Feudal Furniture | Fix Update | V9 | 1.19.31

Do you need simple and streamlined medieval furniture? Do not look any further! Feudal Furniture is the mod you need, in it you will find more than 150 pieces of furniture with a simple and original minecraft style. 

How is create?

Like other mods of its same collection, Feudal Furniture is created from clay, with them you can create a variety of boxes that will contain the furniture you need, the boxes will be different depending on the type of wood you want and if you want a miscellaneous decoration you will also find a box for it! 

What can I decorate?

This add-on is specialized to decorate medieval areas such as ruined castles, huge cities, medieval farms and rustic houses.

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Fixed mod for 1.19.31 (fix geometry)

Added the following blocks

  • Oak trunk
  • Birch trunk
  • Acacia trunk
  • Spruce trunk
  • Black oak trunk
  • Jungle Log
  • Warped trunk
  • Crimson Trunk
  • Desk oak
  • Birch desk
  • Acacia desk
  • Dir desk
  • Desktop black oak
  • Jungle desk
  • Warped desk
  • Crimson desk

Internal Settings

  • Most of the 3d models of the blocks have been changed
  • Changed internal table names



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

men the geometry bug is again with the 1.19.40, what do i do some blocks that i need are invisible
Lots of errors after 1.19.30 update, still persisting in latest
Your best decoration mod
Add more variety of rustic Furnitures like Chairs, Tables, Side Tables, Improved Barrels, Rope Blocks & such :V..

Would be great to have this addon in a Building World, you can combine many Blocks Combinations..
creator,take a look for my comment down below u may be make a mistake
the Japanese public is one that I will never access and if he translates it and at least a few people enjoy it, for me it is enough.
Thank you for worry!
He says"Chinese my world" mean Chinese Minecraft,it it is represented by a Chinese company call NetEase,not a website or a forum,It's a for-profit organization,not Japanese public or for Japanese public
I highly recommend this addon to builders, like me. It Completely overhauls scaffolding, by adding 4 parts that visually connect to each other. This brings new possibilities, new designs, especially for bridges. With the use of inclined chains, realistic suspension bridges are possible. They look neat and clean! This also brings new designs to construction sites, once again, thanks to the immersive scaffolding, to workshops, Thanks to the boards and accessories that lie on the ground. This is one of the best decorative mods I've ever seen on mcpe, Especially the scaffolding (Walkway) Part. Even if some of the textures are broken on minecraft preview ("update block"), Such as a variant of the desk, the picnic tables and the ladders, This mod still brings great potential to builders to expand their creativity!
Add mangrove wood please!
No legitimate download link. FO scamvertise scammer.
I'm sorry if you have had problems with the download, the download uses linkvertise like everything in MCPEDL, if you don't know how to skip it, there is a video on my website, I hope it helps you
May you please add a fan if not I can just use commands anyway nice
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Keep it up man
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
They will put it addon on in game store and sell it with in game money and make real money for them not for u , are you sure?
What's the use of the 'geometrical fix' one?
makes 3d models larger than 16x16x16 work correctly
Reminds me of the old chair and stool unused item textures