Dream Manhunt

In this addon/functionpack you can /summon dream or /function Starthunt then dream will attack you wherever you go!!! This is almost similar to “the terminator” that dream used in a video. And the goal of the game is to beat the dragon, or if you want… Just survive?

First to make this pack work you’re going to create a world and toggle it in the addons!

After you have loaded into your minecraft world you can either type /function Starthunt or /summon pa:dream… However if you are doing a hunt its better to use the /function because it gives you a second to get out of the way!

Noe its time to run, dont die!!!

Also, just like a normal player he takes knockback!!! You can use this to your advantage!!!

And please!!! Dont let this appear on your screen!!! 🤣

Changelog View more

Added a new .mcaddon file, to make sure you can open the addon!

I added a direct .mcpack file for convenience on certain devices to help make sure it works the way it should!


If you use this do NOT claim this as your own!!!

If in a video, please credit me in the description!

This map also works with friends!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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36 Responses

3.92 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. mgonz49 says:

    This doesn’t work. Dream is invisible and i can never see him even if I put the necessary settings.

  2. MathiasWallin says:

    this dont work

  3. PARV66_YT says:



  4. Kolmx says:

    Hey dude, this is awesome, but the thing is that sometimes the world lags, like I can’t open inventory and mobs just freeze. Dream is freezes, but overall a great function pack! It didn’t work for the first time but when I made another world and turned on experimental gameplay it finally worked! Thank you so much! I was also hoping you could make an add-on which makes a PvP bot like dream! But make the range only 96 blocks, like 5 render distance, so it won’t lag. Make it have fully enchanted protector 4 diamond armor with sharp 3 diamond sword, and if you can, could you add like if you attack him, it attacks you at the same time? And also the attack animation like Java? Make it combo you? Thanks. In advance!!

  5. RobeeSeth says:

    Downloaded but didn’t work..
    I added the texture pack, and did the function start command, didn’t work.. sorry!

  6. DemonSlayer says:

    dude i have to download zip to? cuz it doesen’t work

  7. DirpBoi says:

    i give you 3 star because of this: can outrun dream 2.dream cant build so i can just build up to get away

  8. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

    you know this is just dream as npc

  9. RaYiuX says:

    Only works if you download .zip file, and when i go so far dreams dont follow me

  10. muzz_dog2403 says:

    Hello, I downloaded the add on, but whenever I start either one of the commands, it says that 2 functions have been completed, but I can’t see him anywhere. Plz help

  11. This Won’t Work For Me. I did /summon pa:dream /function Starthunt And It Said What It Supposed To Say Executed 2 function entries but it didn’t work I have the pack on So What is the problem?

  12. Superbashington says:

    How much range does dream have

  13. this_isareal_deal says:

    The downlaod does not work on xbox please fix

  14. Shirocraft says:

    well looks like you still use addons makers stock id or pa:yourid

  15. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    And also make him follow you in every dimension (when you will enter the nether/end portal, Dream will be ther trying to kill you)

  16. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    I have some suggestions (I don’t know if all of these are possible, you can do just the ones that are possible)
    -Make him follow you in a range of 750-1000 blocks
    -Make him jump from every height
    -Make him place blocks on top of water and under him when you are in a high place
    -Make him able to open doors
    -Make him have a name on the top of his head like a player

  17. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:


  18. Perxeus says:

    I will Make You Popular bro!

  19. qscgyjmkol says:

    can you make dream mob tameable plz

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