Published on June 10, 2020

Effect Ward Add-on

This add-on add a new entity in your game that follows you around and gives you different effects while you go on a adventure with your pet or your friends. Hope you Enjoy!



  • Effect Ward Add-on.mcaddon

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All ur mods r so epic dude! They are small and ballanced! I will defiantly use all of them in my personal modpack (because i don't know how to publish)
Add it to 1.16
Best Addon! Works great and I don’t even have experimental mode on, I just spawned it in from creative and tamed it. So fun to use and super simple great for any survival world.
Actually I don't use potions this much better
Nice addon! They should add this to minecraft!
shut it. we have potions for it
Why are you being mean? He/She's just showing us their point of view!
when we already have something why iT shOUlD bE aDdEd to mincRafT
Stop being a prick.
Lol ig getting mad at random and innocent people is like able now. shUt iT We haVe PoTiONs foR iT
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