Published on August 30, 2023 (Updated on August 31, 2023)

πŸ€ FEESH's Lucky Mining! πŸ€

I'm probably not the only person who hasn't benefited from the 'new' ish mining system. Having to dig down to deepslate and then mine endless deepslate is quite the pain. SO! No more will that be a problem! With some luck, anything is possible!

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Fixed a minor bug where you cannot mine copper ore with the new pickaxe. (By the way, the pickaxe doesn't affect copper, lapis, or redstone, so you shouldn't really use it on them anyway)



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So theoretically with silk touch you can get infinite ore
Edit: Never mind, you thought about that. But you still get infinite xp
I have a bug when I make the polished pickaxe and I go to mine something the ore takes too long to break and it dropped nothing.
Ok, it looks like copper is weird; I'll fix that in a minute