Published on July 24, 2023 (Updated on November 09, 2023)

Elys PBR

Elys PBR texture pack is a completely vanilla texture pack that adds ray tracing to your Minecraft scene and works with the old versions and most recent versions of Minecraft, 1.20.



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Fixes for minor bugs.

Villager clothes that were not rendered correctly have been repaired (by 버블#5319).

The fractured texture of the water flow has been repaired.

Mobs that glow (with a better RTX mod). 

Block high reflection was fixed.




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i cant use it because im on mobile but it does look cool on the screenshots
U can use it with deffred rendering ._. But u need good device:)
just in case some goofy ahh kid saying this is not working, this only work on pc with an rtx
You need a pc with atleast NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 20 Series and higher, and AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and higher.
It does work on Android just modify a code from rtx to PBR and then use it Don't be rude...
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