[+] Fantasy_Fight Texture Pack - Samurai Update!

Greetings Minecrafters!!! Having fun making for more video contents from Minecraft with custom shaders, texture, GUI, and anything? This pack can be added to your best favourite PvP/Content Making texure pack!!! ≧ω≦ฅ

This pack is so~ different from other PvP pack, there is more fun things inside! You can custom your own GUI buttons, you can make a party with new music added (pigstep too, i remixed it!), and much more!!! ฅ≧ω≦ฅ

« Contents (+ Updated) »

  • NEW Valkyrie Armor (3D armor) for NatureWood Theme
  • NEW Mini Axe (trident model) for NatureWood Theme
  • NEW Menu music (Chronicles of Narnia) for NatureWood Pack

Previous Contents :

  • New variative improved bow, death, enderpearl, critical hit, and explosion particles
  • New models + colored text tools, items & foods names (with rarity)
  • Separated Music Pack : Undertale & Deltarune music discs
  • New menu musics : Villager News - Game of Thrones (Music Pack); Pirates of Caribbean - He Is A Pirate (Calamity Pack); Chronicles of Narnia - The Battle (NatureWood Pack)
  • New variative 3D armor models
  • Uhh (Calamity Theme) & Villager hit/hurt soundeffects
  • Throwing trident player animation
  • New shield & variative trident models
  • New customizable GUIs
  • Unique death messages
  • New coordinate indicator style
  • New potion models and potion effect texting (positive & negative effect)
  • New ore block models (default and deepslate)

~ Musics & Music Discs ~

*This feature was separated in Music Pack

~ Gameplay Tips - Loading msg ~

~ GUIs & Themes - Pack setting ~

this screenshots below was the texture and Bedrocktimize

~ Gameplay Contents ~

~ Particles ~

~ Basic UI ~

~ Short Contents ~

~ Sounds ~

*Some theme music doesn't included in main pack. You must download the Music Pack.

Ambience Musics :

  1. The End - Deltarune King Boss
  2. Aquatic - Deltarune Field
  3. Nuances - Deltarune Home
  4. Nether - Deltarune Forest
  5. Menu - Villager : Game of Thrones
  6. Menu (Calamity Pack) - He is A Pirate : Pirates of Caribbean

Trivia : Villager Soundpack from Element Animation Youtube

Music Records (Music Pack) :

  1. All Undertale Boss Fight musics
  2. Pigstep - The World Revolving Remixed & Original (pack settings)

Sound Effects (Hit/Hurt) :

  1. Default : Villager (Element Animation YT)
  2. Calamity : UHH sfx

Select version for changelog:


Changes in 4.8 :

  1. Added new armor model and weapon (trident), valkyrie themed for NatureWood theme pack
  2. Separates the NatureWood theme and added the new title.png + menu music


Pack Installation Guide

  • Extract the .zip file
  • Then move the direct extracted file to this directory games/com.mojang/resource_packs

*note : the update will change the pack UUID, it will be reseted in choosen textures/global resources (cuzz this is the first way to avoid texture pack merged bugs). The other ways is "I make the new separated pack, like Calamity Theme Pack"

Linkvertise Web Installation

  1. Don't use adblock •ω•
  2. Validate the Chaptcha
  3. Click free access with ads
  4. Click read interesting articles
  5. Click "×" then wait til ±10 secs
  6. Close the article tabs
  7. Click "continue"

Note : Iff there is a problem for install this pack, you can notice me/send dm to my discord Iyfirina_#0460 ^^

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.29 / 5 (14 votes)
Plss add not zipped
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I can't download it cuz it keeps bringing me to linkvertise over and over again everytime im trying to download the 4 packs
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Saya Tau Anda Orang Indonesia Tapi Saya Bangga Texture Yang Anda Buat Tetap Stay! Semangat :D
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Hey i very love ur texture pack, i love samurai and katana. Take my 5 star and keep up the good work xD
Ah yea, can u make more Japan content?
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eh.. thanks, but idk.. i have no any idea oωO
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plss make this mcpack
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unn.. you can rename the ".zip" format to ".mcpack" ^^
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Forgot to leave a star rating when making a previous comment and idk how to (if you can) edit it, so just to redo.
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I really enjoy the work you've done on this, it looks lovely, but I do have a question.

Would it be alright to take a piece of your pack and apply it to a personal pack with no plans to redistribute said pack in the future, or would you rather that not be done?

For example, I enjoy your resource pack, but I have my own resource pack I made myself and use when streaming, however I really like your leaf elytra and wish to use it without using your whole pack, so would it be alright to take it and add it to my own?
I do not intend to make a copy of my resource pack for others to have (with taken assests at least), so it wouldn't be redistributed.

I feel I've written more than needed to get what I was meaning across, but would you be okay with someone doing this, especially in a content creation position, or no?

I'd just like tk make sure before taking action, if you do see this.
Sorry if I made more to read than necessary.
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sure! You can use my contents in this texture pack ^ω^
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What sound do i have to delete in order to get rid of the "oof" sound? Its the omly sound that annoys me. Still really like the pack texture tho.
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unn.. the sounds are ".fsb" format
you can open it with Sound/Music app to hear the preview ^~^

the directories of sound effects is :
- sounds/damage

also on Calamity Theme
- subpacks/[]Theme_Calamity/sounds/damage

feel free to reuse my pack features! ^w^
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That’s a lot of stuff but this yes very good
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unn ≧ω≦
thats my hobby to create such many things!
thank you ^ω^
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Texture Packnya Keren, Ini Creatornya Orang Indo Kan? Kalo Iya Hebat Baru Kali Ini Ada Texture Pack Buatan Anak Bangsa Di Mcpedl 👍
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is it supposed to say .zip because you said that it has mcpack in it but mine doesn't.
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eh.. i'm sorry i forgot to remove it >//<
thank you for your attention!
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Can I use your Sounds in my Pack? with Credits ofc.
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bcz for sum reason I cant chat u in discord.
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Pls fix the link😭
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