EBS’ Feature Rules [MCBE]

    EB Shader’s Feature Rules was inspired by old minecraft PE version, where there are more tall grasses, flowers and other vegetations. This add-on brings back the old grassy minecraft worlds and adds even more features.

    It increased the generation rate of tall grass, trees, flowers, cactus, dead bush, kelp and sea grass in each specific biomes. Game display is much better with this add-on and a resource pack, the choice is yours. This add-on is tested working on Minecraft Bedrock 1.14, 1.15 [beta], and 1.16+ versions (Mobile and Windows 10 edition).









Taiga [SEED= 598080973 / COORDINATES= -357, 99, 45]:

  • more tall grass
  • more trees

River [SEED= 837628466 / COORDINATES= 1203, 59, -71]:

  • more sea grass

Plains [SEED= 1388582293 / COORDINATES= 179, 73, -282]:

  • more tall grass
  • more flowers

Forest [SEED= 245630300 / COORDINATES= 7, 97, 47]:

  • more tall grass
  • more trees

Ocean [SEED= -1826815470 / COORDINATES= 3254, 56, -145]:

  • more kelp
  • more sea grass

Desert [SEED= 650653196 / COORDINATES= 489, 65, 75]:

  • more cactus
  • more dead bush

Mega Taiga [SEED= 787203790 / COORDINATES= 258, 72, -81]:

  • more tall grass
  • more trees

Birch Forest [SEED= 1307339395 / COORDINATES= 1268, 72, 10]:

  • more tall grass
  • more trees

Swamp [SEED= -334399639 / COORDINATES= 721, 64, -935]:

  • more tall grass

Savannah [SEED= 33480944 / COORDINATES= 526, 87, 94]:

  • more tall grass
  • more trees

Jungle Forest [SEED= 9144 / COORDINATES= 52, 67, 347]:

  • more tall grass


  • Pixel Reality by Wedhro
  • EB Shader

  “Just the Add-on itself”

With “Pixel Reality” and “EB Shader”


1. only at and on my site my creations will be available.

2. you have no authorization to post/repost my creations on another website/application, neither make your own download link nor post the media fire link as it is indeed not your creation.

3. for sites:
and apps:

MODS GOLEM – Enhanced Models for MCPE
addons for minecraft
stop owning and reposting other’s creation even though there’s credit because first of all i’m not allowing any of my creations be posted on another website like yours as you’re creating your own download link.

4. if you’re creating a youtube video showcasing my creations please credit me at least and only put the link of this page from mcpedl.

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I remove the linkvertise shortened links and updated download links and reverted back to

I'm having trouble with my site's web hosting server, shortened links will be directly posted on this site

  • updated download links

I'm having trouble with my site's web hosting server, shortened links will be directly posted on this site

  • updated download links
I've made changes on my site after submitting this post so the link doeasnt work, now i updated the link then it should be fine now


1. After downloading, go and individually click the behavior and resource “.mcpack” file opening the game.

2. Once successfully imported, create your new world and activate both the resource and behavior pack. 

3. And also, don’t forget to enable “experimental gameplay“.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100

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  1. SelenGus says:

    Still waiting for the update 😔

  2. theguywithafly says:

    is this some kind of plantaition addon?

  3. SelenGus says:

    Broo i really like this resources pack.. can u update this on 1.16.210 cause it’s not supported🙏🏼😑

  4. Ender5643 says:

    You put three link shorteners for one addon, shame on you

  5. hellojk says:

    does this work for xbox bedrock?

  6. There Is No THJ says:

    Yeah, site doesn’t work, but I believe that this addon might be so good that Mojang should officially use its features in the next MCBE update. Keep it up!

  7. SelenGus says:

    Fix the link bro.. not working

  8. CherokeeNative says:

    Your site doesn’t work please fix it !

  9. justmeRYAN26 says:

    Your site doesnt work please fix it

  10. Fake IsnO says:

    This makes the foliage and forests feel more dense
    I like it! Can I please use this in my add-on? I will credit you

  11. Khall says:

    Yeah i know i can easily use adfly,but really 2 adfly?
    I know you need money,but c’mon

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