Published on October 19, 2023 (Updated on January 12, 2024)

Find the Button Eclipsia

This is a map where your aim is to find hidden buttons in several different levels. The further you progress in the map, the more difficult it becomes. There are 5 levels in all, plus a secret one... (it's up to you to find it). 

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  • A Find The Button map with 5 levels ! (with a secret level (you need to find it))
  • New version of map :
    • Effect 'night_vision' for only players
    • Settings change
  • There is now a link to the map trailer


  • New miniature
  • New links (linkvertise replace by LootLabs)
  • bug fixe (new version (V2))



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THIS MAP HAS NO BUTTONS!!! the builder didn't put any working buttons down!!!! first level my friend and i looked for half an hour before we found the button on the wool blocks in the sky but pressing it did not do anything, so we kept searching to find another button. long story short, we dug out the entire ground and there was no comand blocks or buttons anywhere. second level has no button at all and no command blocks. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE MAP IT HAS NO BUTTONS

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Sorry this is an error, the script required to execute the map was not correctly implemented, this will be corrected shortly, thank you for reporting this. (PS: the script allows you to use commands without using a command block, which is why there isn't necessarily a command block)
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