Feudal Furniture V2

Do you need simple and streamlined medieval furniture? Do not look any further! Feudal Furniture is the mod you need, in it you will find more than 150 pieces of furniture with a simple and original minecraft style. How is create?Like other mods of its same collection, Feudal Furniture is created from clay, with them you can create a variety of boxes that will contain the furniture you need, the boxes will be different depending on the type of wood you want and if you want a miscellaneous decoration you will also find a box for it! What can I decorate?This add-on is specialized to decorate medieval areas such as ruined castles, huge cities, medieval farms and rustic houses.

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-New classes of stairs have been added with all their variants

-Improved block collisions in the miscellaneous decoration section

-Added miscellaneous section blocks to creative

-Fixed a picknic table texture bug


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If you can, may you please add ceiling fans?
Looks good so far! Just one thing that I'd like to see changed is the block collision being more in line with what the blocks are, but I get how difficult custom blocks can be, and I understand if that isn't possible.
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Please do more updates of this I’ve been looking for stuff like this keep the good work up
Looks super awesome! If i give credit, can i use it in an adventure map im making?
Of course! I'm glad that people like you use my mod
This mod is so cool, I love the collapsed wooden planks! This is perfect for ruin-themed maps.