Published on October 05, 2023 (Updated on April 20, 2024)

Sonic.EXE Addon V1.5 : “My New World” [HOTFIX UPDATE]

So Many Souls to Play with, So little Time… It’s Just a Beginning, don’t you agree…?

The World is Seems peaceful For You. No Danger, No Harm, and nothing but a peace and happiness, until you’ll spot him on the path, standing on your way. . .

Have You Ever wanted Sonic.EXE in Minecraft but with Better Mechanics and Some good stuff than others you’ve tried to find? Now it’s Time to shine! Me and My friends decided to Make him better and Add Him! Get ready for yourself to Survive with His Madness World (or Prank Your Friends), because he is waiting for you…


Just Like The Others. . .

Select version for changelog:


V1: “My New World”

No Changelogs yet, since it’s the first version of the Addon, Stay tuned for the updates!

Edit: Fixed Addon links including MCADDON & ZIP Files, so you can install them again.


  1. Some Bugs are Fixed + small additions.
  2. The Animations Are moving Smooth Now
  3. Added Christmas Outfit for X with New Year [late] Celebration!
  4. The X Spawn Rules are changed + added New Structure “The Hallways of Terror”
  5. Revamped MCPEDL Page.
  6. Added Google Drive Support as second link to Download the Addon.
  7. Updated Item that helps you to remove Sonic.EXE (as was renamed it) and “Myself”

Small Changes:

Added Another Supported version 1.20.70 of addon & changed X Render


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

also what do you mean by dark forest like do you mean dark oak? because im trying to find the hallways of terror
this mod is really good but can you make a cooldown on the soul blast because he spams it alot
I can't do it like why's is it like that 😕
It was the best sonic exe mod
When will the mod release again
Imagine This Add-on Add other Exe Fan Games Characters In Future Updates
una duda, es compatible con la 1.20.50?
sonic.exe the demon May 06, 2024 at 1:51 pm
i cant download IT IT does not let me help IT cant open the pack
It been so long i see Sonic.exe addon long time
Models and textures look absolutely amazing. Good job, your work is heavily underrated.
I have an idea for your next update. There is this ghost like sonic.exe called execun. He has the ability to shape-shift they use it to hunt cream by turning into creams mother like in the game, but it hates the lights. Metal sonic the ability to fly shoot laser and teleport. And make u.execun and sonic.exe as a boss. And if you want more idea try making a structure of creams mothers house where you can find evil cream mother, freedom city where exe army is in. And add a ring portal where it can take you to a random spot at 1 thousand blocks away also make exe corrupt it where you are most likely to die on the spot. Thats all the idea I have if you are reading this comment you have a nice day and keep up the good work. 👍👍👍
does anyone know how to get rid of the red fog sonic spawns?
its really annoying bc i removed the mod from a world and now i cant get the fog to go away
also could you add some sort of item that will kill sonic.exe for creative testing
I’m Super excited for new Update!!
Try and stay very still
It'll all be over soon
I wish you can experience as Sonic.exe