Published on October 01, 2020 (Updated on October 14, 2021)

Minecraft Live Texture Pack (Unoffical)

Are you excited for MINECRAFT LIVE?

Im sure you are because if not ,then what are you doing here ? Lol

I really hope that this packs gets you excited and ready for the MINECRAFT LIVE SEASON 

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Known issues

A wrong model for the iceologers (retextured evoker )

A missing hand for the iceologers

A wrong model for the ender creeper

A wrong walking animation for the ender creeper

A missing leg on the end possessed striders

A missing hand on the ender man

We plan on updating most of the textures for the moobloom island

We are planning on updating and changing the mooshroom trees on the island

There is a bug where it gives the ability for the player to ride the moobloom

A missing texture for the custom elytra and netherite chest plate when held in hand!

The custom ui that you get once you wear the pumpkin on your head is showing some redness on the edge that’s due to its previous texture! !

The best way to experience the whole screen ui is to set your FOV to 82 until we fix this bug !


  • MineCraft_Live_Texture_Pack.mcaddon (690.84 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions


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OMFG!!!! the inside of the ice olleger's arm has the evoker's arm texture. IDIOT!!!!
U use crafty craft right? I do too and it's awesome! Good texture pack btw
could you possibly make a texture pack where just the cows are mooblooms?
If i put a painting texture pack above this pack is the painting in this pack gonna change?
Nicholo Rodel M Presco October 05, 2020 at 12:05 am
Glow squid win
I voted for chillager
I voted for moobloom then glow squid so iceologer doesn't win.
This mod is so good that my brother can feel the next update in Minecraft thanks for making this mod
It looks nice! But also there are some things that could be done better