Published on December 06, 2023


———————!!!BEFORE DENY IT AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE!!!——————— 

The Addon has Been ported due of the Problems with credits (yes, I’ve got permission from RusselGameTime Studios to port it.) since it got Denied 3 times. The Credits has been posted that you can see their permission of using models and other stuff (including me). About OG Owners of FNF Mod, I think they wont mind it anymore, since they can’t report for copyright stuff in other FNF and Non-FNF Projects, even if The Owner of the Mod has left the DEV Team by other reasons before replacing new Owner & as Director few years/months ago. 




Indie Cross is a "Friday Night Funkin mod" made by MORØ and directed by BrightFyre and DAGames featuring characters from Indie games. The main games represented in the mod currently are Cuphead, Undertale, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. But now I have made an Indie Cross add-on for Minecraft."You shall cross and meet the indie characters" Think you have the guts to survive?


-The reason why I decided to make an indie cross add-on is that I got inspired by it which is from a Friday night funkin mod of it when it first came out so why not add it to Minecraft for everyone to have fun with? Also, none of the models were stolen because I decided to do a collaboration with among sus playz and valerabro12 on some of the models and textures. But I modeled and textured Sans and Cuphead and Papyrus and Mugman but mostly among sus Playz allowed me to use and remaster his models like Bendy and valerabro12 collaborated with the project by modeling and texturing Boyfriend from Friday night funkin for the collaboration add-on. In which we communicated through Discord. Were from a team called Metavoxel Studios as well that made the Roblox doorsv3 add-on to Minecraft.


Please Note:


This add-on only supports bedrock or pocket edition and make sure your storage has space before downloading and before creating a world, turn on experimental gameplays.


This add-on I made is based off of other IPs. I do not intend to break any copywrite and I am only making these add-on project as tributes to the original source material.


All of the descriptions of the characters have something to where there based off and which game.


Thank You, and have a good one!

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No changelogs yet since it’s first version of Addon release. Stay Tuned for Other updates. :D



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I imagine myself This addon going add chara or frisk.
Is there original sans song in this addon or made it?
What did my brother say?
any morph's in there or are they there for surprise?
I know I late Comment in Indie cross trailer Yes Trio and nightmares versions But future Update Will add
The Finest Funnyman December 07, 2023 at 9:57 am
For a crossover addon, this is pretty bare bones... what made Indie cross so significant is that the characters were directly ported from their respective series. In addition, while I am aware that this is based on the friday night funkin' mod, I do feel like there could be more to offer.

for example, maybe cuphead and mugman could be "hired' with a bounty (like the ones placed on the various bosses), or have sans act as a neutral mob that becomes a boss depending on a hidden parameter in the mod (LOVE)? Maybe even feature the studio from both Bendy and the ink machine & Dark revival, with bendy as a summonable boss by interacting with the ink machine.

Plus, Moro (the mod's creator) DID also set up an animation series for Indie cross, which features shovel knight and Madeline as canonical characters, so while I don't see them getting a Nightmare mode, they do open additional possibilities.

other than the lack of content, this addon seems pretty solid, and if you're just here for the novelty because "hey, look, it's FNF Indie cross", I'd recommend it.