Published on March 26, 2021 (Updated on March 31, 2021)

Easter Egg | Classic Skywars

This skywars is an Easter Themed map where up to 8 players can verse each other across a series of different coloured eggs, a set of carrots and some bunnies.



- Book to help people spectate and gamerule set ups.

- Colourful islands with teleoprters for easy way of players getting to their start.

- Compatable for 8 Players.



- Map created by Towninator24 | Twitter - @Towninator24

- Thanks to MysteryNationMC for test playing it.

- If you play for Youtube or Livestreams please tag me on socials as I would love to see it :)

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- No changes on the map just can't upload without filling this in


Download and install Mcworld

Click on the file and it will be exported automatically in your minecraft.

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how to play with friends in this world
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Like any other MC world, just invite them to an online game. Once in select an island each and play.
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Oh Damn Nice Map Man Love It :)
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Im gonna use this for an easter 2021 video I will link this page and shout u out in the description and the video awesome work
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Awesome, Looking forward to seeing it
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