Supreme Kit-PvP

New Extreme Kit PVP is a Player versus Player strategy by combating different types of sets of weapons and defense strategy called "Kit". Thanks to Lyon for creating this awesome acclaimed designed map!

This is the map I've uploaded in 3 years ago. And now, this is more adequate than the old one.

There are 4 different battlefields with 12 different types of kits and 4 types of power-ups to use while in battle. 

Features of the Map:
-It has a specific time during the picking of kits and power-ups: 1 minute in Kit and 30 seconds in Power-ups.

-It has a win detector.

-After you lose on the battlefield, the waiting area has a Minigame Parkour. While you're waiting with your opponents in the battle, you can play the Minigame Parkour.

-It will mention who won the battle.

These are the 12 types of kits available in the map:

Toughness: 8 Armor; 24 HP
Speed: Very Fast

Damage: 3-15 (Range, varies with the proximity of its charge duration); 5 (Melee, 1 Sec CD)
Toughness: 9 Armor; 28 HP
Speed: Normal
Specialities: Infinity; Power I Bow 

Damage: 8 (Melee, 2 Secs CD)
Toughness: 20 Armor; 28 HP
Speed: Mediocre
Specialities: Knockback Resistance (Chance); Shield 

Damage: 7 (Melee, 2 Secs CD)
Toughness: 15 Armor; 36 HP
Speed: Mediocre
Specialities: Shield 

Damage: 12 (Range; 3 seconds cooldown); 5 (Melee, 1 Sec CD)
Toughness: 8 Armor; 28HP
Specialities: The projectile causes 5 seconds of Fire Damage 


Damage: 14 (Range; 3.5 seconds cooldown); 5 (Melee, 1 Sec CD)
Toughness: 6 Armor; 28 HP
Speed: Mediocre
Specialities: The projectile causes 2 seconds of slowness effect; Shield 


Damage: 6 (Melee)
Toughness: 17 Armor; 30 HP
Speed: Slightly Fast
Specialities: Shield; Knockback Resistance (Chance)

Damage: 7
Toughness: 14 Armor; 24 HP
Speed: Slow
Specialities: Shield; Knockback Resistance (Chance)

Damage: 7 (Melee and Riptide Launch)
Toughness: 14 Armor; 20 HP
Speed: Fast
Specialities: Can travel faster in water using its Riptide Trident; Turtle Shell Helmet (Extra 10 seconds of water breathing) 

Damage: 1-9 (Range; varies with the proximity of its charge duration); 4 (Melee)
Toughness: 8 Armor; 20 HP
Speed: Normal
Specialities: Elytra; Spyglass; and 36 Tip Arrows that causes 5 seconds of poison

Damage: 10 (Melee)
Toughness: 8 Armor; 18 HP
Speed: Slightly Fast
Specialities: Can jump 2 blocks

Damage: 9-10 (Range); 4 (Melee)
Toughness: 11 Armor; 20 HP
Speed: Normal
Specialities: Piercing I Crossbow (Can penetrate through shields)

•Pharaoh (New){

Damage: 6 (Melee)

Toughness: 12 Armor; 30 HP

Speed: Slightly Fast

Specialities: Knockback Resistance (Chance); Shield

After picking your desired kit, you will choose one power-up. These are the 4 power-ups:

•2 Golden Apples: Gives 2 Hearts Absorption and a Short Regeneration.

•1 Potion of Regeneration I: Gives 45 seconds of Regeneration; total of 9 Hearts during the duration.

•2 Potions of Healing II: Instantly retrieve 4 Hearts of Health; total of 8 Hearts.

•1 Ender Pearl: Use it as an escape/chase strategy while in the battlefield.


After choosing your power-up, there are 4 Battlefield Locations in this map (possibly more soon), and a player will pick his/her desired Battlefield Location. There are 4 different Battlefield Locations:

•Terrains Battlefield

Size: Large

•Snow Villager Battlefield

Size: Medium

•The Forest

Size: Big

•Mixed Biome Battlefield

Battlefield Size: Small

Known Bugs:
-When picking a battlefield, there's a high chance that the /spreadplayers command will spawn all the player at y=255. This is a longtime MCPE Bug that I cannot fix.

-There's a rare chance that you will not teleport in the certain location, in which is also an MCPE bug.

-The texture of the Black Leggings will overwrite the chest layer of the player's body.

If you found an in-map bug (Not MCPE bug), please report it to the reply section, and I'll fix the problem.


-Requires 2 or more players to play in the map.

The map was made by Lyon in MCPEDL, and it was remastered by Me. This is the original map that I used to remaster:

Modifications and Add-ons were made by Me using an application of Minecraft Addons Maker (Downloadable in Playstore)

Special Thanks To:
BinguSus for helping me to test all the subjects and all of my add-ons to experiment.

Select version for changelog:

  • Completely Revamp all the Kits
  • Added Ability to all  Custom Melee Weapons
  • Added Spectator Mode (Only for Losers who can watch)
  • Added Musketeer, Executioner, and Sorcerer Kit.


Mcpack File

Click the .mcpack file and it will automatically extract in Minecraft.


Zip File

In the Zip, extract the file in the storage/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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