Published on March 31, 2024

Fade Pvp Season 4

Fade Pvp Season 4 was the latest season that we released on the fade pvp realm before it got shut down. Its been a year since fade pvp season 1 originally released so Fade Studios will be releasing Fade Pvp Season 4 to the public then after this season 2. We wont be releasing season 1 (To Bad).

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  • Added New 1v1
  • Added New Crates
  • Added New Crates spot
  • Added Banker (You !@#$s kept asking for it)
  • Updated Crystal Pvp
  • New Logo For Season 4
  • New Logo for Discord
  • New Logo for Crystal Pvp
  • New logo for Banker
  • Updated Sell shop
  • New Storage rooms
  • Updated Storage Rooms
  • Storage rooms are now easier to acsess
  • New Arena
  • 3 New Generators
  • 2 Generators in arena
  • Added generator in crystal pvp
  • Fixed Many Generator Glitches
  • Fixed Generator Dupe
  • Made it so you dont have to get off and back on again
  • New Sign for Fade Pvp
  • New Spawn
  • Added Spectating to 1v1's
  • New texture pack
  • Fixed Shulker glitch
  • Made 1v1 Animation less annoying
  • Added Coins item (Able to right click to claim coins)
  • Added Gems item (Able to right click to claim gems)
  • Added Advanced Kit token (Able to right click to claim)
  • Added Normal Kit token (Able to right click to claim)
  • Added Custom Crafting with 2 recipes
  • Able to custom craft normal crate keys
  • Able to custom craft advanced crate keys
  • New Season switch animation
  • New Season 4 Banner
  • Many glitches fixed
  • Less lag at spawn



  • lcFade_fPvp_7S4f.mcworld (32.07 MB)

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