest-3038696818 says:


  100. Guest-7395963396 says:

    i love it! i can have a little fish tank

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