Published on January 19, 2020 (Updated on December 28, 2020)

ESTN Shaders Official Release

    ESTN Shaders is now available on Github with its own version and wiki page. Check it out here by clicking this text!

    ESTN Shaders (short ver. of Eldeston) is a shader pack made to change your gameplay's looks through shaders, like the water noise, plant waves, shader based sun and moon, monochromatic weather, and much more! Presented to you by FlameRender Studios.


    This shader is only for non-RenderDragon editions of Minecraft. There will be no Console version of this shader as it has the Render Dragon Engine which can’t run any shader packs from the previous engine. For more info, continue reading the description.

    This shader also works on Minecraft Education Edition in certain versions. However, the results may be different compared to other platforms. This shader supports Minecraft Bedrock v1.16.0+. Minecraft versions with the new engine will not be able to apply shaders like this into the game as the new engine doesn't support shaders from the old engine, please check the changelog of the version of Minecraft you're playing if it has been updated to Render Dragon.


    I have mentioned that 1.6.0 will be the last update for ESTN Shaders, due to a lot of unfixable bugs and performance issues, but today, I will give one more last update for Win10 users who would love to experience ESTN Shaders on their PCs. So yeah, it's the last update for real, but I'm developing other stuff too. I'm planning on creating another shader to become a successor of ESTN once Render Dragon is out on all platforms. So please keep an eye on my next projects!


    Huuuuge thank you to Xanion for creating a port for ESTN on Win10! I didn't have a laptop so he helped port ESTN to the Win10 edition of Minecraft. Check out his content here on McpeDL!


Screenshot by Wasserfell on Discord

Screenshot by Zen on Discord

Screenshot by me, Eldeston


Made by friend of mine, UsernameGoesHere, sub to his channel too!


-Shadows! (better than before!)

-New cloud render! (....aerogel clouds?)

-New sky render! (this one manipulates the cubemap textures)

-New water render! (inspired by SDGP, it's really laggy on low end devices)

-Underwater distortion! (grooving seaweeds!)

-Atmospheric fog! (it also affects underwater)

-Improved custom sun and moon shader! (magnificent days, dawns, and nights!)

-Better beacon beam! (my eyes are burning aaaaa)

-Foliage and water animations! (swaying like the wind!)

-Weather monochrome! (inspired by UltraMax)

-Emissive maps! (it may look buggy in specific areas since it depends on the brightness of the texture)

-Twinkling colored stars! (Better to see it in-game)

-And other experimental features! These features can only be enabled in the preset file, these features are sunbeams, speculars, and others!

-Together with Xanion's Super Duped clouds, it makes ESTN Shaders magnificently beautiful! Check out his shader and combine it with ESTN!


-Completely removed the optimization feature due to device precision errors.

-Heavily optimized the codes to improve performance for mid range devices.

-Replaced the title logo and changed version to 1.6.3 a.k.a Github Edition


    Most of the bugs known in ESTN Shaders at the moment are precision related, and some for some reason, not solvable. Most of these issues came from iOS devices and some from ancient android devices. However these bugs are hard for me to fix, so it might be better to use this shader on mid to high end phones or use a preset that minifies those bugs. For Win10(before the RenderDragon update), there is a bug when you mess with the AA (anti-aliasing) toggle it makes everything black, it seems to only happen if the AA is off.


   Information about the configuration and customization of this shader is found in ESTN's repository's wiki page here. A full text guide is also provided in this ESTN's Github repository's wiki page. A video tutorial has also been made, but it's currently outdated.

    You can do so much just by editing the presets. You can find some examples from our members in our Discord server on ESTN's Preset page!


   This shader has been completely overhauled which means I can give it a new license, so this pack now uses the GNU GPL License. This means you can share/repost this pack anywhere except McpeDL as long as there is a copyright notice. I recommend that you should inform me before you're going to repost this shader. Info about this license will be found at or in LICENSE.txt. Here’s a summarization of the license (but it's still needed to read the full one for a full clarification of the license):

   The full license text is in the pack. Please read them before modifying the pack.


   Yes you. Read the description in order to meet what you're supposed to expect from this pack, because I'm getting A LOT of people asking obvious questions which answer is literally in the description. So please, don't just judge the book by its cover. If you don't like this shader at all, then find another that suits you.

I favor this comment, at least this guy understands me.


    Come join my Discord server to talk about other developments made by our studio-community!

    FlameRender Studios Discord Server

    Or follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updated with my recent developments and contents!

    @Eldeston's Twitter

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   You can become a supporter by doing any of the above, or donate through paypal! Making content for free it tough for me, so making money is quite hard, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

    @Paypal donation

Select version for changelog:


-Added a Paypal donation link. There are also other ways to support me other than money, that is either by joining by Discord server or following me on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube channel!


1. Follow the instructions that Mcpedl provided after you use one of the links below(may vary according to the link shorteners. Why three links? Because 2 of them are banned in certain countries)

2. It should automatically download after you got through the ads if you followed McpeDL's instructions. You can try using Linkvertise or the Github download link(found in ESTN's Github file) if all other links won't work, but if possible please use the first two download links to support the creator.

3. Wait for your download to finish, then import the pack by extracting the files to your resource pack folder manually or use McpeDL's app to download ESTN. If you're on iOS, install ESTN by following McpeDL's text tutorial or video tutorial.

4. Activate the pack in Minecraft, make it top priority(to avoid file interruptions), and enjoy! Please make sure you do all the steps correctly to make it work.

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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Hey! Read the description before making a review! If you're about to give this shader a 1 star just because it's not working on a certain version of MC, stop right there and read the description!

Read the description in order to meet what you're supposed to expect from this pack, because I'm getting A LOT of people asking obvious questions which answer is literally in the description.

Thank goodness I can pin this comment now...
I can't even download it, it won't let me. ..
The shader works and looks amazing, but how do I lower the brightness of the things that are far? It's inpossible to play most of the time especially on snow biome.
Please update...... To 1.18 version
Im using this shader with win10 currently i found a way to ill put the link to the vid showing the steps at the end of this. Its an overall good shader, but theres some things that can better it. First of all turn the brightness down some and a little less saturation. If the shader is too bright that really effects everything else. Second thing the water texture, its too dark and looks like marble. make it lighter almost like esbe 2g not 3g. everything else is just amazing. but adding those changes would make it look 100x better.

Great shader! But the problem my phone start heating up to 46°C after this pack being activate, 100% CPU and GPU usage but the fps is stay at 75fps. My phone is OPPO Reno6 5G and i know it's have high specs. And finally I deactivated this pack but I love this shader.
when i clicked the main download link it gave me a fucking porn ad. wtf is wrong with you?
Nah bro, i think that's on you
does it work with renderDragon?
NO!! Read the description
u can use this shader on window 10/11 in the new version if u have the 32-bit version of minecraft!
almost forgot it rate it 5/5
thanks for the info. but how do i get this 32 bit :/
best shaders for minecraft 5/5 starts 👍 works perfectly 😃
I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but I’m on iOS and when i tried to change the setting files in shaders > gall > gl_assets it just doesn’t work. I cant edit the files or even see them.
Hi Eldeston, there was some good news right now.

Mojang released a minecraft new beta.
Even though it just fixing bugs,Mojang has added RenderDragon to the beta.(still in testing)

This means that u can create a RenderDragon edition of ESTN Shader! Love ur shader tho.
I find it kinda funny that its marked down for among us, XD.
Hey there! This shader is great, but there is an issue I noticed: glow lichen does not glow. And also, where would I go in the files to down the contrast just a bit? Thank you for your great shader, keep up the good work!