Published on May 30, 2018 (Updated on January 27, 2020)

Find The Button (Story) [Minigame]

In this map you will face 25 different levels, and in each level you will need to find a button to go to the next level. In this map the levels have been created in detail to explore them as well (even if they are small)

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-Mc.World file has been fixed

-Small changes affecting the aesthetics of the map

-Optimized for recent versions

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I absolutely love this map. It's amazing, fun and easy! thank you so much for creating it, you have cured my boredom. P.s. I
I didn't mean to Send it, sorry.
Anyway, what I was gonna say was that I really want to learn Italian soon, so when I do, I'll try teaching you English.
Where is the button on level 12
OMG where is the button of the level 12? ist the nether one i´ve been loking for it for over a half hour. Beside that, this is a really well done map.
Thank you so much for the comment. I'm glad you liked the map. I don't remember what level 12 is though: /
when you go into the nether its in the cave next to the last armorstand but it dosnt work because u cant set your spawnpoint in the nether. your supposed to hit the button and then die so you respawn where it set your spawnpoint to but like i said you cant set spawnpoints in the nether. instead leave the nether and do this command /spawnpoint @s -9 14 -33. then do /kill.
In old versions of Minecraft, when I created the map, the regeneration point worked well, but I think that with the passing of the updates it bugged everything and I have to put it right. Thank you for your suggestion!
Where is the button on level 19? It's impossible to see.
I don't remember what level it is
this is literally one of the worst maps i’ve ever played
Was I supposed to go into the end on “The World of the End?” If not then I messed up
You must enter the end and follow the blocks
Love how long the map is. just didnt enjoy it as the buttons were predictable and every level didnt feel fun. every single potion effect was less of a challenge and more of just annoying
Sorry that you didn't like the map, there are others to play :-D
Just another mcpe player February 02, 2019 at 5:29 am
What version did you use it didn't work for my 1.8 Bedrock
Hey Screrri I love your maps and I really hope when I get a yt channel to make a vid on it!!
Dear scerri i like the map and but it took me a couple of minutes to download cause i got so busy reading whats written in the comment lol
Thank you so much for the positive review